It's scientifically proven too...

If You Can WATCH T.V. You Can Be Speaking Covert Conversational Hypnosis As Soon As Next Week -- Getting Effortless Agreement From Everyone You Speak To…

Sit back, relax, and just WATCH... and... be amazed as your
unconscious mind automatically absorbs all the pro-level
covert hypnotic skills and techniques you can use for a lifetime
to get effortless agreement from anyone while having an
“innocent” chat with them...
Suddenly, you start to notice that you are doing conversational hypnosis without even trying.

From the Desk of:
Igor Ledochowski
Master Hypnotist and Trainer
(Foremost authority on conversational hypnosis.)

Dear Friend,

I finally cracked the code...

Over the past decade, I've toiled away on a very important project.

My mission was to develop a speed-training system.

One that ingrains the basics of conversational hypnosis right into the unconscious mind.

So anyone exposed to my secrets can become proficient...very rapidly indeed!

You know, some people think hypnosis is hard and will say things like:

"You need years of studying!"

"You gotta bust your brains to remember techniques and scripts."

"You have to fight tooth and nail to induce trance."

What baloney!

I'll reveal why in a moment.

Fact is, I've created a process that shaves years off the learning curve. It requires no rote memorization and you'll retain everything necessary for any covert hypnotic encounter.

No figuring out how to make hypnosis work. No guessing what to say and when to say it. The right words and gestures flow out with ease. Like water from a spout. At just the right time.

Which means, this is the perfect fast-track to covert hypnosis mastery so you can...

  • Drop people into waking trances anywhere at any time!
  • Charm others into following your "hidden" suggestions!
  • Sell like a superstar to more customers at higher prices!
  • Rid people of fears, phobias and a slew of bad habits!
  • Motivate "slackers" to get their act together at work or home!
  • Sway rigid minds to accept your point of view with no resistance!
  • And finally be in total control of your life from now on!

After exposure to this process, hypnotizing people during conversations is second nature. Automatic. It will happen in a "nice-and-easy" spontaneous manner.

No thinking involved. Kind of like riding a bike or tying your shoelaces.

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Let me tell you all about...

The Secret To Becoming A Conversational Hypnosis Expert
In No Time With The Power To
Influence Anyone

You're going to love this!

A friend told me about this secret while I attended Exeter University. I was studying for a law degree. The workload professors dished out was "insane".

I had to cram an enormous amount of information into my head. And at warp-speed. Time was of the essence.

So I took his advice and began using this secret. I used it before sitting down to study. I used it before reading. I used it during tests. Basically, I used it all the time hoping to gain an edge.

Did I ever!

Before discovering this secret, school frustrated me to no end. I dreaded study time. Reading bored me to tears. Taking tests made me break out in a cold sweat.

After applying this secret, everything changed. I finished twice the work in half the time.

My grades shot up. My confidence exploded. I graduated with ease... and... landed a dream job at a prestigious law firm.

This secret saved me from disaster. And helped me accomplish a big goal.

A few years later, I switched careers and entered the hypnotherapy field.

But, that's when I ran into trouble again...

Why Hypnosis Students Hit Their
Heads Against A Brick Wall

Conversational hypnosis is a wonderful skill to possess.

It hands you the tools to be a force for good in the world. Influence people to turn their lives around on a dime. Help them make profound changes fast.

Convince, influence and motivate others to comply with your requests... while... they get what they want too.

Which reminds of me of the amazing stories three of my students recently shared...

Case Study #1: From broke waiter to pro hypnotherapist

I just love it when my students take the secrets I teach them and improve their lives. One of those students was broke with no prospects. He was couch-surfing to put a roof over his head. Then he ran across my conversational hypnosis system.

Steve Roehm TestimonialThe first major improvement for him took place while he was working as a waiter. Customers loved him so much they showered him with big tips. He was making 100% more in tips than waiters with years of seniority on him. One customer even gave him $700.

Which blew everybody away. He simply applied a few covert techniques. People starting eating out of the palm of his hand. Needless to say, he no longer had to couch-surf. Later, he opened a successful hypnotherapy practice.

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There's more...

Case Study #2: Avoiding an embarassing 'scene'

Years ago, my brother got into a fender bender.

The lady in front of him (the one whose car he hit) was livid. She flew out of her car spitting fire as they say. Pure rage flushed across her face. My brother knew this could get ugly. Really ugly.

Without thinking, a simple conversational hypnosis technique came to mind. He said a few words. Nothing earth-shattering. The "mad-as-hell" woman stopped in her tracks. Her anger diffused like a time-bomb seconds before blowing up.

They exchanged details and... a potential nasty scene... simmered to a semi-pleasant interaction. All due to a couple choice words.

That's the power of conversational hypnosis in action.

One more example...

Case Study #3: Turning the table on rejection

Another student wanted prime shelf-space for a product in the fastest-growing supermarket chain in Europe. The executive in charge decided to give the space to someone else.

My student got on the phone with the decision-maker. He had to save this deal. His job and livelihood was on the line. In a matter of minutes, he turned a multi-million dollar loss into a multi-million dollar gain. He convinced the executive to change his mind and give him the coveted shelf-space.

Amazing? Yes!

But not at all unusual when you know my conversational hypnosis secrets.

They are practical and apply in the real world. You can use them to increase your income.

You can use them to turn a dreadful situation into peaceful resolution. You can use them to land a much-needed sale or dream client. Or anything else you want.

Keep reading to find out how...

Sounds great, doesn't it?

But one problem stops people dead in their tracks.

This problem stifles the learning process, curbs natural creativity, baffles the heck out of hypnosis students... and... prevents them from reaching a high level of proficiency.

Let me explain what I mean...

Scientists Reveal The Fastest Way For The Human Brain To Grasp Even The Most Difficult Of Skills

A large body of scientific study suggests the mind learns unconsciously.

Afterwards, the conscious mind catches up. This, of course, flies in the face of "common" knowledge and practice.

The entire educational system is based on consciously acquiring information and technical expertise.

The inaccurate assumption is that the mind retains by thinking. You "drill" facts and figures into the brain. As a result, all the stuff you studied sticks in the memory banks.

Learning anything this way is painful... boring... and... a god-awful experience!

Most of us hated school because of the way "they" forced us to learn.

I'm happy to say, there's an easier (much easier) way.

Consider this: You're driving around town with the radio on. The sun is shining. Birds singing. You feel relaxed while the new "song-of-the-month" plays every so often.

Without trying... after hearing it a few times... you retain the words and start singing along.

You never consciously sat down with the lyrics to memorize them. You probably never even heard the entire song from beginning to end.

Yet, within a few effortless exposures to the music... next thing you know... well, you know the song.

This is called... implicit learning .

Scientists David Shanks and Mark St. John (in Behavioral and Brain Sciences) define it as:

"... learning without awareness, regardless of what
sort of knowledge is being acquired."

The way implicit learning works is like this: You perform a series of small, seemingly unrelated tasks. Each task builds on the previous. You add other more complicated tasks.

Suddenly, you develop a certain skill. Without trying. Without forcing things.

This happens all by itself. The exciting thing is you by-pass the conscious mind. You remove it out of the way. The skill ingrains in your unconscious.

Available in a split second. No need to remember anything. No need to get things right. No labor-intensive study.

The learning curve shortens dramatically too.

Hundreds of studies exist on the subject.

If you're interested, read more about it in the Handbook Of Implicit Learning (from SAGE Publications, Inc.) by Michael A. Stadler and Peter A. Frensch.

As I said above... while this "sounds" great... one big problem looms.

Our modern society does not use this process to teach. The school system is set up in the exact opposite manner.

You're forced to memorize dry boring material. Sitting down. Mouth shut. No moving allowed. Eyes on your own paper.

If you as much as budge or look the other way... the teacher calls you out! Ridicules you in front of the class. Sends you to the back of the room or (god forbid) the principal's office.

You're scared into studying like your life depends on it. Which, by the way, causes all sorts of resistance and stress. Compulsions. Obsessions. You name it.

The entire unpleasant experience is based on explicit learning. Where you consciously focus on new and hard-to-understand material. And all the fun is taken out of it.

And they wonder why grades keep falling and kids are dropping out of school in droves.

From my experience, this is how hypnosis is taught too.

Industry "Experts" Are ALL Wrong

Because they teach hypnosis just like traditional schools.

Students complain to me all the time.

They say things like...

  • "There are so many techniques to recall."
  • "It takes waaay too much time."
  • "Lots of trial and error to find what works."
  • "I'm not sure which of the many approaches is right."
  • "My lack of confidence gets in the way."
  • "I have a hard time grasping the basics."
  • "How can I remember all this information?"
  • "I get so confused."

Who can blame them?

I know how they feel.

For years, I felt the same way.

Struggling to understand basic hypnosis techniques myself.

Not making much headway.

The traditional approach to learning was well-ingrained in me. I had gone through 12 years of school. Then another four years at a university.

When the hypnosis "bug" bit me, I searched for the best teachers in the world. And ran into the same issues people complain about before discovering my secrets.

The "experts" teach hypnosis in the conventional way.

The result: Their students grapple with the hypnotic process. Many drop out. Others strive for years without much progress.

A handful succeed despite themselves, their education... and... the well-meaning but incorrect "experts" they trusted.

So what's the solution?

I'm sure I've discovered it. Remember the secret I told you about earlier? The one I used to become a star student while attending university?

You can use that secret to speed-learn anything. What is it, you ask? It's...Using Hypnosis For Automatic Unconscious Learning!

My contention is, you can and should...

Use Hypnosis To Teach Hypnosis

Think about it: Conversational hypnosis is a tool to influence the mind. Right? So why not use conversational hypnosis to teach conversational hypnosis?

But in a specific way. By giving the conscious mind enough "fodder" to stay active. So students don't go into a deep trance.

And they remain in total control.

I figured out how to apply the implicit learning model to conversational hypnosis.

Which means...

  • Instead of trying to concentrate... you have fun participating!
  • Instead of hog-tied to a desk... you move around like in a real conversation!
  • Instead of memorizing... you practice simple exercises!
  • Instead of studying... you engage in real-world simulations!
  • Instead of dying of boredom... you enjoy an exciting experience!

Meanwhile, my conversational hypnosis secrets seep into the unconscious . They await for recall at a moment's notice. Just when you need them.

Get Started Today Here

I tested this process with over 5000 students during live training seminars. The results floored me. People with little to no formal training mastered the basics within hours.

After taking my class, mesmerizing complete strangers while chatting with them was easy as pie.

Over the years, students who learned conversational hypnosis from me improved all sorts of areas in their lives. Like...

Make More Sales: Bryan Westra was a sales person from Kentucky. He began using conversational hypnosis to close deals. Soon his closing ratio shot off the charts. He was promoted to the top of the organization. He later left and started his own successful company.

Raise Prices and Fees: Peter Foggin is a hypnotist from the UK. He used to see 5 clients a week. After learning conversational hypnosis from me things changed. He now sees 5 clients A DAY four days a week. And he doubled his fees without a hitch.

Help People: David Blender helped a client quit smoking after 45 years on a two-pack-a-day habit. Rita New helped her 7-year-old grand daughter beat anxiety attacks. Ralph Stephens helped his office manager start exercising and losing weight. David Sanders helped his daughter find her "happy place" and an unshakable inner confidence. I have tons of these stories and testimonials.

Stop Procrastinating: My style of conversational hypnosis is often the motivational key to success. Renee Jones used a mind bending language technique on a writer who was stuck. Two days later the client wrote 28,000 words at a writing retreat.

Relieve Pain: Ron Soderstrom, a physical therapist from Hawaii, has applied these secrets to lower and eliminate pain in his patients. David Pendleton, a consultant, used my covert techniques to help a young lady overcome a deep depression.

And the list goes on and on...

I could post hundreds of examples like the ones above.

Regular people, service professionals, business owners, sales reps, coaches, parents, hypnotists and hypnotherapists... you name it... report fantastic results after speed-learning my conversational hypnosis secrets.

Which leads me to an important question...

What Is The Best Way To Learn
The Art Of Covert Influence In The
Least Amount Of Time Possible?

Hands down, the best strategy, is to apprentice under an expert.

If you can pull it off, direct mentorship has no equal.

You'll see, hear and experience conversational hypnosis at the highest levels.

But let's get real. Because it's probably not gonna happen.

I can't offer individual access to me any more, as I simply don't have the time.

The next best way is to attend a live event or watch the recordings of one. My seminars attract people from all walks of life. These folks want to train their personal influence muscles.

A key concept that supports implicit learning is... participation.

That's why I include dozens of interactive exercises during seminars. The exercises hone your ability to perform covert hypnosis in any situation.

The exercises are fun, jolt you out of your comfort zone... and have the side benefit of... boosting your powers of influence.

All of this happens under the radar. Below the conscious level. While you have fun, the unconscious mind acts like a sponge.

Soaking up the training without conscious interference.

Now, the last live conversational hypnosis training was held in London, England. 175 people attended from all over the world.

People came from: Poland, Portugal, England, Holland, Ireland, United States, Hungary and many other countries. It was like a hypnosis "melting pot" of sorts.

Lucky for you, I had a camera crew tape the event.

Every single second. Because I knew thousands of people would love to have the information I presented. But they could not attend for one reason or another.

There's more good news ...

When you watch these videos, it's just like being in the audience. Unlike listening to audios, the videos let you see me in action.

You can follow along with the training as if you're right there in person. Plus... and this is huge... you'll hear audience members ask me questions.

The same ones you may consider. And, you'll also hear me answering them.

Would you like to start mastering covert conversational hypnosis just by watching a few videos?

If so, I'd like to introduce...

The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis
Video Training Program

The Power Of Conversational Hypnotis Videos

I designed the training for complete novices and for traditional "direct" hypnotists keen to learn my conversational hypnosis secrets.

In other words, I could pick someone off the street, sit them down in front of their TV, have them watch, listen and do the exercises... and... in half-a-day ... they will put anyone in a trance during a conversation.

There's over 14 hours of mesmerizing instruction. I dare you to not be able to hypnotically influence anyone after going through this training program. It's impossible.

Why? Because I give you 60 exercises that will transform you into a powerhouse of influence. Each exercise plants a specific hypnotic process into the unconscious.

By the time you're through, no one will resist your suggestions.

Get Started Today Here

Take a look at a few of the secrets revealed in the videos...

Module 1: Conversational Hypnosis Foundations

  • How to harness the principle of confusion for rapid retention of simple and advanced covert hypnotic principles! (You'll finally remove the number one obstacle to becoming good fast!)
  • The first "law of learning" any new skill or body of knowledge! (If you don't do this first, you'll be fighting an up-hill battle to understand hypnosis.)
  • The real secret of effortless hypnosis that works when it counts!
  • How to "catch" the mind trying to sabotage your best efforts! I'll show you how to beat the bad habits (rooted by years of traditional education) hampering your natural ability to perform covert hypnosis like a pro!
  • A big mistake people make when developing their conversational hypnosis abilities. (Easy to correct when you know what it is.)
  • My secret process for helping the unconscious mind soak up hypnosis training automatically. (Nothing... and I mean nothing... will speed up your progress faster.)
  • Why "beating" yourself up stunts progress and prevents you from unleashing the built-in persuasive potential you already possess!
  • Two quick ways to take the difficulty out of practicing hypnotic exercises!
  • How role playing as a great hypnotist allows that image to become reality... without... you doing much of anything at all. (Kids do this all the time because it's so much fun. Now you'll use it with purpose and direction to plant the seeds of hypnosis success deep in the psyche.)
  • How to command the total cooperation of a roomful of strangers! (You'll see how I trained over 200 people in a matter of minutes to pay attention to me on cue.)
  • How "stealing" enhances your self-image as a great hypnotist!
  • A perfect example of how experienced hypnotists let prior knowledge and training prevent them from acquiring new and better skills! And the easy solution no one ever talks about.
  • A rule about touching people during a hypnotic encounter never to break!
  • Which thoughts enhance and which ones diminish your influence!

Get Started Today Here

Module 2: How To Be Naturally Hypnotic In All Your Interactions

  • The secret to "sweeping" people into a covert trance induction!
  • How to stop people from sabotaging a hypnotic experience before they get away with it! (Never tip them off about this and everything should be okay.)
  • How to set the right hypnotic context so you're in charge every time! Follow my instructions here... and... whenever you meet anyone you'll be in control.
  • Why using "language softeners" increases compliance! (And 7 language softeners proven to melt anyone's resistance, uncertainty and fear. For instance, using the word "why" puts people on alert but an alternative phrase relaxes them instantly.)
  • Why it's impossible to make scripts work during covert hypnosis!
  • A simple way to eliminate "performance anxiety"... while... getting more compliance to your suggestions at the same time!
  • Two big mistakes which kill your chances of hypnotizing anyone! (And how to cultivate the hypnosis mindset so you can influence anyone you choose in any setting!)
  • How to speak in a smooth-as-silk conversational manner while dropping people into trance! (No one - not the subject nor the onlookers - will know hypnosis is happening right under their nose.)
  • One subtle reason subjects refuse to respond to your suggestions... even when... it seems you've set things up perfectly! ( HINT: WHO you are in a particular situation has more impact on subjects than what you say or what you do! I'll explain what I mean.)
  • How to position yourself as a trusted authority figure others follow! (It's an easy way to gain celebrity status and wide-eyed admiration with almost anyone you meet! Ever wonder how pop icons, movie stars and high-profile politicians feel? Now you'll know!)
  • How your body language, speech and mannerisms tell others to respond to you! Plus... the uncanny way your mind supplies just the right thing to say or do at just the right time!
  • A neat exercise to relax yourself in the blink of an eye!
  • How to introduce riveting trance themes into conversations using power words! You'll be amazed as people hang on to your every word with rapt attention... regardless... of what you're talking about!
  • How to present an "illogical sequence of ideas" that lead to a hypnotic state!
  • How to stop the Law of Reverse Effect from screwing up your intentions!
  • Why hypnotists get stuck during an induction... and... two easy "fixes" that keep you in the flow no matter what! Plus... a salesman's trick that prevents you from losing control of an interaction!

Get Started Today Here

Module 3: Hypnotically Leading Others And The Power Of "Yes Se t s"

  • Why inducing trance in yourself makes you a better covert hypnotist!
  • How to "cherry-pick" empowering experiences from the menu of your mind... so... every hypnotic encounter ends on a positive note!
  • How to never run out of things to say whether you're talking to a friend or a stranger off the street! This is perfect for shy, reserved types who freeze up and or get tongue-tied. It'll never happen to you again after discovering this technique for keeping conversations going as long as you want.
  • Why mindset trumps everything else and is your most important asset!
  • How to construct a "room" within your mind to store the hypnotic skills, abilities and attitudes you'll need for conversational hypnosis success!
  • The fundamental "building block" of how your unconscious mind reasons!
  • How to link a smooth chain of hypnotic ideas that compel subjects to follow your commands! (Here's a secret way to infuse your words with meaning and captivate the minds of everyone within hearing distance.)
  • Why "truth" is mostly relative and how to use this insight to change... or at least direct... human behavior in any direction you choose!
  • The only thing that inhibits the hypnotic process and how to deal with it!
  • Why you must step inside a subject's shoes and truly understand how they feel during a hypnotic induction! (Practice this exercise and you'll develop a "sixth sense" about what's going on in a subject's mind during every phase of hypnosis.)
  • How to "hijack" someone's resistance so they trance out on the spot!
  • How people convince themselves of ideas and notions they'd otherwise never believe! (Do you think knowing this little tidbit will make you a better hypnotist? You betcha!)
  • The psychological reason diets don't work, never have and never will... and... how to really lose weight and stay healthy and fit for life!. (By the way, the same underlying principle that guarantees diets don't work seems to help during conversational hypnosis.)
  • How to get total strangers into the mental habit of agreeing with you!
  • How to "manipulate" reality using the Law of Association!

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Module 4: How To Use Strategic Hypnosis To Get People To
Adopt New "Truths"

  • How to dissolve long-held beliefs... and... create new beliefs that were never true for someone before!
  • How to get people to reveal their deepest personal secrets!
  • How to present false ideas in a way that makes them seem plausible... and... how to nudge people to accept bizarre suggestions that don't make sense!
  • Ethical Influence: The true story of how an entire industry lost credibility due to underhanded tactics... and... why ethical behavior is the surest path to long-term success in life!
  • A simple formula for becoming wealthy! I'll give you the title of the book from where I read this secret. It just might be the most profound way to riches you'll ever read about!
  • How to apply your new conversational hypnosis skills with purpose from now on! (No more "hit-or-miss" hypnosis. You'll know how to deliberately hypnotize people in everyday situations at work, home, school, etc.!)
  • Why people destroy relationships and can't fix the problem!
  • The Piggyback Principle: Your key to making unbelievable claims and suggestions perfectly acceptable even to the most critical of subjects!
  • How to "spoon-feed" suggestions to someone until they believe every word you say hook, line and sinker! (HINT: Think baby-steps!)
  • How to talk to the conscious and the unconscious mind at the same time!
  • How to cause physical sensations in a subject's body just by choosing the right mood and words!
  • How to "dial-up" a person's desire for a specific outcome without their awareness! (This is how genius persuaders engineer automatic reactions in people leading to a predictable result!)
  • How to create enough "leverage" to motivate action! (I'll show you the best way to get someone going in the short-term... and... keep them going for the long-term.)
  • What triggers the mechanism that makes indirect suggestion work in the first place? (Don't bother guessing. I'll give you the answer and practical ways to get positive responses.)
  • A crucial question to ask yourself so all your indirect suggestions go unnoticed by the conscious mind... and... drop undetected straight into the unconscious!
  • Why "Universal Experiences" weaken the critical factor and let you string subjects along until they have no choice but to agree with you!
  • How I got a roomful of people thirsty without saying a single word!

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Module 5: The Instant Rapport Technique And Hypnotic
Eyes Revealed

  • How master influencers think! (Your "performance" as a conversational hypnotist hinges on your willingness to adopt the same thinking!)
  • Why the eyes truly are the "windows of the soul"... and... how knowing this lets you engage with people on a deep emotional level!
  • How blind people use their visual process!
  • How my friends used their eyes to gather large crowds! (An amusing story but it reveals a certain truth about getting and keeping anyone's attention on what you want!)
  • How to arrest attention, build positive emotional pressure and put people under your control with the Hypnotic Gaze!
  • Three factors crucial for hypnosis to occur! (Miss just one and the entire context is off.)
  • A subtle way to disrupt the critical factor so your suggestions quietly sneak into the unconscious mind like a thief in the night!
  • How to overload the mind to the point where it allows almost anything in to get a little relief! (Plus two things you must do -- one of them does the job 90% of the time -- to maintain a friendly environment until trance happens!)
  • How to build instant rapport with people you just met! (Got a job interview... blind date... new client? This is how to break the ice and warm them up to you in seconds!)
  • How the signals we send out unconsciously affect everyone around us!
  • How to relax people so they fall into a covert trance!

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Module 6: How To Hijack A NO And
Turn It Into A YES

  • What the phrase "hypnosis is anything but a casual relationship" means to you as an ethical hypnotist who has everyone's best interests at heart!
  • How to get to a point where hypnosis happens all by itself without hardly any conscious involvement!
  • A nice description of hypnotherapy which reveals your true role in the process of helping someone else with their issues!
  • An exercise perfect for establishing instant rapport and maintaining it in any interaction! (Imagine attracting people to you just because of how you feel within. Powerful stuff.)
  • How to match your ideas, language and emotional context so what you say is congruent with how you think and feel in the moment! (Really important. Because if what you think and how you feel is "off" people will pick up on the dissonance... and... they'll balk at your attempts to influence them.)
  • One thing to stop doing in order to influence others with your words!
  • How to emotionally connect with people who don't speak your language!
  • How to capture someone's imagination with your eyes!
  • A "magic pill" solution for smoothing out verbal disagreements in a flash! (Perfect for dealing with belligerent people dead set on contradicting whatever you say. Within a few short moments, they'll be eating out of the palm of your hand!)
  • What it means to "hijack" or "ratify" a person's experience!
  • How to "prime the mind" to accept suggestions... and... how to strengthen and reinforce the raw power of every suggestion you'll ever make!
  • One of the most powerful techniques for getting "failed" suggestions to take!
  • How playing the game "Dueling Hypnotists" increases your covert influence... like nothing else!
  • A big misconception among some in the hypnotic community about what it takes to create a trance experience!
  • Why getting people to disagree with you often leads to a "Yes!"
  • The easy mental shift exercise that always puts you in total control of any interaction!
  • How to transform rejection into massive opportunity! (Only a handful of elite hypnotists know this secret but it supercharges your influence... and... practically compels people to agree with you even after they flat out rejected what you said!)
  • How to build deep rapport by upsetting people! (One of my friends did this to a cafe owner and now gets greeted with hugs!)
  • Passing the honesty test: How to do it by keeping quiet and doing nothing! (Based on over a decade of personal experience and research... I reveal the best way I know to establish yourself as a trustworthy friend!)

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Module 7: Trance Rhythms That Put The "Critical Factor" To Sleep And A Hypnotic Revivification Demo

  • The "hard-and-fast" rule to covert hypnosis success to always keep in the back of your mind! Follow my advice on this, and you'll never have problems inducing trance in any setting!
  • The Shaman's secret to creating a hypnotic atmosphere... and... why it forces people to hang on to your every word!
  • How modelling the Bardic Tradition of epic storytelling sucks people into your conversation and keeps them spellbound until you're done! (Amazingly effective even when you mess it up!)
  • How to become the most interesting person in the world.
  • A simple way to win the admiration and adoration of anyone you meet!
  • How to uncover the verbal rhythmic "sweet spot" perfect for lulling your subject into a compliant state of mind!
  • The secret to discovering trance words and phrases ideal for hypnosis! (This works even when you're in high-pressure situations and dealing with people you've never met before and know nothing about.)
  • The trance-enhancing effect of the "echo" technique!
  • Watch as I put a student in trance who said he had never been hypnotized before! (Which only proves the power of the covert influence secrets I'm teaching you!)
  • When "thinking" is helpful... and... when it gets in the way!
  • How the influence process alters you and the subject in a positive way! (It's a "hidden perk" of hypnosis that transforms you into a better person.)
  • Where to spend your time and energy... if... you don't want to fail as a hypnotist!
  • 2 quick-fix trade secrets to get you back on track if a subject is fighting your covert hypnotic attempts with all their might! (This will mesmerize them so fast they won't know what happened.)

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Module 8: Advanced Conversational Revivification
Demo And
The Little-Known
Previvification Technique

  • Live demonstration of how to ratify an experience... while at the same time... intensifying a waking trance to the point where the subject does anything you ask !
  • How to excite people to do things they normally loath! (Want to get your kids to eat their veggies? Want to get bigger orders from stingy customers? Want to get yourself to do things you don't like? Then use this technique and watch in awe as the magic happens without effort on your part.)
  • My personal insomnia cure! (Never have a sleepless night again!)
  • How over-using your hypnotic powers can turn you into a social pariah! (Why Milton Erickson [the greatest hypnotist who ever lived] had very few personal friends... despite... his unusual charismatic charm. Things got so bad his colleagues refused to even shake his hand.)
  • How to ferret out hypnotic triggers while talking with someone... and... use those personal trance words to begin and enhance an induction! I share with you the "Sherlock Holmes" technique for detecting the key words your subject is most likely to get hypnotized by!
  • What it means to "ride the trance"... and... why it makes you irresistible to others! (Watch in wonder as people open up to you and start "gushing" their closely-guarded secrets.)
  • How to manufacture experiences for others that never existed for them before! (You can actually inspire others to completely change their lives. In fact, I fell "victim" to this process while watching a certain TV show and that's how I decided to become a lawyer. Which is proof that TV is a very hypnotic weapon.)
  • The true story about an infamous book authorities banned because people were killing themselves after reading it!
  • A neat way to re-introduce trance in a follow up hypnotherapy session without starting a brand new induction from scratch!
  • Instant Paradigm Shift! The magic formula for changing someone's state of mind on a dime... and... convincing them to take the action you want NOW!
  • How to get suggestions accepted by people who don't understand your verbal commands! (Overcome language barriers with this simple compliance strategy! Works wonders when you're in a foreign country, need cooperation... but... no one knows what the hell you're saying!)
  • The biggest mistake people make during the influence process!
  • The real reason people do not follow your advice, no matter how beneficial it sounds! (I explain a simple way to take all of the resistance out of the equation. When you do, they'll accept your advice with no hang-ups whatsoever.)
  • How to attach the good feelings someone enjoys about one topic to another topic they want to improve! (Especially helpful when you need quick results... but... everything else you tried failed!)
  • An example of a negative hallucination, how it happens during covert hypnosis and how to steer people back when it occurs!
  • An elegant strategy for crushing objections before they come up!
  • How to present outrageous ideas in the most plausible way possible... so... subjects have no choice but to agree with your point of view! (Incredible how this causes people to accept the most unbelievable things and not give it a second thought!)
  • The trick to resolving conflicts instantly!
  • How to predispose the mind to acquire new skills with ease!
  • The "referential index": Why it allows you to plant undetected suggestions directly in someone's mind!
  • How to transfer your enthusiasm about any topic to someone else with such power they immediately become excited! (I learned this from my surrogate grandmother who made me love knitting even though I had no reason to do so. Must-have secret for sales reps and anyone involved with motivating people to take action.)
  • How to prepare people emotionally to succeed at anything they try!

Get Started Today Here

Module 9: Freestyle Conversational Hypnosis And How To Amp Up Your Hypnotic Influence

  • A 6-word question that uncovers how susceptible someone is to conversational or any other kind of hypnosis!
  • A mental pitfall that makes you less... not more... influential.
  • Why you can't influence... unless... you've been influenced first!
  • The five "must-have" tools in your hypnotic grab-bag! (The critical concepts to embrace for becoming a fluent conversational hypnotist. You can forget everything else except these!)
  • How the Priming Effect turns you into a world-class hypnotist automatically! (This is how to study hypnosis if gaining competence at the highest levels quickly is your goal!)
  • A famous quote by martial arts master Bruce Lee that reveals the best way to approach hypnosis... or... anything else for that matter!
  • The three most important principles in hypnosis!
  • How to use conversational hypnosis to master everything you want in life! (One of my students teaches people -- after an hour in a conversational hypnosis setting -- how to put 10 bullets through the same hole on a target. And these are people who never held a hand gun before in their lives.)
  • How I use conversational hypnosis on myself to put on ultra-successful hypnosis seminars! (NOTE: Apply this process before work, a presentation, sales call or whatever and watch your success ratio skyrocket.)
  • 5 hypnosis "laws" you should commit to memory!
  • My "go-to" formula for creating the perfect hypnotic situation! (Here's how to find hot topics to begin an interaction... while... entering the secret conversation going on in the other person's mind!)
  • How to tie into "universal experiences" and weave a yes-pattern almost impossible to break! (Do this and just about everyone will have no choice but to comply with your requests!)
  • How to read minds, influence actions and predict outcomes with almost 100% certainty... plus... a secret Ericksonian technique that turns absurd statements into acceptable suggestions!

Get Started Today Here

Module 10: Hot Words And How To Use Conversational Hypnosis Immediately In The Real World

  • How to gradually become more hypnotic so people don't notice what's happening while you're talking with them!
  • What an "invisible" yes is and why it's crucial to get as many as possible!
  • What to do with your eyes so the interaction seems more natural! (It's the opposite of what most hypnosis training teaches.)
  • Why influencing becomes almost impossible if you don't allow for rejections and disagreements! (Better watch out if all you get is yes after yes.)
  • Body language that reveals when someone is mesmerized and drifting off into a responsive hypnotic state!
  • The only time it makes sense to ask a "why" question! (Plus several other ways to ask "why" and get a much better response.)
  • One word to avoid using or you'll create conflict instead of resolution!
  • Watch as a roomful of hypnotists convince each other they are conversational hypnosis experts!
  • How to train the unconscious mind to respond perfectly!
  • How to use emotionally-charged "hot words" to make a bone-crushing impact with everything you say... and... the secret to saying the right things when you're at a loss for words!
  • What publications and books to read if you want a world-class education in how to influence the masses! (One of these is, I believe, the most widely-read publication in America... but... no one wants to admit they read it.)
  • Why reading The Cat In The Hat will make you a better hypnotist!
  • Another technique (this one relies on a fun visualization exercise) to keep a conversation going when you're stuck and don't know what to say next!

Get Started Today Here

Module 11: Framing, Re-Framing And "The Unconscious Blitz"

  • Examples of how to set context so suggestions stick like crazy glue!
  • What you must know about the concept of "frame control"... how to create the perfect frame... and... why the wrong frame will make all your attempts at covert hypnosis impotent!
  • The three main types of frames that let you steer a conversation to the end result you choose!
  • How to "guide" someone's emotional reaction!
  • How to make any problem totally irrelevant! (A quick way to change someone's perception so something that was important to them is no longer such a big deal.)
  • How to make anything you say seem like a good idea... even if... it's off the wall crazy!
  • Can you present ideas and dissolve objections at the same time? Yup! But don't try to guess because I'll show you how!
  • How to choose the right hypnotic concepts in conversation! (Doing this is what separates proficient hypnotists from the rest. I can spot world class covert hypnotists from a mile away just by zeroing in on this factor alone.)
  • Why it's a good idea to study "how" politicians answer questions! (Watch a few congressional hearings and you'll realize just how polished these folks are at frame control!)
  • How to test for compliance... and... gently guide non-compliant subjects to agree with whatever you say!
  • Your best bet for overcoming a critical factor that's on high alert... how to check if a subject is under your influence or not... and... the trick to making people do exactly what you request!
  • An exercise to help you come up with metaphors that create a hypnotic conversation!
  • How to talk directly to the unconscious mind using the "triple layer" hypnotic voice!
  • What the "might as well" feeling is... and... how it pushes people to do what you ask!

Get Started Today Here

I'm just scratching the surface.

What I describe above is only a fraction of the material covered. You can search high and low... and... I guarantee you won't find the quantity and quality of information delivered here in any other conversational hypnosis training.

Not only that... but... when you watch these videos you will...

Conquer The Basics Of Conversational
Hypnosis Within A Handful Of Hours

Because this video training program comes with...

  • 14 Hours of proprietary content! All of it designed to turn anyone... anyone... into a influencial force. If being in control of your life -- at home, at work, at play -- is important to you... then... this information is your "golden ticket" to a fulfilling life.
  • 60 conversational hypnosis exercises! These exercises are the "meat" of the program. They ensure the secrets, strategies and techniques I teach will nestle deep in your unconscious. Ready for you to use any time you want to hypnotize someone during a conversation.
  • Searchable PDFs with full transcripts of every video! I'm giving you every chance to make this skill automatic. By watching the videos... doing the exercises... and reading the transcripts, you supercharge your ability to perform covert hypnosis.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear...

Unlike listening to audios, the videos give you a distinct advantage.

I'll show you what to do... and... I'll show you how to do it.

You see and hear attendees asking questions... and... you see and hear me answering them.

Really, it's like being there in person, except you have the added benefit of being able to "rewind and re-watch" the content whenever you want!

How long will it take to go through the training? Up to you. You could go through the entire training in a couple of days. Or you could take a week watching a few videos a day.

Just think about that for a second.

Even if you pace yourself, you'll know how to induce virtually any subject by next week.

It doesn't get any easier than that!

So, with that being said...

Grab This Opportunity To Get Access To These Conversational Hypnosis Influence Secrets

If you've invested in my programs before then you know the quality of the material I offer. You know my training is second to none. And you know I've become. through lots of hard work, the foremost authority on conversational hypnosis.

I dare say, there is no one in the world with my track record.

I already tested and taught the secrets in this particular program to over 500 live students world wide. Plus 1000s more have invested in this home-study version of the live training.

There is no risk on your part.

And you'll be able to inspire, convince, influence and motivate others by the time you finish the training.

On top of that, I'll practically give it to you for a steal. You won't have to invest $1000s on live seminar tuition. You won't pay for airfare, hotels and food. You won't take time out from work. You end up saving a small fortune by getting the video program.

So, instead of paying THOUSANDS on all of that, you can have this unique training for a very reasonable $747.

50% OFF Discount: However if you order right now you can claim a 50% OFF Discount Coupon and easy-pay plan...... $747 just 4 simple monthly installments of only $97.

This is a bargain. Especially when you consider it's taken me almost two decades to discover these conversational hypnosis secrets for myself.

Over 10,000 hours of study and application in real-life situations and my own hypnotherapy business.

Then I had to figure out how to teach them to others in a logical, step-by-step system.

And I had to uncover a process which allows anyone to become an expert at the basics without even trying .

And just think: In a few days you'll become so good at conversational hypnosis... that... you can then use this life-changing skill for the rest of your life.

And... You can't put a price on that!

However, I do want you to feel safe about making this investment in yourself.

Along with everything I mentioned above -- and to make sure you don't risk anything -- you also receive a...

Zero Risk 60-Day,
100% Money Back Guarantee

I stand behind every product, event and program with my name on it.

No compromises. No cutting corners. No monkey business.

The only way for you to prove my promises is to try this program. I don't want anything getting in the way. So you've got a full 60 days ( that's two months! ) to go through it.

Like I said, you can easily finish the whole thing in a couple of days if you want. Or you can take a week or longer.

Your choice. After this program, you can immediately go out and test what you've learned. You'll be blown away at the results.

If you watch the videos and do the exercises... then... the basics of conversational hypnosis will be ingrained in your unconscious.

Which means, you will easily hypnotize others just by talking with them.

The benefits, of course, are priceless...

  • People will comply with your requests at the drop of a hat.
  • Easily persuade your boss to give you a bigger raise or better position.
  • Convince a potential employer to hire you on the spot.
  • Influence customers to purchase more products at higher prices.
  • Get your kids, spouse or significant other to see things your way.
  • Entice someone you've had an "eye on" to go out on a date.
  • Talk hypnosis subjects and clients into making profound changes fast.
  • And anything else you can think of that requires another person's cooperation.

Get Started Today Here

After working for one of the top law firms in the world...

After consulting to executives at billion-dollar Fortune 500 companies...

After dealing with hundreds of hypnotherapy patients in private practice...

After coaching and training thousands of hypnotists and hypnotherapists...

And after a decade of building international businesses AND international training organizations

I have come to this conclusion: Conversational hypnosis is...

The Most Important Life Skill
You Will Ever Develop

Because your ability to communicate with other people is THE one thing that determines your level of success (or lack thereof)... more than... anything else.

Quick story to prove my point...

In 2002, Harvard University released an interesting study. Researchers wanted to find out why surgeons got sued. You'd think malpractice lawsuits were the result of shoddy medical care. Well, you'd be wrong.

Nalini Ambady, Ph.D., suspected something else was at play. The hypothesis put forth was that the communication behaviors of surgeons was the driving factor of litigation.

Could this be true? Could it be the way a surgeon communicates with patients determines whether or not they will get sued?

Sounds Crazy But Here's
What Happened...

I'll give you the "Cliff's Notes" version: Researchers listened to two 10-second clips from recordings of conversations surgeons had with two patients.

The short clips were extracted from the first and last minute of the interaction.

Furthermore, the audio clips were "content-filtered." Which means the high-frequency sounds from the surgeon's speech were removed.

Those are the sounds allowing us to recognize individual words.

After content-filtering you're left with an incoherent jumble. In other words, the intonation, pitch and rhythm of the sounds was intact. The content was erased .

The researchers could not understand what was said.

They could only judge each clip based on HOW the surgeons expressed themselves to the patients.

Even more interesting, researchers had no clue about each surgeon's skill level. They didn't know about the surgeon's education, training, experience, particular specialty or claims history.

Researchers had no idea what the doctors were even saying.

The analysis of each clip was done only on the basis of the surgeon's tone of voice.

Based on that factor alone, researchers were able to identify surgeons with previous claims with 95% accuracy.

The doctors getting sued had no idea it was their tone of voice incriminating them.

Think About What This Means:
How You Communicate With Your Voice, Body Language And Even Unconscious Signals Ultimately Determines Your Level Of Success
In Dealing With People.

And conversational hypnosis is the master key to effective communication.

Case closed.

Let's wrap this up...

I've done the best I can to explain why getting this video training program is in your best interest. Ultimately, if you interact with people you need this.

It will make your life so much easier. More fun. More exciting. More... everything!

Best part: You can watch the videos starting in the morning... and... before dinner you'll know how to start hypnotizing people during conversations.

If that's what you want... then... here's how to get it...

Get These Conversational
Hypnosis Secrets Today

The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis
Video Training Program

hypnosis YES! Igor, I know conversational hypnosis is the most important life skill I could ever hope to possess. And I'm so excited you are offering your secrets in this video training program. I'm especially thrilled I can master the basics in just a few hours by watching these step-by-step instructional videos.

When I click on the "Add-To-Cart" button below, I will receive:

  • hypnosisInstant Access to the complete package of exclusive training to turn me into a conversational hypnosis expert. I can't wait!
  • 60 Conversational Hypnosis Exercises. I understand by doing these exercises I will quickly ingrain your covert hypnotic secrets and techniques right into my unconscious mind for immediate recall as I need them.
  • Full Transcripts of each video will be included. This way I can refer to the written material whenever I want.
  • Featuring The Ledochowski Rapid-Training System. I understand you apply a specific implicit learning process to teach conversational hypnosis. Your process will allow me to quickly and easily make this skill second nature.
  • Plus... I get over 4 hours of EXTRA Advanced Bonus Training. And my investment today is $747 just 4 simple monthly installments of only $97 (50% OFF Discount) . And, I'm covered by your 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on top of all that!

On that basis, I'm clicking the "Add-To-Cart" button below now...

$747 Just $97 x 4 (50% OFF Discount)

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-Roland Berg, IT Consultant, San Antonio, Texas)

Get These Conversational
Hypnosis Secrets Today

The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis
Video Training Program

hypnosis YES! Igor, I know conversational hypnosis is the most important life skill I could ever hope to possess. And I'm so excited you are offering your secrets in this video training program. I'm especially thrilled I can master the basics in just a few hours by watching these step-by-step instructional videos.

When I click on the "Add-To-Cart" button below, I will receive:

  • hypnosisInstant Access to the complete package of exclusive training to turn me into a conversational hypnosis expert. I can't wait!
  • 60 Conversational Hypnosis Exercises. I understand by doing these exercises I will quickly ingrain your covert hypnotic secrets and techniques right into my unconscious mind for immediate recall as I need them.
  • Full Transcripts of each video will be included. This way I can refer to the written material whenever I want.
  • Featuring The Ledochowski Rapid-Training System. I understand you apply a specific implicit learning process to teach conversational hypnosis. Your process will allow me to quickly and easily make this skill second nature.
  • Plus... I get over 4 hours of EXTRA Advanced Bonus Training. And my investment today is $747 just 4 simple monthly installments of only $97 (50% OFF Discount) . And, I'm covered by your 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on top of all that!

On that basis, I'm clicking the "Add-To-Cart" button below now...

$747 Just $97 x 4 (50% OFF Discount)

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