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World-renowned hypnotherapist and master teacher
IGOR LEDOCHOWSKI invites you to...

  • The masterful step-by-step teaching process makes learning Conversational Hypnotherapy SO EASY - and so fast - that novice and experienced hypnotherapists alike rave about this training and their results...
  • I've spent over $180,000 combing the planet to study with every leading hypnotist (and a few little-known experts) so I could develop the world's simplest method for teaching Conversational Hypnotherapy...
  • Now you can tap into my knowledge and change people fast - as a professional, or secretly, during an ordinary conversation - using my Foolproof Hypnotic 4-Step System!
  • Simply get the Highly-Rated Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy 2.0 Training with a No-Obligation FREE 15 Day Trial!
  • Plus Get The New SUPER BONUS Of The CHPH 2020 Online "Rough Cut" Training!

Conversational Hypnosis

From: Igor Ledochowski
Hypnosis Training Academy

Dear Friend,

If anyone ever told you that hypnosis was too complex for you to learn…

If anyone ever said that being a hypnotist was too hard for you to do…

... then that person simply doesn’t know my foolproof Hypnotic 4-Step System!

Here’s why I say that. Maybe you know me - maybe you are familiar with my work.  

Maybe you have even studied, and benefited from my training before.

Or, maybe this is the first time in your life you’ve ever heard of me.

Whatever the case may be, let me share
with you what three world-class experts
have to say about my work:

"Truly A Master Teacher"

"Igor Ledochowski continues to surprise me.

I've studied nearly everything and everyone there is to study in hypnosis, but Igor has a knack for creating powerful, complete mini-lessons so that anyone can learn to perform hypnosis using everyday conversation.

"Igor truly is a master teacher."

Joe VitaleDr. Joe Vitale Star of "The Secret" Movie
CEO Hypnotic Marketing Inc. & Author Of Over 20 Books
Wimberley, Texas, USA

"It’s Like Magic... Absolutely Amazing Results"

“Igor is the definitive expert on the mind, on fast results, and a genius in the field of subconscious influence and change.

He influences you consciously and subconsciously to release an impressive potential in people.

"It’s like magic: He gets absolutely amazing results!

"If you want to work with the best, work with him!!

"But be warned: he gets exceptional results by doing exceptional things... sometimes unusual things happen when you are around him.”

Joe VitaleDavid Taylor Global Leadership Expert
Best-selling Author, “The Naked Leader"
Woking, Surrey, UK

Ericksonian Hypnosis Expert
Applauds Igor’s Work

“Even after 40 years of studying hypnosis, I am impressed with Igor Ledochowski's contribution to the field”

Dr. Daniel AraozDr. Daniel Araoz American Board of Professional Hypnosis,
Professor of Mental Health Counseling,
Long Island University
Director Emeritus,
Long Island Institute of Ericksonian Hypnosis
Long Island, New York, USA

There you have it… three top-notch leaders in their field, acknowledging that I have taken what used to be impossible and out of reach for so many people – the ability of anyone to become a professional hypnotist – and made it clearly available to everyone!

And now I'm making my Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy 2.0 Training available, as a home study program, to the hypnosis community.

How A Casual Hypnotic Conversation Did What Drugs and Alcohol COULDN’T Do For A Woman
Scared To Death Of Flying In Airplanes!

Recently I was talking with a traditional hypnotherapist, not about professional hypnotherapy, but about conversational hypnosis in everyday life.

I told her a story which still has me smiling about the wonderful power of hypnosis:

“One of my students was at an airport.

"He noticed that this woman was shaking with nerves. 

"He starts having a chat with her and he finds out that she has a fear of flying. 

“She is drugged up to the maximum. 

"She is taking all these pills and is drinking alcohol; anything she can do to distract herself.

"But it’s not working.

"His heart goes out to this poor woman.

“So he starts an innocent conversation, and she gets fascinated. 

"As it happens, they end up sitting next to each other on the airplane. 

"They keep talking.

“Before the captain's announcement comes that tells everyone to buckle up and get ready for the flight, this woman is… suddenly… totally… calm. 

"She is looking at him and says, ‘I do not know what just happened but I feel great!’ 

All my student appeared to be doing was telling her a couple of stories and asking a couple of questions.

But what he was also doing was using the everyday basics of Conversational Hypnosis.

As a result, he totally transformed this woman – from a physical and emotional wreck into this happy and charming person who now gets to live her life without fear.

That to me is what hypnosis should be.

Yes, that story is amazing enough.

But what is even more important for you is that I can teach virtually anyone to do what my student did!

It’s not hard, it’s not complicated, and it doesn’t take a long time.

Just some dedicated attention and a strong intention to help others – the way the man at the airport helped that woman who had been paralyzed by fear to become relaxed and comfortable again.

  Why My Mindset and Methods Can Give You
The Confidence And Skills You Need to
Become a Master Hypnotist

As I talk to my students, and from my other experiences and conversations in the hypnosis community, I have come to one unavoidable conclusion:

Most people find learning and practicing hypnosis EXTREMELY difficult.

When I first got started, I set about to change things – and I have.

You may have heard that I was once a British lawyer (graduate of Exeter University) and that I've spent over $180,000 traveling around the world in search of “the answer” for hypnosis.

What you may not know yet is that I couldn’t find “the answer” anywhere. So I had to rely on myself to create a new, better way to teach and practice hypnosis.

I have combined centuries-old instruction secrets from Asian martial arts, with powerful techniques from the stage and Hollywood screen, along with valuable bits and pieces I gathered from other leading hypnosis trainers.

The result? A brand-new, simplified, systematic approach that delivers skills and confidence – and makes it fun to learn!

Just as important, I make sure that when you practice conversational hypnosis, your conversation sounds “normal.”

This is very important.

Other approaches can sound unnatural and make the people you are trying to hypnotize suspicious of you.

Those traditional methods can work, but they’re risky because they can break rapport. When you use weird language patterns, it may sound like you’re on drugs!

You see, trust and respect are of paramount importance, and should flow both ways between the hypnotist and the person being hypnotized.

My “Secret Sauce”

I want to give your conscious mind the simplest rules to follow.

If you follow these rules, you will open up a treasure house of unconscious behavior that is very, very sophisticated and remarkably effective.

And because of the training that has already taken place, you never need to think about what you’re doing. And what's more - it happens automatically!

  3 Case Studies To Show How Versatile
This Training Is In The Real World

Up until now, we have focused mostly on hypnotherapy.

And indeed, my training is ideal for that.

I have helped many people around the world start up a hypnotherapy practice where there wasn’t one before – or brush up on their knowledge and add new techniques to their skill sets.

Here are three case studies showing how my students resourcefully used their own skills to improve their work performance, as well as their entire lives.

Case Study #1: “Serial Entrepreneur” Finds “Difficult”
People Easier To Deal With - Discovers Success
as a Hypnotherapist

Jim Truitt of Kernersville, NC, is a lifelong entrepreneur who at one time ran four successful businesses simultaneously.

Over the years, he ran into the same frustrations everyone else has experienced when dealing with other people.

As a result of these frustrations, Jim decided to find better ways to communicate with others -- and to motivate them as well.

He found his answer in hypnosis, and began to study it years ago.

But when he took a Conversational Hypnotherapy class with me, everything moved to a new level for him very quickly!

"Igor breaks complex tasks into bite-sized pieces," Jim says.

"You do the piece and then he adds another component or two.

"You master the components and by the end of the training, all the pieces fit perfectly together," Jim explains.

"These skills are now a part of you."

Since working with me, Jim has started working as a hypnotherapist and mentoring other hypnotherapists.

But the skills and mindset he has learned from me go far beyond his professional world and into all aspects of his life.

"Now, I'm communicating by using more than just words," he says.

"You really know how to tap into someone's soul and make an impact on their life."

Case Study #2:
Quantum Leaps And Major Wins For The
Company That Trains The People Who Keep Us Safe
On Our Streets And In Our Skies

Matt and Sherrie Seibert own and run Insight Firearms Training Dev. LLC in Prescott, Arizona. 

They work with private individuals as well as military personnel and law enforcement officers -- including air marshals and airline pilots who are authorized to carry a gun in the cockpit.

Matt first learned hypnosis 30 years ago, and Sherrie was skeptical about hypnosis trainers in general.

They both have been through my Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Training.

Sherrie called her experience "a life-altering event" and learned hypnosis techniques she applied to training.

Results have been astonishing – For example, Sherrie was able to help a female pilot who previously had middle-of-the-road firearms skills and so-so test results.

Working with Sherrie, the pilot got nearly perfect scores on a tough new qualification course under very difficult test conditions.

Sherrie credits the improvement in her training skills to specific techniques she learned from me.

Matt has cut time from a precision-training process he developed.

The training time required to achieve precision accuracy has been dramatically reduced using my hypnotic techniques to an almost unbelievable 20 minutes.

"Igor shows you how to use the techniques in a way that allows you to improve your hypnosis skills instantly," Matt says.

Case Study #3:
Ultra-Successful, Experienced
Hypnotherapist With Multiple Specialties Readily
Admits He Learned Plenty Of New Things From Me

Phil Willcher, a medical, dental and clinical hypnotherapist in Tiburon, CA, is 73 years old and has been practicing for more than 45 years.

Although he has studied with many, many teachers, he was very impressed with my knowledge and skills.

So much so that he decided to take the Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Training.

Phil teaches as well as practices.

"Last night I gave a class to about 40 people on self-hypnosis.

"I used some of Igor's ideas and philosophies on ways to for attendees to program themselves," he says.

"When people left last night, many said they got a tremendous amount of knowledge, skill and personal growth out of it."

With his clients, he has a better understanding of the hypnotic practices he uses, thanks to what he has learned from me.

Besides that, Phil says my teaching gives him a different ways of seeing where people are coming from.

"I've learned some new ways to think about people's problems and how to help them find their own solutions," he says.

"I have a lot more ways to help people explore deeper levels of consciousness. Igor's teachings have been very helpful to me as a hypnotist."


These case studies confirm what I have been saying all along:

No matter where you are in your development as a hypnotist – among the world’s most experienced, in transition, skeptical and resistant to the whole process, or simply brand-new and ready to learn – I can make a world of difference for you, just as I have done for Phil, Jim, Matt and Sherrie.

Details About The Conversational Hypnosis
Professional Hypnotherapy 2.0 Training...

The Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy 2.0 Program is a truly transformational video training program that's delivered over 7 Weeks online to aid easy learning (as well as shipped to your door in full).

Here's a summary of what's in the program:

  • The REAL SECRET to being not just a good, but a truly EXCEPTIONAL hypnotherapist
  • How to get people into trance without doing an induction at all!
  • The secret that guarantees your clients will go into the right level and depth of trance every time
  • Exactly what to say to set up the right conditions BEFORE you start your induction
  • Get the information you need to create smooth and successful hypnosis sessions with this simple interview technique
  • The 6 most powerful conversation inductions that you can do anytime, any place, anywhere
  • How to perform both overt AND covert change work
  • The most important part of every conversational induction, that will make it undetectable every time
  • Igor’s 4-Step Foolproof Hypnotic System. (Never again will you worry whether a particular technique works with a client… you ALWAYS have an easy and worry-free next step ready to go)
  • How to make sure your work “sticks” and stays with the client for long-term benefits
  • An ingenious yet simple way to do effective change work totally covertly – without even knowing what your client's problem is!
  • Privacy or disclosure? How to spot when it's right to delve into someone's past, and when to leave well enough alone
  • A conversational "stepping stone" induction for all occasions – Do this as easily on an airplane as in your office
  • The key core pattern that takes care of 80% of ALL situations your clients will come in with (plus 3 more methods to quickly clear up the remaining 20%)
  • How to set up change work as part of a normal conversation... you're just having a chat and 'bam!', they're in a trance without even knowing it
  • One of Milton Erickson's favorite trance inducers: How you can use it to captivate and seamlessly move someone's attention as you deepen their trance
  • How to turn the induction INTO the actual change work itself, saving you tons of time, boosting your success rate, and allowing you to spend the rest of the session "installing" the change
  • 5 simple steps for making language patterns SECOND NATURE to you. People will marvel at your eloquence and listen SPELLBOUND to your every word!
  • A little-known principle to make your inductions irresistible. The secrets of the "Non-Awareness Set". This single technique lets you control people's attention easily, and it virtually GUARANTEES that they'll go into trance when you want them to
  • And Much MUCH More...

"If You Take Anything, Take This Course. I Learned More In Three Days Here Than I Did In A Week And A Half With Other People."

"I came to this conference already certified. I will tell you honestly, this is my third certification course from different instructors, this was by far the best one ever.

"If you take anything, take this course. I learned more in three days here than I did in a week and a half with other people.

"This seminar met and exceeded my expectations. There have been more experiences here than I can even imagine saying for a video clip.

"Everything was a highlight; there was just an entire shift. I can't really say one, there are too many.

"This course is worth every penny and more."

Mike Bueti
Certified Hypnotherapist
Tucson, Arizona, USA

  Here’s What Participants From The
Live Program Had To Say…

"I Could Never Imagine To This Scale To Which Igor OVER-DELIVERS. The Training Was Amazing."


Angele Brewer
Administrator in a Law Firm,
Certified Hypnotherapist
Los Angeles, California, USA

"Rarely Do You Find Such Mastery Of A Topic..."


Bill Suiter
Professional Trainer and Facilitator,
Certified Hypnotherapist
San Francisco, California, USA

"More Than Met My Expectations...
Igor Is Obviously Super Smart, He's Taken Extremely Complex Material And Distilled It Down Brilliantly Into A Series Of Precise Steps That I Could Absorb


Elena Ducharme
Coach, NLP Practitioner Sebastapol,
California, USA

"This Training Promised A Lot...But It Delivered So Much More, I Can't Believe The Transformation..."


Lou Raspa
Real Estate Agent and Certified Hypnotherapist
Perth, Australia

"I Can't Say Enough About Igor, He Is Wonderful, Fabulous, Marvelous, He Teaches You How To Do Hypnosis Step By Step So You Know Exactly
What To Do


Elizabeth Carne
Retired Airline Pilot, Gold Investor, Certified Hypnotherapist
Reno, Nevada, USA

"Go With The Best...The Experience
Is Life-Changing


Chris Mondloch
Fire Fighter Paramedic, Hypnotherapist Redlands,
California, USA

"I Feel Like A Real Hypnotherapist Now And It Feels Wonderful. Thank You"


Leia Laura
Casino Card Croupier,
Evert, WA

As Good As This Is, I'm Giving You EVEN MORE…

My programs by themselves are “the best deal in hypnosis, by far.”

That’s not me talking… that's what our students say, unprompted and spontaneous.

“More value for our students” has been an unspoken but consistently followed theme around our training organization for a long time.

The Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Program 2.0 is no exception.

That becomes even more obvious when you look at these 11 BONUSES:

Take a look at the first 9 BONUS Modules WITH STEP-BY-STEP COMMENTARY and see what I mean:

BONUS Module 22 (Week 8) HYPNOTIC REVIVIFICATION.  This demo shows you an effective way of bringing past experiences back to life. It's important to watch this demo because Hypnotic revivification is the "Workhorse" from which all the other dynamics approaches to trance work are built upon. Value: $97

BONUS Module 23 (Week 8) THE DYNAMIC MENTAL IMAGERY INDUCTION. This demo shows you a Way of using mental imagery / symbolism that comes from clients own unconscious. In other words, the client "gives you" the symbolism / imagery to use and leverage off of in your hypnotherapy work (you don't have to provide details of the visualization you want them to have)

All in all, this demo will show you how to do less work but have more profound impact on the personal change you are able to facilitate in a client. Value: $97

BONUS Module 24 (Week 8) THE NON-AWARENESS SET. The Non-Awareness Set is really the essence & "heart" of how Milton Erickson did his work. On this demo you'll see how I take the same principles from Demo's 1 & 2 and use them with a subject in a more functional way.

Bottom line: The Non-Awareness Set is like the "Holy Grail" of hypnosis -- because it enables you to use chatty-style conversation your clients unconscious will liberate itself (naturally) during your conversation. Value: $97

This is an impromptu demo with somebody for whom the Non-Awareness Set has FAILED. It shows you how to "flip" resistance into the springboard to finding the solution. Very important if you have a resistant client (like the subject in this demo).

That's why you need to watch this demo. You'll see me breaking down a resistant mindset and discussing exactly what I'm doing (and why) step-by-step. Value: $175

BONUS Module 26 (Week 9) THE DAYS OF WONDER REGRESSION. The induction on this demo sets you up for the Therapeutic Regressions in Demos 6, 7 and 8 that follow. See, the Days of Wonder regression is non-therapeutic in nature. So it gives you the perfect "training vehicle" for regression work without risking any possible negative effects on the client.

Practice the Days of Wonder Regression and you have the perfect "in" to the real therapeutic regression work. Value: $97

BONUS Module 27 (Week 9) THERAPEUTIC REGRESSION PART 1 - HOW TO PREPARE A TROUBLED CLIENT. This demo deals with all the set up work before the actual therapeutic work. It shows you how to put a terrified client in the right frame of mind for the therapeutic regression work. It also shows you how to "empower" the client to "confront" their issue and go through with the therapeutic regression work. Value: $125

BONUS Module 28 (Week 10) THERAPEUTIC REGRESSION PART 2 - HOW TO HANDLE THE REGRESSION. Building on from demo 6 this demo shows you how to handle the actual therapeutic regression -- taking a traumatic event in someone's life and resolving it.  It also shows you how to set up "safe boundaries" so the client suffers as little as possible during the therapeutic regression.

Watching this demo you will see how to work very methodically with a traumatized client --making sure the client doesn't close down on you completely because they're terrified of confronting their experience. Value: $125

BONUS Module 29 (Week 10) THERAPEUTIC REGRESSION PART 3 - FORGIVENESS, RE-INTEGRATION & TESTING.This demo builds upon demo number 7. Here's why: Typically, the original trauma you work on in the therapeutic regression can leave traces of anger, guilt and shame. So this demo shows you how to clear away those "secondary issues" of anger, guilt and shame, etc.

This demo also shows you 3 correct methods of testing the therapeutic regression work you've just done with the client. Meaning: With this demo you'll know how to spot any areas where the therapeutic regression work is "weak" (so you can correct it while the client is still in front of you).

With this step you remove the possibility of getting that dreaded call a week or two later where the client complains: "It's not working!" When you follow the instructions on this demo that call will be a thing of the past for you. Value: $125

BONUS Module 30 (Week 10) RE-INTEGRATION (PARTS CONFLICT) This demo shows you how to resolve the problem of "secondary gain" - cases where the client wants one thing but also has a payoff for keeping the problem (or part of the problem). It show you how to smoothly and easily handle the 4th cycle of the 4 cycle protocol - in those rare cases where the need arises. Value: $147

Each of those 9 Bonus Modules has a "commentary version" -- where you see me break down EXACTLY WHAT I'm doing during the demo and WHY.

You even see me explain what goes wrong (or not exactly to plan) and then explain how I deal with it when a subject is in front of me.

There's nothing like seeing everything for real and getting the "running commentary" of exactly what's happening (and why) as it's happening. 

You Also Get...

  • BONUS Transcripts: Full Transcripts Of The Entire Program. Each module comes with a transcript. And at the end of the program you'll get a COMPLETE transcript with a full index and table of contents so you can find any part of the training in a snap. This includes all 21 Modules of the main program AND the 9 Bonus Modules with step by step commentary! Value: $175
  • EXTRA BONUS: An exclusive 91 Page PDF Special Training Manual. This manual breaks the whole CHPH2.0 down into a training manual that you'll find to be a wonderful resource. Value: $149

Plus I'm Giving You This SUPER BONUS

  • SUPER BONUS: Modules 31-39 (Week 11-13) CHPH 2020 ONLINE After COVID-19 hit, I taught the CHPH 2.0 Training Online, adapted it & updated parts for a "Zoom World". You can easily learn and use your hypnosis skills online. This 2020 "rough cut" training is over 33 Hours long! Even though it's not fully professionally edited, all the content is there and the sound and video are excellent. Usually this would be valued at $2995 however I've sliced it in half as it's a "rough cut." Value: $1495

And remember you get to access the first NINE Modules for FREE during your 15 Day FREE Trial!

You'll get access to modules 1-3 immediately (week 1), then modules 4-6 on day 7 (week 2) and then modules 7-9 on day 14 (week 3).

Should you decide to continue after the 15 days you'll receive all the rest of the material over the following 10 weeks - that's a total of over 75 hours of expert training in conversational hypnosis professional hypnotherapy and you'll only need to make $2995 four simple monthly installments of just $147 (that's an 80% OFF Discount).

It's a no brainer opportunity! Try out 11 hours 55 minutes of expert content for FREE on me and then if you like what you see you'll get 75+ hours in total including extra bonuses worth $2901!

Plus You’re Also Completely Protected By My...

90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Guarantee
Best of all, even after your 15 Day FREE Trial ends you are also covered by a further no-questions-asked, 90-day money-back guarantee.

My Unconditional Guarantee:Use the Program for 105 days with ZERO risk (15 Day Trial + 90 Day Guarantee) . If you do not get out of it everything I promise and more simply let me know and I will give you a 100% refund for any money you’ve paid... with no questions asked!

What could be more fair than that?

So let me urge you to seize this opportunity. 

It truly is a training package of exceptional value.

Yes! I Want To Get Started Today!  


Igor, please give me instant access to the first week's modules to the exciting Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy 2.0 Program. I'm excited to get going with this proven conversational hypnotherapy training.

I understand that...

  • I'm getting a 15 Day FREE Trial and will receive 9 Video Modules of 11 hours and 55 minutes of the Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Training 2.0 during the trial period.
  • Should I decide to continue after the free trial ends I'll receive the remaining 12 Video Modules of the main program (29 hours 31 minutes of in-depth training in total for all 21 modules), which are delivered over 4 weeks (three modules a week)
  • Plus I'm also receiving a further 9 Bonus Video Modules (12 hours 42 minutes), delivered over a further 3 weeks, meaning the entire program plus the bonuses will be complete in 10 weeks, giving me plenty of time to practice the exercises and getting really good, fast!
  • Plus the program also comes with FULL written transcripts of ALL the main 21 modules (941 pages) and the CHPH2.0 bonuses in modules 22-30 too (437 pages), so I can refer to them whenever I want to.
  • Plus I'm also receiving the SUPER BONUS of the CHPH 2020 Online "Rough Cut!" This bonus, worth $1495, is over 33 hours long and delivered on weeks 11-13 of the program!
  • And I will also receive an EXTRA BONUS: An exclusive 91 Page PDF Special Training Manual which breaks the whole CHPH2.0 down as an in-depth resource.
  • If I decide to continue after my FREE 15 Day Trial then my investment is $2995 just 4 simple monthly installments of only $147 which is a fraction of this training’s true value and an "80% OFF Discount!
  • I also have a Full 90 Day Guarantee in addition to my 15 Day Free Trial for this training. If I decide for any reason at all during those 105 Days that this training is not right for me, then I can simply get a full 100% refund. No questions asked.
  • On that basis, I'm clicking the Add To Cart button below to get started right now before this opportunity is no longer available...

15 Day FREE Trial!

Sorry, Offer Over

Credit Cards


Igor Ledochowski

Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer
Author Of Over 100 Different Training Products & Seminars
Author Of The Best Selling, "The Deep Trance Training Manual"
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
Internationally Acclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer
Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer

P.S. Here are a selection of comments from students of the Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Training:

"This Training Promised A Lot...But It Delivered So Much More, I Can't Believe The Transformation..."

"I've been to so many seminars, so many trainings over the years where there's been so much promised and very little delivered.

"Now, this one promised a lot, but I've got to tell you, it delivered so much more. I just can't believe the transformation I've had over the last seven days.

"I've met some magnificent people that are going to become lifelong friends, but more importantly, I know now that I can help so many other people from my heart, from my H+.

"If you're even contemplating doing something like this, don't think about it, just do it.

"Absolutely outstanding."

Lou Respa
Real Estate Agent and
Certified Hypnotherapist
Perth, Australia


"...It Was Amazing.... If I Can Pick It Up, Anybody Can. I'm Completely
Transformed As
A Person."

I am a stay at home wife and mother. I'd never been hypnotized, I'd never seen anybody hypnotized. I didn't really even know if I was interested in becoming a hypnotherapist.

"My husband bought a few things online and brought them home and I said, "You know, I'm not going to watch these, I want to go and experience it firsthand"

"So I came in here and it was amazing. I haven't done any formal schooling since I was in high school, so if I can pick it up, anybody can. I'm completely transformed as a person.

"That will lead me to the second part of this. Whether you want to be transformed or not, you will be completely transformed when you come here.

"I have been phobic from snakes pretty much my entire life.

"My particular phobia was life debilitating. I couldn't walk my dogs in certain areas, I didn't go on vacations to certain places, I had a lot of real anxiety.

"I didn't realize just how much anxiety I had living in southern California. Just the thought that I might see one someday on the side of the road, was just bad.

"My husband encouraged me to come on stage. The process that I went through wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I don't remember a lot of what happened but it was life transforming. I no longer have a fear. I feel liberated, I feel free.

"And I also found that other problems that I've been carrying around inside are just slowing melting away and I no longer care about them anymore.

"That's the weird part because I'm not thinking about them anymore, they're just gone.

"So I would highly encourage everybody, if your interested in this even a little bit, I would have done this for no reason other than to heal myself. I wouldn't even have to practice hypnotherapy, although I can now.

"I encourage anybody to do this, it will be a lifelong dream."

Stephanie Mondloch
Stay at Home Mom,
Certified Hypnotherapist
Redlands, California, USA


"If You Have Any Doubts About Taking This Program, Let It Go, Because Once You Get Done With It, You Will Just Be Amazed At The Knowledge And Abilities You'll Walk Away
From Here With"

"On a chance, envisioning something different to do with my life, I came to this seminar. Now, I was totally blown away.

"From the first day, when I was wondering, can I come out of this, can I back out of this, am I really going to go through with this, I don't know, but all my fears were initially wiped away.

"From the moment that I started receiving this, I said "Yes, I can do this."

"Even though there were moments when I was spiraling out of control, so it seemed, and not really understanding, there was an instant moment of clarity when it all came together.

"Anybody, even a novice like myself, who had no idea what I was getting into - I now feel confident that I can go out and I can continue to spread the word and help people through issues that may have been plaguing them all of their life, and they just didn't know how to get out of it.

"If you have any doubts about taking this program, let it go, because once you get done with it, you will just be amazed at the knowledge and abilities you'll walk away with."

Peter Laub
Food Warehouse Worker
Azalea, Oregon, USA

"Rarely Do You Find Such Mastery Of
A Topic..."

"I've been a lifelong learner and have attended countless trainings and seminars, both personally and professionally.

"Rarely do you find such mastery, not only of a topic, but someone able to communicate the skill sets required and make them so accessible that you can use those immediately.

So out of immense respect I would just say, if there's any impetus for you to do this training whatsoever, do yourself a great favor, just sign up, enroll.

"You will not believe what becomes available to you as a result."

Bill Suiter
Professional Trainer and Facilitator, Certified Hypnotherapist
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


"I Feel Like A Real Hypnotherapist Now And It Feels Wonderful. Thank You"

"I've never done anything with hypnotherapy before and so if I can do this, anybody can do this. It was a wonderful program.

"I just want to say I'm also a card dealer in a Casino and I've done that for a long time, and I'm so sick of it. I just wanted to do something to help people, so hypnosis was what I was looking at.

"Now, if somebody were to ask me, what do you do for a living, I wouldn't feel like saying I'm a card dealer, I feel like a real hypnotherapist now. And it feels wonderful."

Leaha Lara
Card Dealer in a Casino,
Certified Hypnotherapist.
Everett, Washington, USA

"More Than Met My Expectations... "

"This seminar more than met my expectations. I didn't actually know what to expect. I've been to many, many trainings and I have a very, sort of left brain orientation.

"What I loved about this seminar is the extremely complex material has been distilled down brilliantly into very concise sets of steps that I could absorb and actually practice with other people, in an ideal learning environment.

"It's completely positive and made so easy to actually take on these skills and do the work. I've actually never been in a learning environment like that and I've had many trainings; both as a Coach and an NLP Practitioner.

"The other thing I want to say is had I taken this course twenty years ago when I started practicing law, it would have really transformed my approach to being a lawyer.

"I think actually, that the tools and techniques you could learn from this course could be applicable across the board, regardless of your profession.

"The other thing that I think is so great about this training is that it consistently uses hypnotic material to reinforce the learning to make it easy, effortless and increase your confidence, boost your morale.

"Over all I thought the use of hypnosis in the training was really fantastic and it really distinguishes it from other trainings.

"The course is extremely reasonable, it's great value."

Elena Ducharme
Coach, NLP Practitioner Sebastapol, California, USA


"I Would Have Spent More For This Course, By A Long Shot."

"The seminar met my expectations by a long shot. I kind of knew what to expect, but the use of hypnosis to get the material into my mind, my unconscious, simply blew me away.

"In the past day I've been noticing that some of the issues that I wanted to work on, even though I didn't work on them directly, indirectly they're starting to resolve, which is a nice pleasant surprise.

"I would have spent more for this course, by a long shot."

Antonio Perez
Certified Hypnotherapist Kapaa,
Hawaii, USA


"...It's Unbelievable, It's Great For The Value We Receive."

"This seminar goes beyond my expectations, it was unbelievable, it was great. I had so many experiences.

"When I was working with my partners I received so much for my own life that I didn't expect, it's unbelievable.

"I was talking to a friend of mine last night about the value of this seminar, it is so cheap, we are so lucky to get it here, it's unbelievable, it's great for the value we receive."

German Munoz
School Driver and Photographer, Certified Hypnotherapist
Dover, New Jersey, USA

"I've Never Felt That I've Been Involved In Such A Skill Development Intensive Class
As This One."

"This course I took has been for me a very, very profound experience in the sense that of all the courses I've ever taken in anything, I've never felt that I've been involved in such a skill development intensive class as this one.

"I did learn quite a while ago that if you take any class, the best ones are the ones that develop skills. So I'm really honored to have been present for this experience, and extremely grateful, so thank you very much."

John Sunde
Certified Hypnotherapist
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I'd Recommend This Course To Anybody."

"I came here mainly because I wanted to get my life in order. I find as I get older, I have a lot of clutter and I just don't know what to do with it.

"Going through this I really had low expectations that it would do a little bit, but it has really been profound.

"I've been able to get my mind in the right place. I'm not thinking about ten or fifteen different things at a time, I'm able to focus again. I'm just able to enjoy people in general.

"I'd recommend this course to anybody."

James Melvin
Draftsman and
Certified Hypnotherapist
Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

"...It's One Of The Most Beautiful Things In Terms Of Helping People That I've Ever Experienced"

"I can't say enough about how much of me has changed and the incredible resources and new ways of thinking and new ways of acting toward other people that I've learned.

"I would suggest to anyone, and I think that everyone would benefit from coming to a training and simply immersing yourself in hypnosis. I never knew; I had no idea that hypnosis could so utterly change your life from the inside out, literally.

"And give you tools, where I know that I'll never feel hopeless again, and I'll never be afraid of problems or challenges because I know that I have tools to work on them.

"So whoever you are, wherever you are, know that this is real and it's really fun and it's one of the most beautiful things in terms of helping people that I've ever experienced.

"I've seen people completely transformed, head to toe, watching them."

Lotus Goldkuhl
Certified Hypnotherapist
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


"I'm Surprised How Much I've Actually Been Able To Accomplish And Learn With
This Course."

"I took this course, I heard that it would be a value and that I'd learn a lot and so forth, and I thought, "Would that really work for me?"

"The short answer is "yes." I'm surprised how well his style worked and I'm surprised how much I've actually been able to accomplish and learn with this course.

Daniel Weyerts
UPS Sorter
Lawrence, Kansas, USA


"You Get An Amazing Opportunity To Really Embody The Practices And Embody The Tools So You Can Actually Be Effective At Using It"

"This is my first course in hypnosis. You get an amazing opportunity to really embody the practices and embody the tools so that you can actually be effective at using it.

"I would highly recommend anybody who is interested in learning hypnosis and learning these tools, especially if you're an NLP Practitioner, it's a great add to the tool box, that you consider taking this course."

Vicki McNickel
Business Coach, Consultant, National Speaker, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist
Novato, California, USA


"...One Of The Smartest Investments I've Made In A Long Time."

"This seminar far exceeded my expectations. In one of my past careers, I taught adult learners and here I saw teaching done in a way I'd never seen before, it was incredibly effective.

"The diversity of the students in this class was unimaginable. I met more people from more nations and more diverse places in the United States that were different ages, different backgrounds than I've probably ever seen anywhere else.

"The cost of the course was an incredible investment, probably one of the smartest investments I've made in a long time."

Paul Kale
Public Sector Laurenceville,
New Jersey, USA


"...A Very Good Investment"

"This seminar definitely exceeded my expectations.

"The quality of the material is great and it was very professional.

"The exercises were very good.

The price was very reasonable, it was a very good investment."

Alejandro Martinez
Certified Hypnotherapist
Phoenix, Arizona, USA


"...This Saves You Years Of Self Study And Frustration And Going Round And Round In Circles."

"I've been interested in hypnosis for awhile. I've read a lot of books, learned a lot of techniques."

"This seminar put those skills in my body. So not only do I know them, because intellectually you know what to do, but now I can do them.

"I surprised myself doing the stuff that I didn't think that I'd be able to do.

"The H+ I believe is a great thing. You can call it the power of now, being in the moment, whatever you want to call it, but attitude is everything in my opinion, so I believe it's fantastic all in all. I'm glad I'm here.

"Money is a value, but this saves you years of self study and frustration and going round and round in circles, but it doesn't really compare."

Cesar Cehan
Sales, Certified Hypnotherapist
Omaha, Nebraska, USA


"The Training Really Gets You To The Point Where You Don't Have To Think So Much, It Gets Processed At The Unconscious Level And The Work Gets A Lot More Natural..."

"I came into this seminar having extremely high expectations, in fact I'd say they were probably pretty unrealistic, but the amazing thing is that it surpassed all of my expectations and I'm just thrilled with the results I've seen for myself personally.

"I've also seen amazing transformations of the other students around me.

"I had more profound experiences as a subject here than I've ever had anywhere else, which is quite significant considering it was with a new hypnotist with little prior training who was conducting the session, so I was really impressed by that.

"Another thing that sticks with me is where previous trainings really emphasized a lot of different techniques and methodologies, this training teases out that principles make it a lot simpler to think about what's going on.

"The training really gets you to the point where you don't have to think so much, it gets processed at the unconscious level and the work gets a lot more natural and graceful.

"This course is a tremendous value. Frankly, I think that it's really underpriced compared to other trainings out there.

"I would recommend to anyone out there that has the opportunity to go, you won't regret it."

Burt Jurgens
Certified Hypnotherapist
Portland, Oregon, USA


"Not only did I experience 'Wow' factors, the coolest part is that I got to give students also 'Wow' factors."

"I'm on a mission to eradicate post traumatic stress disorder. Now, I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist too.

This seminar blew me away. I didn't have expectations coming in; I'm not a prior hypnotherapist.

"I'm a novice, I read a little, was aware, had a few courses, but in here I experienced what I call a 'Wow' factor.

"Not only did I experience 'Wow' factors, the coolest part is that I got to give students also 'Wow' factors.

"There was one time when the seminar ended and we broke into groups to practice, there was a Korean student who understood English, but he was scared and nervous to use it.

"I was able to get him through, using what I was learning, to calm him down, calm his anxiety and allow him confidence to use the English language.

"When he turned around then to give me the hypnosis session, he combined, using Korean and English to get me through a process, too, and the group leader watching us, he came over to give a comment saying "Wow, his articulation went up over 200%!"

"Anybody can come and teach a course for change, if you want transformation, what's the value you put on this? Was the course reasonable?

"I would have paid one, two, ten times the price."

Joseph Zarek
Author, Professional Speaker, Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist
Alexandria, Virginia, USA


"I Highly
Recommend It."

"I've purchased a number of the home programs before and they're all excellent, but this was the first live program that I've been to and it's just amazing what the difference is. I knew it would be a lot better to be able to come here and practice and get a really intense period of time, but I had to idea it would be to this extent.

"The amount of change I've felt, not just what I've learned about hypnotherapy, but what I've learned about myself, I know I'll be able to help a lot of people, but I know I've already helped myself just by coming here. I highly recommend it.

"Overall, the best thing about the whole program was just the amount of intense thinking I had to do. When I was hypnotizing a lot of people, that was one thing, but when they were hypnotizing me, the amount of therapy I got – they say this is not for getting therapy – I got tons of therapy and it really did change me intensely.

The value for the money is absolutely 100% worth it.

"I shouldn't say this, but I think they should charge twice or three times as much for it, it would still be well worth it."

David Sanders
Entrepreneur, Certified Hypnotherapist Independence, Montana, USA


"If You Take Anything, Take This Course. I Learned More In Three Days Here Than I Did In A Week And A Half With Other People."

"I came to this conference already certified. I will tell you honestly, this is my third certification course from different instructors, this was by far the best one ever.

"If you take anything, take this course. I learned more in three days here than I did in a week and a half with other people.

"This seminar met and exceeded my expectations. There have been more experiences here than I can even imagine saying for a video clip.

"Everything was a highlight; there was just an entire shift. I can't really say one, there are too many.

"This course is worth every penny and more."

Mike Bueti
Certified Hypnotherapist
Tucson, Arizona, USA

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