“YES! I Want Instant Access To The ‘Conversational Hypnosis VIDEO Training Crash Course”

Here’s a quick recap of everything I’m getting:

  • Full access to 12 content packed instructional videos walking me through each step of the conversational hypnosis crash course
  • Access to 3 free extra bonus videos of Igor Ledochowski demonstrating the techniques in the crash course on a real hypnotic subject
  • Complete written transcripts of all the videos in the crash course and the bonus demonstration videos
  • The MP3 audio recordings of all the crash course video instruction and the bonus videos as well
  • Full access to everything above in my online Member's Area plus I can download everything to my computer, tablet, smartphone or media player too
  • I realize that I have a full 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee to try out this crash course. If I am not happy for any reason I can request a full refund

Here’s my billing information – give me instant access please!

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