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Here’s a quick recap of everything I’m getting:


Henry Guzman
One of the fascinating elements in this program was that you could see demonstrations of the various techniques of inducing hypnosis. You see step by step with stops in between, and then analyze it while the person is sitting there zoned out. You could see it moment to moment, what has actually happened.
Daniel de Ronde
This training has improved my hypnosis skills by really focusing in on a specific area, something that I think is really important and a very interesting part of hypnosis. So it’s really improved me by just focusing in on this aspect.
Larissa Aristoff
The most interesting, exciting moments in this program would be the way that I could put people into trance so quickly and without any hesitation, and to see how people easily go into trance. That’s really a very positive result that makes you very happy that you’re becoming better and better.
  • I will be training with Steve Roehm & The Hypnosis Training Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, between 29th-31st of May 2015. (Hotel details will be sent to you after you enroll)
  • I will receive a certificate upon completing the Hypnotic Inductions Revealed live training
  • I only need to make 4 simple monthly installments of just $195 because I am taking advantage of the early-bird discount.
  • I also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of the first day of the training. If I decide then that this training doesn't rock my world I can get a full refund of my training fees.

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Hypnotic Inductions Revealed Live
- Las Vegas 29th-31st May

4 Simple Monthly Installments of only $195   $195
DISCOUNT : Just 1 Installment of $680,
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I understand that my seat will be reserved for this live training event and that I can contact at any time with any queries or questions I have about my training registration or I can phone +1-206-629-6266 Or +1-800-270-2210.

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