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Igor Ledochowski

Co-founder, Hypnosis Training Academy

Igor Ledochowski is a Master Hypnotist, Coach, Mentor, Martial Artist, Lawyer, and Creator of The Number 1 selling "Power of Conversational Hypnosis". He is considered the leading expert in conversational hypnosis in the world today. 

The Hypnosis Training Academy

Your #1 Resource for Hypnosis & Influence Training

Founded in 2004, The Hypnosis Training Academy is the world's largest international community of hypnotists and hypnotherapists. Visit the Academy's website or Facebook page for the latest hypnosis news, tips, and trainings!

Peggie Woods

Self Employed, Tulsa, OK USA


“If it wasn't for Igor, I would've never known it was possible for "even me" to learn hypnosis. I am so impressed with the generosity of putting “Hypnosis Exposed” online for free. That tells me more than any advertising or hype that Igor believes in what he is doing and sincerely wants to help people. Thank you for getting me started with hypnosis. I know it will change my life. "

Paul Eliseo

Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP, TLT
and Hypnosis. Eden Hills, SA, Australia


“The Best Free Course on the Net. I was amazed with how much information was given away. Igor is such a great teacher and so generous. I recommend everything he has done, I love every program I have purchased from the Hypnosis Training Academy, they’re the best courses on hypnosis anywhere.”