If You Have Just 5 Minutes A Day

"I Can 'Dissolve' The Subconscious
Inner Blocks That Are Stopping You
From Enjoying More Abundance
In ALL Areas Of Your Life…"

TRY THIS: Take the 30-day experiment detailed below and "see" how your life improves in ways you could never have predicted...

Dear Reader,

If you would like to have all your subconscious self-sabotage programs "dissolved" -- so you can quickly and easily start enjoying total abundance (in all areas of your life) – then this message will show you how.

Here’s the story:

A few years ago an eccentric Swedish immigrant (who had built up a multi-million dollar business in Minnesota) passed away.

Fortunately he had been prudent enough to create a will. And so, some of his millions went to his direct family members and another lump sum went to one of his favorite charities.

Nothing too unusual about that.

But what was unusual was a stipulation the businessman had instructed his lawyers to insert into his will. And that stipulation was to...

Create A Special “Slush Fund” For
24 Members Of His Extended Family

More specifically:

The stipulation decreed that each of those 24 extended family members were entitled to $50,000 from his will.

The only “condition” was that they had to call the lawyers offices and prove they were indeed related to the deceased businessman.

That’s it.

Guess how many of those 24 people (who were each entitled to $50,000) claimed their money?


Not a single one of them picked up the phone to talk with the lawyers.

As to be expected, after a while the lawyers got curious.

They couldn’t figure out why not one of those 24 people had bothered to contact them.

So the lawyers started contracting the 24 people to find out why.

Turns out each of the 24 extended family members had a common subconscious “abundance block” that prevented them from accepting and receiving something good when it was offered to them.

Crazy, right?

Yet, that subconscious “abundance block” (known as “Ignoring The Knock On The Door”) affects almost everyone to some degree.

Yes - it most certainly affects you to some degree as well.

And even if you think you are completely unaffected by that subconscious “abundance block” (don’t be too sure – it’s subconscious so you can’t “see” it!) then you most certainly have other subconscious “blocks” wreaking havoc on your ability to receive and keep abundance in all areas of your life.

The good news is it IS possible to dissolve all your blocks to abundance.

Why is it good news?


When Your Abundance Blocks

Are Dissolved, You Will...

  • Feel inspired to follow your passions with a gusto you've never experienced before -- imagine jumping out of bed every morning excited about your day ahead and all the creative things you are going to experience that day...
  • Experience those "aha" ideas that lead to breakthrough solutions that you've never been able to see before -- it will be almost as if solutions are seeking you out, and not the other way round...
  • Find yourself in the flow at all times with a perfectly balanced life that fulfills all your needs -- when you live from this "flow-state" there is never any sense of wasting time or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Instead time seems to "expand" and you are able to achieve what you really want to achieve in minimal time. And you always have plenty of time for relaxation and play...
  • Experience complete peace around your financial situation -- you will drop all anxiety around money and the state of your bank balance. Bills will no longer faze you. You will always feel like you "have enough". And ironically when you are in this peaceful (non-reactive) state around your finances, you create the "space" for more money and lucrative opportunities to come into your life...
  • Feel like "lady luck" is guiding you through life -- you'll suddenly find yourself meeting people who will introduce you to other people that can help you, or you'll bump into someone you haven't seen for ages and they'll "open up doors" for you in ways you can never predict in advance...
  • Give off a "vibe" that is very attractive to other people -- other's will be able to sense your positive, uplifting energy. You won't even have to say anything. Your energy will touch people on a very deep level and they'll feel compelled to go out of their way to help you...


All that, and more, is what you'll experience when you are free of all your subconscious blocks to abundance.

HINT: If you are not currently experiencing those things in your life then it's a sure sign you DO have subconscious blocks to abundance disrupting your life.

The question is:

How Do You Successfully
“Dissolve” Your Subconscious
Blocks To Abundance?

Actually, it’s never been simpler.

And that’s all thanks to an ingenious hypnotic program I've created called: Abundance Inductions.

Here’s how it works:

You listen to a series of SIX different audio downloads (called Abundance Inductions) that use a very powerful form of hypnotic language (called Mind Bending Language) which bypasses your conscious mind and automatically "unlaces" the knots (the inner abundance blocks) lodged in your subconscious mind.

You don't even have to visualize anything or think of anything, either -- (not like you do on most of those guided visualization CDs that have probably failed you in the past!).

There's literally no effort required on your part.

The mind bending language is does all the "inner work" for you.


All You Do Is Allow The Mind Bending
Language On The Abundance Inductions
To "Zone You Out"

That's it.

You just need to "get out of your own way."

How specifically?

Easy: again, all you have to do is just sit (or lie) back -- put some headphones in your ears -- and allow the Abundance Inductions to play through the tapestry of your mind. The mind bending language on the Abundance Inductions automatically dissolves your subconscious abundance blocks -- very much like ultra-sonic waves are used to dissolve a gall stone in a person's bladder.


Then -- as you go about your day-to-day life -- you'll just naturally notice yourself making better smarter decisions and taking inspired actions. Plus, you'll naturally start finding yourself in the right place at the right time to receive opportunities and abundance in whatever form required for you to live a fulfilled and balanced life.

How Are The Abundance
Inductions Structured?

There are 6 categories of audio Abundance Inductions and they are just 20 minutes in duration.

So you can easily listen to one of them every day (in any particular order you feel inclined to).

Don't have 20 minutes a day?

No problem. Because there is also a "compacted" 5 minute Abundance Induction for each of the 6 abundance block categories.

So, if you're in a pinch for time - just listen to one of the 5 minute versions of an Abundance Induction and you'll have got your "minimum dose" for the day.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Of course, it's recommended you listen to each of the audio Abundance Inductions -- either the 20 minute version, or the 5 minute version - over and over again.

As many times as you want. Whenever you want.

In fact, many people choose to “jump start” their day by listening to an audio Abundance Induction when they get up in the morning.

Then they just go about their day as normal (doing all their normal things) -- except suddenly they are noticing...

A New Found Energy And
Opportunities Falling Into Their Lap

Why not experience that as well?

In fact, here's a good experiment to try:

Look at your life today. Notice all the things you'd like to change. Maybe it's more money. Maybe it's a better job. Or perhaps you simply want more time to enjoy yourself.

It doesn't matter what "it" is, just notice the situation and how you feel about it today.

Next: Go through the Abundance Inductions.

Listen to one each day.

Then, 30 days from now I want you to take a "re-look" at the thing you wanted to change or improve.

What will you notice?

Well, it's impossible for me to say for sure. All I can say with complete conviction is if all you do is know what you want to improve and then just listen to one Abundance Induction a day for 30 days you will experience one or more of three things:

1 How you feel about your situation (the thing you wanted to improve or change) will be completely new and much more positive. You will see things in a completely "new" light.

2 Your situation will be unfolding in a way that you can see positive changes taking place. And you won't feel like you're struggling to make those changes either. They'll seem to be happening naturally just like water flowing down a stream.

3 Your situation will have completely resolved itself. Perhaps you will have landed a new job. Been given money to pay off a bill. Or perhaps been given an opportunity to take part in something you've always wanted to do. Whatever "it" is, it will have fallen into your lap.

But don't just take my word for it. Prove it out for yourself with the Abundance Inductions.

Here's how you can get started:

Soon I will probably charge $97 for the Abundance Inductions... but...

If I hear from you today – right now – you can access all the Abundance Inductions and supporting explanatory audio interview for $97 just $67.

That’s WAY less than one private session with a hypnotherapist.

And because you can access the Abundance Inductions online (right from your computer)…

You Can Be Benefiting
From Them In Just A Few
Minutes From Now

Another thing:

If at ANY time in the next 60 days you are not 100% thrilled with the Abundance Inductions… if you aren’t noticing new abundance “showing up” in your life… and if your friends or family don’t start commenting on your “luck”… just drop me an email or telephone call or even a fax and you will get 100% of your money back.

Meaning: The Abundance Inductions either work for you – filling your life with more abundance…or you get every penny back.

There is no way you can possibly lose.

Click the orange “Add to Cart” button below and you are on your way to having more abundance to your life. That is my promise to you.

Your Abundance Inductions 
Instant Access


I want to have INSTANT ACCESS to your powerful abundance inductions. I absolutely want to have these six subconscious abundance blocks dissolved.

I understand:

  • Abundance InductionsI get all 6 subconscious abundance block destroyers. Both the full 20 minute version and the 5 minute "minimum dose" versions.
  • I also get a detailed training with Igor explaining what these six abundance blocks are and why they can be so devastating at stopping me achieving what I really could in life.
  • The investment for these powerful abundance inductions and training is $97 just $67.
  • What's more, I will get INSTANT ACCESS to these abundance inductions PLUS I have 60 days to review them and decide whether to keep them or not. If I decide they are not right for me, I will be able to get a full refund, no questions asked.

Because I'm getting huge value for improving my life, I'm going to say
“Yes” to abundance
by clicking on the orange “Add to Cart” button below...

$97 Today Only $67

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Wishing you the best,


Igor Ledochowski
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P.S. If you do not request access to the Abundance Inductions then think about this: is your hesitation displaying ONE of the subconscious blocks to abundance?

If that's true then until that block is “dissolved” you may have to settle for less in all areas of your life.

In my opinion, the smart thing to do is to simply dissolve your unconscious blocks and have a richly rewarding life with much less effort.

If you agree with me then simply say “Yes” to abundance by clicking on the orange “Add to Cart” button below...

$97 Today Only $67

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P.P.S Check out what people are saying about these Abundance Inductions...

"These are great and I like the idea of both lengths of audio.

"Thanks Igor"

Brad Smith
Queensland, Australia

"Wow! Thank you Igor! I listened to the first recording and the depth of this was incredible!

"I will listen to more when I return from work"

Rustom Ghandhi
Edgewood, Maryland USA
Tractor-trailer driver

"Hi Igor,

"You have put together the best with the best! The effect can only be nothing short but astounding.


Gaylene Popovski
Queensland, Australia

"Hi Igor,

"These audios are not good, they are fantastic!

"When the mind felt strained and closed before it will be feeling open and bent into the best of all good directions afterwards. And you can observe yourself thinking, feeling, and acting in this way continuously.

"So they empower you to make true what could not even be dreamt before. – Just wonderful! Thank you."

Siegfried Stoll
Mannheim, Germany

"Wow this is amazing Igor, thank you. I love it.

"I know I will benefit from this fantastic course I have booked a place for the seminar in may and know that this will be a fantastic help to my confidence and self esteem and helping me achieve my dreams many thanks your work is fantastic."

Steve Sutton
Essex, United Kingdom

"Love your work."

Ronnie Turner
Dublin, Ireland

"Amazing gift. Thanks again Igor. Your motivation to help everyone shines through."

Sid Bowcock

"Thank you very much Igor for these fantastic inductions. I am sure that with the help of these inductions I will be able to change my frame of mind for the better.

"Perhaps they will even assist me in my search for work in a country that has very high unemployment rates. Once again you have amazed me with your generosity and you drive to help others."

Brian Rode
Gauteng, South Africa

$97 Today Only $67

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