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"UNIQUE 'Quantum Leap' Personal Transformation Event That Is So Far
Ahead-Of-Its-Time Some People
Will NOT Be Allowed To Attend…"

  • Reach a particular goal that has always been out of reach for you...
  • "Outgrow" problems and experience “inner healing” to emotional blocks
  • Plus experience heightened states of conscious awareness...

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Friend,

What this is about:

Between the 27th of April and the 1st of May I will be holding a very ambitious LIVE ONLINE training program.

It's called the Beyond Self Hypnosis (BSH) live training program, and it's been specifically designed for you if you want to experience quantum leaps in what you end up achieving in your life.

In short, the promise and purpose of the Beyond Self Hypnosis live ONLINE training program is...

You Can Become You 2 (You-Squared ).

Or You 3, or You 4, or You 10.

You will literally be exposed to HIGHLY ADVANCED training and personal transformation exercises that will cause you to take a quantum leap (or "explosive jump") in your consciousness - enabling you to…

  • Experience exponential improvement in your performances (both at work and academically, as well as in any kind of sport)…
  • Multiply your personal effectiveness, hit new highs and shatter your old achievement records...
  • Jump into a higher orbit of success and satisfaction…
  • Make high-velocity advances in achievement and capture your life-long dreams and aspirations…

All With Far Less Effort Than You’ve
Needed To Give In The Past!

And you won’t ever again have to settle for making incremental or gradual improvements in your life.

Just as your level of performance can improve by “quantum leaps”, so can your rate of accomplishment.

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot Today

How can I be so sure of everything I've promised so far?

To answer that, let me tell you... 

How The “Ahead-Of-Time” Personal Transformation Exercises In The 'Beyond Self Hypnosis' Live Online Training Program Came About...

The short answer is: through my own personal evolution.

The longer (more specific) answer is: I have used the self-hypnosis technology contained in my best-selling Power of Self Hypnosis (POSH) program and, over the past 18 years I have achieved pretty much every goal that I ever focused on.

I don't say that to brag. Just to state a fact.

But there was always a limitation. Namely...

The Achievement Of Each Of My Goals Always
Came With A "Bigger" Problem - Me!

Here’s what I mean by that:

While achieving goals is great (and what we all want), if you are not sufficiently evolved in consciousness as a person who can fully experience and enjoy the achievement of your goals you'll end up with a new set of (bigger) problems to match the (bigger) goals you’ve achieved.

And each bigger goal comes with a new bigger problem. In my case it was me. In your case it will be you.

So, long story short, I developed Beyond Self Hypnosis to help me overcome the problems I was creating but didn’t even know I had (I'd spent years fixing the SYMPTOMS of those problems, but eventually I had to change MYSELF - change, or evolve my consciousness - so the symptoms no longer arose).

Basically: My Power of Self Hypnosis program helped strengthen my strong areas (A LOT!) and improve the weaknesses I was aware of

But then there were a number of weaknesses (or flaws if you like) I had that I was incapable of perceiving - some were downright blocked out of my mind because they were too overwhelming for me to even "go there". 

So again, when I had achieved everything I could think of with my Power of Self Hypnosis program, I needed to develop a whole new ADVANCED process (aka: Beyond Self Hypnosis) to take me w-a-y BEYOND the ordinary limits of what self-hypnosis could provide me with.

An analogy to explain:

Imagine for a moment a little man in a prison in a world contained in a bucket. He dreams of the fields he sees outside the prison window. One day he learns my Power of Self Hypnosis program and escapes the prison and gets to explore the fields and lakes he has been seeing all his life. All is well for a number of years...

Then A NEW Problem Starts... 

After exploring the “bucket world” for years, he comes to an edge. He can't go beyond it, so he goes round. And round. And round.

And after some time he has explored everything the “bucket world” has to offer. He knows "everything" about his world, there's nothing new. So he starts to get bored, frustrated - and the joy of exploring life has gone.


Then he learns my NEW Beyond Self Hypnosis - and he "grows as a person" and he takes a GIANT LEAP out of the bucket and steps into discovering a whole new exciting country with no boundaries that he can explore!

And from the day he uses Beyond Self Hypnosis he is finally “free” to go anywhere, do anything and experience life at a whole new exciting and exhilarating level.

No Other Self Improvement Or Self-Hypnosis
Technique Can Do That For You

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot Today

So you see: you need Beyond Self Hypnosis in order "grow yourself" so you too can take a GIANT LEAP and step into a “world” (a consciousness) where your life dreams and aspirations come to you -- all without apparent effort on your part! 

Put another way:

My Power of Self Hypnosis program gets you achievement-type goals quickly.


My Beyond Self Hypnosis program "expands your consciousness" so your life goals and aspirations end up coming to YOU by default of the "new, bigger you" you've BECOME.

Now, so you can get more of a practical sense of how my NEW Beyond Self Hypnosis live online training program goes far BEYOND my Power of Self Hypnosis program…

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the modules and content that will be delivered as part of the NEW Beyond Self Hypnosis live ONLINE training program.

Here's What You'll Discover Over
5 Amazing Days Online With Me…

Module 1: Foundation:

This develops your ability to access a STABLE inner world (a clear inner world that stays the same as long as you want it to) into which unconscious archetypes will later be projected by your unconscious to teach you about yourself or to overcome some personal limitation. 

Essentially it teaches you a simple progression to visualize almost effortlessly (NO training currently exists that does anything like this) very quickly.

It is so quick and simple to do that even a blind person can use the system to start visualizing without any problems.

Mindfulness Level 1: Grounding

The main training gets interspersed and supported with a variety of mindfulness trainings as well.

There is a TON of research about the effectiveness of mindfulness training and the positive effects it can have on the mind. One of the crucial effects it has (crucial for BSH as well as for life) is that it helps you grow thicker and more effective GABA fibers in the Prefrontal Cortex of your brain.

These GABA fibers send special messages to the amygdala that switch OFF FEAR. This is very important when you start working with deeper personal issues.

Without well-developed GABA fibers you cannot face the really big "bad stuff" that we all have repressed and hidden in a closet!

Other useful effects of this training:

Keeps you grounded in reality (rather than getting lost in "inner space"). Reconnects you to your body (and body wisdom - the information that comes from brain-like nerve centres in the body (around hollow organs like heart, lungs and intestines) that gives you both an awareness of what's going on inside you and is the source of your "gut instinct".)

Module 2: Building & Navigating the
Inner Landscape:

In this module we move on from stabilizing the "mind's eye" and making visualizations easier, and go on to developing inner landscapes (that soon become breath-taking in scope and beauty!)

You learn the rules for navigating this landscape easily and safely and getting your unconscious mind to do all the heavy lifting (in terms of world building) as well as to start populating it with important symbols and archetypes that you will learn how to interact with and grow from.

You will start to develop the skill of effortlessly creating whole new worlds filled with unconscious archetypes that you can interact with. This lets you have DIRECT (albeit SYMBOLIC level) access to your unconscious mind and unconscious processes.

At the live online training you will learn some rules to stay safe in this world and allow it to unfold without blocking yourself.

Mindfulness Level 2: Building Intention

In modules 1 & 2 you will learn how we organist your INNER world by referring to the OUTER world as a metaphor for your inner life (e.g.., when you have a problem you need to get some "distance" from it in order to have a new "perspective" you can learn from: this is taken literally from our real world experience that objects at a DISTANCE (which are SMALLER problems over THERE) are less threatening to us that the same objects up close and personal!)

Level 2 teaches you how to start building a powerful "intention" that the unconscious mind recognizes and acts upon.

It also helps you get more focused and "into your body" more -
a disease of western living
(and one that traditional Self Hypnosis tends to accentuate) is that people are constantly trying to get AWAY from their bodies.

The resulting mind/body dissociation leaves us weaker all round - and opens the door to unpleasant consequences like being overweight, increased physical injuries (especially as old age sets in) and frailty.

Module 3: Inner Control:

By this stage you will have an increasingly rich inner world evolving. All the foundational work you have done starts to come into its own here.

You learn to have conscious control of your inner landscape, like a magician you get to call up the scene, archetype or emotion at will. Of course this requires some practice (which is what this level gives you) as well as the knowledge that areas you may have a weakness or a personal block in (e.g.., feeling "love" for some or "happy" for others) will still be blocked in this inner landscape - which makes for a great diagnostic tool for where to focus your attention when it comes to self-healing and personal growth.

An important exercise in this module is the "Good Place/Bad Place exercise".

It is a vital safety mechanism to teach you the skills of handling difficult materials safely. Without this step it is impossible to proceed to more advanced modules - the mind's natural safety mechanisms will simply block you.

This G/B exercise also helps you develop strong GABA fibers - it is like doing a “mental pushup” only instead of increasing you upper body strength, you increase your ability to shut off fear and eventually even terror or panic !

Module 4: Skills Mastery:

The first 3 modules of BSH teach you how to become a master of your inner world.

In this fourth module we start to get PRACTICAL.

You will learn to put the skills you developed in the first 3 modules together in a practical way. This module focuses on showing you how to master any skill faster.

It includes the classic "rehearsal" techniques that have proven so useful in sports psychology (and has a ton of research verifying its effectiveness).

However you will learn some more ADVANCED TECHNIQUES that will go beyond what even most sports psychologists know about.

Module 5: Deep Trance Identification:

This module starts to shape your inner world to allow you to accelerate your learning and mastery in any field.

More than the skills mastery of module 4, this module will hone your unconscious instincts so that you naturally follow the path of people that have mastered any field you are interested in and break the "glass ceiling" that traps most amateurs in the sub-professional level!

This module also teaches you a vital set of skills that will be important for Module 6: Your Inner Healer/Therapist

Module 6: Your Inner Healer/Therapist:

This module will show you how to create a unique place inside your mind where you can heal any mental or emotional wound.

You will be able to call on special archetypes that will help you gradually evolve who you are becoming.

For those with some therapeutic experience (hypnosis, NLP, coaching etc.) you will also be able to create an archetype that will use those skills you learned on yourself - so you will have a personal healer/therapist available to you 24/7/365 - anytime you want or need them!

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot Today


Okay, as you have probably gathered from the training modules and content descriptions - my NEW Beyond Self Hypnosis live online training program is now perhaps...

The World's Most POWERFUL Personal Transformation "Immersion Training" You Will Ever Come Across

I personally cannot think of any other self-development or personal transformation program that covers even 1/10th of what will be covered and "integrated into you" during my Beyond Self Hypnosis live online training program.

In fact, the Beyond Self Hypnosis live training program is so effective and rapid at "quantum leaping" your consciousness -- there are certain "fragile" people who will NOT be allowed to attend the live online training event.

More specifically...

You Will NOT Be Allowed To Attend If...

You will NOT be able to attend if you are seeing a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist (or taking medication) for any psychological condition you may have -- (the reason is during the Beyond Self Hypnosis live online training program attendees will be brought face-to-face with some psychological stuff they have "locked up in their basement"). You should NOT attend if you are mentally fragile.

You will NOT be able to attend if you refuse to sign an online agreement (on the morning of the first day of the training) to acknowledge your acceptance of #1 above - thus taking full responsibility for you suitability to participate in the training and exercises.

You will NOT be able to attend if you are unable to perform some very simple, gentle "yoga-like" movements at the live training event - i.e., you must have the basic physical flexibility to do, say, a standing push up against a wall (the proprietary very light and slow movements I've designed are required for a number of reasons - as will be explained more clearly during the live online training itself - however, one of the main purposes is to build a connection from the prefrontal cortex in your brain to your Lamina 1 in your spinal column - thus creating a connection and accessing information from your bodies "mini-brains". Don't worry - it will all be explained fully at the live event).

I mention the above not to scare anybody off.

I’m guessing 95% of people reading this will be mentally well-adjusted enough to comfortably deal with the techniques that will be used at the live online training event to realign your inner neurology and “expand your consciousness”.

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot Today

So assuming you have not been disqualified by any of the 3 conditions stated above -- you can now register for the NEW Beyond Self Hypnosis live online training program today and also...

Get A FREE Copy Of The TWO
"Accelerated Learning & Rapid Mastery"
Bonus Audios I've Created

Here's why you'll want to listen to these audio bonuses:

Two of the skills you will be learning during the Beyond Self Hypnosis live online training program are the Inner Practice Room and the DTI processes - designed to accelerate your learning capacity.

Well, listen: I recently spent around 85-minutes showing a client (named Joe) how to use those two processes to acquire a skill he had failed at for the last TEN years. 

What happened to Joe after going through the Inner Practice Room and the DTI processes with me?

Well, Joe was able to acquire the level of skill he needed in just under one hour.

That’s right, Joe said he developed his skill more in under an hour working with me than he had in the last 10 years of trying to develop the skill himself!

I then followed this up with another client, Jonny who had also failed at acquiring a skill that he had been trying to acquire for almost 10 years as well.

In less than 50 minutes using the processes I taught him he finally succeeded too!

(By the way - I still know nothing about the skills they wanted to improve, so it was not skills coaching but just TWO of the Beyond Self Hypnosis processes I’ll be teaching you at the live online training program that enabled Joe and Jonny to unlock their full potential and master a new skill-set in less than an hour!)


You can have a FREE copy of BOTH NEW "Accelerated Learning & Rapid Mastery" Bonus Audios...

If You Register For The NEW Beyond Self Hypnosis Live ONLINE Training Program TODAY (As Long As You Meet The 3 Conditions Of Attending, Of Course!)

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot Today

Please note:  I will reserve your FREE copy of the bonus audio for you and will send it to you once you have attended the live online  Beyond Self Hypnosis training program  (I cannot send it to you in advance of the live training event as it will not make any sense to you  until you have personally experienced the processes  I work through with Joe on the audio).

Bottom line though:

If you want to participate in the world's most powerful personal transformation "immersion training"... 

And if you want to experience what it's like to "grow yourself" so you too can take a GIANT QUANTUM LEAP in your life and step into an evolved consciousness that automatically attracts your life dreams and aspirations to you -- all without apparent effort on your part...

And if you want a FREE copy of the NEW "Accelerated Learning & Rapid Mastery" Bonus Audio I just mentioned...

All you have to do is enroll - TODAY - for the upcoming Beyond Self Hypnosis live online training program (taking place from April 27 through May 1, 2020).

Please note: Spots Are LIMITED and are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Now you're probably wondering what the training fee is for this exciting program…

For 5 full days of training with me the standard fee for this program is $1995…and others have gladly paid that excluding also paying for flights and hotel accommodation.

Of course with an online training program you don't have those extra costs.

And because I'm running this "lockdown special" on short notice, I'm making the fee truly affordable.

Instead of $1995 it's just 5 simple monthly installments of only $129 (that's a 67%+ OFF Discount) and no extra flight and hotel costs either!

Satisfaction GuaranteedOf course this live online training comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Take the first 3 days of training entirely at my risk.

If you're not delighted with the training during the first 3 days just let one of my training assistants or staff members know by the end of Day 3 and you'll get a full refund, no questions asked and we'll part as friends.

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot Today

Once again - the Beyond Self Hypnosis live online training program will "expand your consciousness" in such a way that your life goals and aspirations end up coming to YOU by default of the "new, bigger you" you are BEING.

Only you know if you are ready to experience what that new way of living is like.

If you are, I'll see you at the NEW Beyond Self Hypnosis live online training program and together we'll go on to capture goals, dreams and aspirations far beyond the capacity of “regular” people.

Reserve Your Spot Today

Beyond Self Hypnosis
Live ONLINE Training


Igor, Enroll me in your Beyond Self-Hypnosis online training, I am ready and eager to join you for 5 transforming days starting this coming April 27th!

I Understand That:

I will be training in Beyond Self-Hypnosis with Igor Ledochowski for 5 amazing days from the comfort of my home between April 27th and May 1st, 2020 from 10am to 8pm EST each day (Day 1 registration opens at 9am EST).

My investment is $1995 just 5 simple monthly installments of only $129(saving me a 67%+ OFF and any hotel and flight costs!)

At the training I will also receive the special TWO "Accelerated Learning
& Rapid Mastery" Bonus Trainings (Value $295).

I also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of day 3 of the training to make sure this training really delivers for me!

Based on the above, I am clicking below and enrolling now...

Class Closed: Class Has Reached Full Capacity

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Igor Ledochowski





Igor Ledochowski - Creator Of The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis

Author Of The Best Selling, "The Deep Trance Training Manual"
Author Of Over 100 Different Hypnosis Training Products & Training Seminars 
Internationally Acclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer
Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer 
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer

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P.S. Here's what others are saying about Beyond Self Hypnosis...

I’m extremely happy with the course, I think it was a lot more than I thought it was going to be.
Luke Brady
Arizona, USA
Hypnotist & Mentalist
I wouldn’t want to live life without these skills.
Susan Donovan
Sydney, Australia
Facilitator & Instructional Designer
The feelings of opening my heart
was actually it…
Daniel Wayerts
Kansas, USA
Factory Worker
He’s giving us a lot of tools to be able to make a big transformation .

Martijn Groenendal
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Trainer for NLP Practitioners
Just a minute a day will build that
mental muscle…
Judy Bethell
Devon, England
Wow! It’s mind blowing. Believe me,
I just love it.
Shamsuri Mohamad
Hospital Worker
You can start mastering the skills in the comfort and safety of your own home.
Stuart Elliot
English Language Teacher
I’m developing a photographic memory… I know that if I can continue the training, the way my memory will expand will be incredible.

Rob Mellet
Melbourne Australia
I can suddenly tap into all this great creativity that I thought I had lost for good…
Paramjit Kaur
Pharmaceutical Industry

Class Closed: Class Has Reached Full Capacity

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