‘MBL' Advanced Program Shows You...

"How To Get FASTER Results
From Mind Bending Language
... By Saying Less..."

In these rare, “Guerrilla Videos" I detail below you'll be able to "sit in" on an exclusive mentoring program (held just for my licensed trainers) and see -- through my interactive point-by-point coaching and feedback -- how to evolve from "doing mind bending language" to creating a series of profound rapid-fire unconscious shifts...

Just By BEING With Someone In A Mind Bending Way...

Read on to discover the unusual story behind this web page and the 'MBL' advanced program you have been pre-qualified to receive, called:
"Advanced Mind-Bending Language Hypnotherapy":

  Igor Ledochowski

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,

  If part of you is suspicious mind bending language is not working as well for you as it could -- you may be right.

  And if that is the case, I want to reassure you...

It's Not Entirely Your Fault

  See fact is:

  Mind bending language IS the most powerful covert conversational hypnosis "technology" that exists.

  When used right (and introduced into your conversation in the right context) it can unlace the "mental bindings" from someone's unconscious mind in a matter of minutes.

  Doesn't really matter what the issue being "worked" on is, either.

  Nor does it matter that the issue has been a "thorn in the side" of someone's life for 20-years or more.

  Mind bending language is the BEST covert "psychological and emotional thorn remover" there is for conversational-type hypnosis.

I've Seen Proof Of That Too Many Times.

  Take for example the lady who couldn't even think about snakes without feeling like she was going to pass out. It was an issue that had plagued here for most of her life.

Within 20-minutes of a session where mind bending language was used she couldn't understand how she had ever felt any fear or phobia around snakes. She even went out to a zoo and held a snake for the first time in her life.

Then there was the man who was all jumbled up over work issues. He was extremely good at his work. But at the same time felt it was not fulfilling all his needs.

Again after a few minutes of mind bending language he felt like a "new man" who had suddenly got clarity and zest for his work again.

In other words:

Mind Bending Language Really Is
All It's Cracked Up To Be!

  That's why I applaud you for studying it.

  And I want to reassure you all the mind bending language training you've taken so far has been a very necessary part of your learning journey.

  More and more though, I've realized it's very hard to fully transfer the skill of using mind bending language NATURALLY and INSTINCTIVELY via traditional style teaching.

  My licensed trainer's first made me aware of that.

  See, all my licensed trainer's have received the very best of my training, have attended ongoing multiple teaching events I've put on, and understand all the mechanics of using mind bending language better than most.

  And yet:

  When they have attempted to use mind bending language in real life situations -- they have still, at times, found it difficult to use it in a fluid, natural-sounding way.

  As such, they have reported to me that using mind bending language...

Sometimes Feels Clunky And Clumsy

  And, as you can imagine, that has tripped them up on occasions.

  Maybe you've experienced the same kind of thing. And know exactly what I'm talking about.

  Or, if (like a few of my licensed trainers) you feel you've fully mastered smoothly integrating mind bending language into a normal-sounding conversation (so it doesn't feel clunky or clumsy), you might have run into the other problem that has been reported to me, which is...

Not Always Knowing How To Lead The Conversation In The Right Direction When It Gets Off Track Or There's A "Dead Spot" In The Interaction

  So, based on that feedback from my licensed trainers I did something about it.
  What happened is this:

I recently held a private (and very exclusive) 3-day mentoring program in Dublin, Ireland.

That mentoring program was not in the format of a traditional from-the-stage type seminar.

It was more like a very intimate "fire-side" gathering -- with a heavy emphasis on role-playing and interactive coaching of mind bending language (MBL).

I mention that because it’s highly doubtful you will have heard anything about that Dublin mentoring program.

That’s because it was never promoted.

It Was By Strict Invite Only

Under a dozen people who had paid $10,000 to take my Licensed Trainer’s Training Program (and subsequently passed a rigorous certification exam) were invited.

The important point for now though is this:

The entire “theme” of the 3-day mentoring program was on how to instinctively use MBL…

So It NEVER Feels Clunky Or Clumsy

Over and above that:

It showed the attendees (through interactive point-by-point coaching and feedback) how to evolve from doing MBL to…

Simply BEING With Someone In
A Mind Bending Way

So, whatever is spoken (or not spoken!), the subject experiences fast and profound mind bending moments that completely reconfigure their conscious thinking AND unconscious responses to the issue being “worked” on.

Altogether, I SHOWED attendees (through "hypnotherapy sessions" and individual coaching) how to take the emphasis off the what to say and, instead, put the main emphasis on simply BEING with someone in a mind bending way.

That resulted in my licensed trainers finally "getting" MBL at its DEEPER more intuitive level.

And because of that they started reporting to me that... all of a sudden... they felt the pressure taken off of them and the entire MBL thing became...

Second Nature To Them!

There are 2 other points you should know about that invite-only mentoring program (before I tell you how to get all the benefits out of it for yourself):

POINT #1: I never hired a camera man to film the 3-day mentoring program.

  That was intentional.

I only captured the audio recording of the mentoring program for my own benefit as well as to share out among the licensed trainers who had been invited to attend the event.

But then point number 2 happened…

POINT #2: On the first day of the 3-day event (before things got underway) two attendees told me they had their own personal video camera recording devices and asked me if they were allowed to capture video footage of the coaching and training for their own use.

I couldn’t see why not.

So I gave them both my permission.

And that’s how two very dedicated attendees happened to capture video footage of the entire 3-day mentoring program on how to instinctively and naturally create mind bending moments in any personal interaction you have.

Then what?

Well, since I had my professionally recorded audio content of the event and now the video footage captured by my “video voyeurs” I decided to pay a professional video/audio technician to “sync” the audio recording with the best of the video footage.

As you can imagine, it took the technician a lot of work and a lot of technical wizardry.  But when I saw the results (the audio synced with the video) I instantly knew that…

It Would Be Cruel To Keep The Videos Of This Exclusive Program From Someone (Like You) Already Familiar With Mind
Bending Language

Not so much because of what was taught.

It's more a case of because of what was caught in action during the “hypnotherapy sessions” between attendees, along with the point-by-point coaching and feedback I delivered in real time as part of the mentoring.

I’m going to tell you (in more detail) what was caught on those videos in just a second, so you can see if you want to go through them yourself.

The bottom line though is this:

The videos show anyone with a familiarity of mind bending language how to tap into a very relaxed and instinctive state that allows for your subject to experience a series of powerful (and cumulative) mind bending moments…

Even If You Hardly
Say A Word!

It’s difficult to install that relaxed and instinctive state in someone through traditional from-the-stage type teaching -- you simply HAVE to see it in action before your eyes (that’s why I held the 3-day interactive mentoring program so the attendees could fully “get it” and experience it for themselves).

That's not to say the mind bending language you’ve learnt up to this point is no good.

Far from it.  Like I said before, MBL is the most powerful conversational-hypnosis “technology” I know of.

It’s just that...

There's An Entirely NEW
Level To Go To

A level where you become naturally excellent at creating mind bending moments in other people – without even “doing” or saying anything in particular.

Just like a person who is a natural at leading other people. Doesn’t matter what they say or what they don't say. They just “give off” an instinctive way of being that triggers an involuntary unconscious "following" response in others.

The point?

You need to watch the Videos that captured the advanced mind bending language mentoring program (held exclusively for my $10,000 licensed trainers) if you want to quickly become a NATURAL...

Mind Bending
Moments In
Anyone You
Choose To

To understand WHY -- here (in more detail) is what's been captured from this exclusive program:

Module #1: How to Create Spontaneous, Natural Mind Bending Language

This starts off with a live coaching session - where 2 students come up - one to be the hypnotist and the other the subject.

I then provide point-by-point coaching and feedback as they go along to DEMONSTRATE how to make MBL authentically natural; rather than an exercise that relies on clunky "language patterns".

You'll see how to make MBL as natural as the rest of your conversation (so you are completely covert).

Module 1 ends with a philosophical discussion of the 3 stages of learning: mechanical (you don't know why it works, just what to do), principles based (where you figure out how it works) and finally intuitive (it all becomes easy and natural now).

Module #2: MBL Philosophy and Expanding Your Subject's Consciousness

In module 2 the focus is on the importance of "not trying so hard" and letting mind bending moments happen naturally.

The coaching (captured in module 2) focuses on NOT trying to solve the client's problem - which leads to giving advice - and instead expanding your subject's point-of-view so that they find their own solutions.

You'll see how in doing so MBL starts to have a strange and compelling logic (it evolves past the "random crazy stuff" that people usually throw out there!)

Then there is a discussion about the general strategies we try to use in MBL - so that we can be confident that the subject will change without us having to force our advice on them!

Module #3: "Unconscious Moments" And Creating Powerful Healing Trances

Module 3 starts with a recap of the key principle of SLOWING DOWN and taking the pressure off so internal unconscious change in your subject emerges naturally.

This module also focuses on the idea of spotting "Unconscious Moments" that are the best opportunities for a powerful healing trance.

Then there's a great segment where I walk around the room and interrupt people mid exercise to coach them live in the moment. You can hear a bunch of these impromptu coaching sessions for your own insights.

Module #4: Mining the Subconscious
Mind for Answers

Module 4 focuses on the main themes for the training: slow down, stop giving advice, stop trying to force the change, pay attention to Unconscious moments, etc.

There is advice given on how you go from mechanical clumsiness to magical artistry.

The coaching session then focuses on a relationship issue. One of the things you'll get from this module is how NOT to get sucked into the client's problem reality - and learning how to separate what their conscious mind THINKS is going on and what is really happening at an UNCONSCIOUS level. Very important!

Module #5: "Smart" Mind Bending Language & Using MBL Formulas in Public

In module 5 my MBL cards are used to stretch the students' range a bit.

There is a Q&A segment on how to make my MBL Cards work in public, even though they are not particularly designed for that context.

Then there's another live coaching session. Afterwards there is a LONG discussion on how to "get" the clever language patterns - you'll see Randy who is fixated on an unhelpful approach and how, using MBL, I slowly bring him around to seeing how to be more effective.

NOTE: The Amateur Videos for this module are poor but the audio quality is very good.

Module #6: Taking the Pressure Off with
Natural Covert Communication

The theme for module 6 is "less is more" - when to shut up, when to simplify your suggestions etc., to make the whole process of "working" with a subject more natural and easy.

You'll see how by saying less, MBL actually becomes more natural, covert as well as effective.

You'll also see how by adopting the mind set of NOT trying to resolve someone else's problem - your mind will stay open enough for you to spot the unconscious moments where the right MBL phrase will speed up and deepen the transformation process.

Module #7: Handling Resistance Demonstration: A Blend of Ericksonian Hypnosis & Mind Bending Language

Module 7 focuses on the power of strategic pausing - rather than rambling on and ruining good suggestions by moving ahead to quickly.

By pausing (at strategic points) it gives your subject critical processing time.

You'll also see how to clearly create a distinction between states (trance vs waking.)

The bulk of the module, however, is me doing a demo with Randy on how to resolve resistance. Randy keeps trying to intellectualize the experience - and interferes with the hypnotic process as a result.

However you'll see how (using a combination of Ericksonian hypnosis and MBL) I create a strong conscious / unconscious dissociation in Randy so that even though he doubts anything is happening - and keeps trying to interfere - he unconsciously resolves his issue of resistance to the concepts being taught.

Module #8: The Power of the
"Hypnotic Philosopher"

Module 8 starts off with a general debrief and Q&A / discussion session where we address a lot of the stuff covered so far.

The coaching session then challenges the hypnotist to have a "normal chat" while allowing unconscious moments to occur which can be captured and leveraged with MBL.

I introduce the idea of a "hypnotic philosopher" -- someone who just has seemingly interesting chats with people about life that end up bending their minds so their whole perception around an idea changes.

Module #9: Blending Covert Mind Bending Language, Conversational Hypnosis &
Ericksonian Hypnosis

Module 9 starts off with discussion about the unconscious mind and its true role in everyday life, hypnosis & therapy.

Then the nuances of the "less is more" principle are covered and the important difference between doing LESS and doing NOTHING!

The coaching session on this Module focuses on a weightless session and blends conversational MBL with conversational hypnosis. It seems like an "earnest discussion" is going on, but the subject keeps falling into trance.

The module concludes with a classic Ericksonian trance - thereby showing the "3 ranges" of trance: covert MBL, covert hypnosis & Ericksonian hypnosis.

Module #10: MBL Strategies & Non-Verbal
Covert Communications

In module 10 the all-important strategy behind using MBL and hypnosis in general is covered.

By being aware of the overall strategy you won't get stuck at the level of techniques (and overwhelmed by the 1000s of techniques that are out there!)

The coaching session on this module focuses on unconscious communication - especially looking at the non-verbal.

Module #11: A Classic Example of Executive Coaching, How to Hypnotically Develop Niche
Skills & Conclusions

The coaching session on module 11 is with a student who "flip-flops" between being on track and falling off track again. You'll see how I give feedback to the student and help get him "back on track" when he misses an unconscious moment or tries too hard to change the subject. It's a classic example of how to "salvage" MBL when it seems like it's not going anywhere with the subject.

The coaching session is also a classic example of executive coaching (the way I used to work with my executive clients). You'll see how minimal advice is offered as a solution and, instead, how to unlock your subjects unconscious mind so they tap into their own resources for the best solution for themselves.

 Then there is a short session where there's a discussion on how to use MBL in any training, coaching, teaching environment (outside traditional or therapeutic hypnotherapy) and get better results from all the people you work with.

EXTRA BONUS: Full Transcripts Of All 11 Modules

TranscriptsI've also had the entire program professionally transcribed for you in a searchable PDF so you can 'zero in' on any particular section.

I like to read written materials on my ipad or kindle. And I also like to print out the sections I want to actively practice on paper. If you're like me, having access to written transcripts is an invaluable part of the learning process!

All In All:

These "Guerrilla Videos" will SHOW you (through demonstration) that when you stop talking so much and simply BE with someone in a mind bending way -- you are able to have a much more authentic hypnotic interaction with the people you come into contact with.

  It's hard to explain exactly -- but other people will "open up" their unconscious when you are with them in a mind bending way.

  And because you no longer have to speak a lot nor try and come up with any particular kind of solution -- the person you are interacting with will have the "space" and "processing time" to allow their own unconscious to give them new ideas and new ways of resolving their own issues.

Sometimes they will even dismantle their whole issue just because of the way you have been able to create mind bending moments while in their presence.

  And that's when other people will suddenly start thinking you must be some kind of genius.

  Like I said, it's hard to explain exactly.

Which is why you need to go through this training to see real time examples
(and point-by-point coaching) on what I'm talking about.

And that's when you'll "get" what I'm talking about - because you'll discover for yourself that...

These “Guerrilla Videos" Will Take The Lid Off Your Skills And Turn You Into An MBL Pro, For Good

And remember:

You can use MBL in a role (outside traditional hypnosis or therapeutic hypnotherapy) and put yourself head-and-shoulders above your competition.

In fact, if you are (or ever want to be) involved in coaching, teaching or getting the best out of other people in some way – you can use what you’ll learn on the “Guerrilla Videos" just mentioned…

To Quietly Unlock The FULL Unconscious &
Conscious Potential Of The People You Are
Working With

That’s exactly what my clients in the firing range business do with each new student. 

They literally take someone who has never held a gun before and, by creating a series of innocuous mind bending moments, they are able to get a first-time firearm student

To Hit The Center Of
The Target Multiple Times

And do so all within 10 minutes of first picking up a gun.

That’s impressive (although not too surprising to me).

And it gives you a good idea of the power of mind bending "language" as demonstrated and coached in the modules that make up my advanced program called:

As you've now seen, mind bending language or, perhaps more correctly, creating mind bending moments has many advantages and uses beyond hypnotherapy or therapy-type work (the firearms client proves that beyond doubt).

You can use it with employees.

You can use it with colleagues.

You can use it with a sports team.

You can use it in any kind of teaching situation.

In fact, the options for using MBL outside hypnotherapy are virtually endless.

Having said that, because of the advanced nature of the material captured on the new program…

Not Just Anyone Should Get Access To "Advanced Mind Bending Language Hypnotherapy"

That’s because only people who have already received some form of training on MBL through any one (or more) of my programs that teach MBL should get this program.

(If you are a complete “MBL Newbie” you should also invest in my Mind-Bending Language Card Decks”)

Here’s the thing though:

Although the audio on all the videos is of excellent sound quality, the video footage itself is a bit “ropey” in places. Mostly on the modules that captured day 2 of the mentoring program (Module 5’s video is poor).

All the videos are definitely watchable – they’re just not to our usual high quality standard because the video footage came from a couple of attendees' amateur video recording skills, remember.

For that reason…

I’m NOT Pricing This Program At The
$997 I’d Normally Charge For Material This
Advanced And Exclusive

In fact:

Because the video quality doesn’t meet my normal training presentation standard I’m not even going to price it at $498.50 (which would be HALF OFF $997).

Instead, while this limited offer lasts, you can get this exclusive advanced program for the much lower investment of just 3 simple installments of only $97.

You are, of course, also fully covered by our…

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here's what to do:

Watch the videos that make up the Advanced Mind Bending Language Hypnotherapy program.

Put your new skills into practice and see for yourself how much more attention you get and how much more effective, adaptable and influential you can be.

If for any reason you don’t want to keep the program just let us know and you’ll get a full and prompt refund. And you have a full 60 days to make your decision.

Hurry though.

If you want “in” on this special offer – you must act fast.

Because this advanced program is targeted to my students that have already taken some training in MBL, I may need to restrict access to this program soon.

I have no idea what the demand will be for it and if I need to put in qualification criteria to access the program.

So, if you want instant access to the program while it’s available then I recommend you hit the “Add to Cart” button below and follow the simple instructions.

Get Started Today! Hit "Add To Cart" Below



I want to get started today, I'm both ready and eager to have get my hands on this advanced mind bending language knowledge.

I understand that:

  • You will give me INSTANT ACCESS to all 11 Modules of the "Advanced Mind Bending Language Hypnotherapy” Guerrilla Videos (over 16 hours 6 minutes)
  • Plus I’ll also receive searchable FULL Transcripts of the program (426 pages)
  • I realize these "Fly On The Wall” Guerrilla Videos were not professionally recorded (although the audio definitely was) and that is why this advanced, highly exclusive training is over $700 LESS than it should be.
  • My investment is $997 just 3 simple monthly installments of only $97
  • I also have an entire 60 days with a 100% guarantee to try out this program. If I'm not completely happy during these 60 days I can simply ask for an immediate full refund.

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To your success!

Igor Ledochowski
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Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer

PS. Remember, if you want to get FASTER Results with Mind-Bending Language …by saying less… then watch these rare, “guerrilla videos” and see through my interactive point-by-point coaching and feedback -- how to evolve from "doing mind bending language" to creating a series of profound rapid-fire unconscious shifts in others.

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