How To "Out Class" Hypnotists
That Have 20+ Years More
Experience Than You...

How is that even possible? Read On...

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,

On this page, you're going to discover how even a complete beginner of hypnosis can "out class" hypnotists that have as much as 20-to-30 years private practice experience over them.

How is that even possible?

I'll tell you in a moment.

But first let's look at some facts:

There are no escaping some facts - for example:

If you want to be a great golfer -- you HAVE to know how to consistently hit the ball where you want it to go.

If you want to be a great ballroom dancer - you HAVE to know how to move your feet to a rhythm.


If you want to be a great hypnotist...

You HAVE To Be Able To
Do Hypnotic Inductions

It's a FACT.

After all:

You cannot be a great (or even moderate) hypnotist if you cannot quickly and consistently put people into a hypnotic trance state.

And you cannot quickly and consistently put people into a hypnotic trance state UNLESS you know how to do hypnotic inductions.

Hypnotic inductions are required for you to lead somebody into an altered hypnotic reality where they focus on and comply more naturally to your other hypnotic suggestions.

In addition to that (and this is important for you to understand):

Hypnotic inductions (when carried out correctly) use the same principles and suggestions you'll need to use later in a hypnotherapy session to suggest whatever outcome or healing you wish to offer people.

In other words:

If you do NOT understand how to correctly carry out a hypnotic induction then chances are high you'll not be very effective in the suggestion phase and won't be able to help people as much as you indeed through your hypnosis.

Worse than that -- you won't even know WHY you're not being very effective with your hypnosis suggestions. Nor will you know WHY your subjects not responding well enough to your suggestions to get the desired outcome you're both aiming for. And if you don't know WHY you're not getting the hypnosis results you're aiming for...

You WON'T Know How
To Fix Them

You'll be at a complete loss over what to do (or what not to do) to remedy the ineffective results you're getting.

And that is NOT good for your confidence as a hypnotist.

Nor will it be any good for the subject (or client) you're working with.

So the bottom line is this:

If you want to be an effective (results-consistent) hypnotist...

It is Essential That You're Not Just
Good But Extremely Proficient At Doing
Hypnotic Inductions

Being just okay or "good-enough" at hypnotic inductions is NOT ENOUGH!

Thing is:

Even if you're extremely proficient at doing a hypnotic induction...

Not everyone responds equally well to the same type of hypnotic induction.

One person may respond really well to, say, a hand clasp induction.

And the next person you see may NOT respond well to a hand clasp induction.

So if all you know is, say, the hand clasp induction (or any other type of hypnotic induction for that matter)... as soon as you are faced with a person who DOESN'T respond well (or at all!) to your hypnotic induction...

You Are Left With "Egg On Your Face"!

And that causes a real blow to your confidence as a hypnotist.

I get that.

Because for years I had very "hit-and-miss" results with hypnotic inductions.

One day I could do a hypnotic induction and everything worked perfectly - making me feel invincible as a hypnotist.

Then, on another day, I would go through a series of hypnotic inductions on a different person and NOTHING seemed to work -- and it would make me doubt everything I thought I knew about hypnosis.

But it wasn't that I was a bad hypnotist

Nor was it because I was an inconsistent hypnotist.

In fact, I later found out -- the problem wasn't really to do with me at all.

And let me reassure you:

If you're having "hit and miss" results with your hypnotic inductions I can almost guarantee the problem is not with you, either.

Or at least not in the way you might expect.

See, I now know where I was going wrong with my hypnotic inductions early on in my hypnosis career. And oddly enough, you wouldn't expect it to be a major problem (but it is).

Because a common (and major) problem that many hypnotists experience actually comes from following technique instructions "to the letter" on how to do a hypnotic induction... and then actually being successful at performing the hypnotic induction!

I know that sounds like an odd problem to have.

But I should know because it's the exact unexpected problem I encountered when I first got into hypnosis.

What happened is this:

The first person I ever did a successful hypnotic induction on was when I was still at University.

As part of that hypnotic induction I suggested (as per the instructions I was following) that my friend's arm could not move.

Well guess what?

Eventually she did move her arm, lifting it up in the air.

And I (as the naive hypnotist) was brought back down to earth with a bump. I thought, there you go, I've messed it up.

But now - with far more hypnosis experience -- I can look back on that first hypnotic induction and see clearly that I succeeded. It was my continual insistence that my friend keep "testing" her arm that actually installed in her a hypnotic suggestion that she could raiser her arm.

So the reality is that I was successful at the hypnotic induction AND I was successful at installing additional follow-on hypnotic suggestions in my friend.

At the time however, I was convinced I'd messed it up badly.

But here's the really sad thing...

It was years before I could look back on that first hypnotic induction I did at University and "see" the PRINCIPLES that "underpinned" the technique I'd used.

And ONLY by having a deep understanding of the PRINCIPLES could I see WHY and HOW what I'd done as part of the hypnotic induction and follow-on suggestions had worked.

The point is this:

I'd learnt to do hypnotic inductions the same way almost every hypnotist learns to do hypnotic inductions -- by following technique-based instructions.

I'd learnt to do hypnotic inductions the same way almost every hypnotist learns to do hypnotic inductions -- by following technique-based instructions.

And because I'd learnt to do hypnotic inductions the "traditional way" (by learning only the techniques of the hypnotic inductions) it made me a very "hit and miss" hypnotist.

It wasn't until I delved deeper into the PRINCIPLES "underlying" all the different techniques that go into all the different types of hypnotic inductions that everything began to "click" for me.

Once I understood the underlying PRINCIPLES in combination with the different techniques...

...and my confidence in my abilities as a hypnotist SOARED!


When you understand the underlying PRINCIPLES in combination with different hypnotic induction techniques...

Everything In Your Hypnosis Work
Will Begin To "Click" For You Too

Thing is:

It's still almost impossible to get the required training that teaches you the techniques of LOTS of different hypnotic inductions AS WELL AS the all-important PRINCIPLES that "underlay" all the different techniques of all the different types of hypnotic inductions.

That's why I recently held an exclusive private live event called "Hypnotic Inductions Revealed".

At that event, I taught all the techniques (as in SHOWED and DEMONSTRATED) of 17 different types of hypnotic inductions. And, it was at that event that I also...

Explained ALL The Underlying ("Hidden") PRINCIPLES That Go Into Making Every Type Of Hypnotic Induction Work

It was, quite simply, the best training any hypnotist can get on being able to understand and APPLY (as well as ADAPT) lots of different hypnotic inductions to lots of different types of mindsets.

The additional good news for you is: You can now get (from this page) the full video training program I created from the "Hypnotic Inductions Revealed" event. That means that you too can also "sit in" on the very best training there is on becoming highly proficient at getting consistently successful results (and understanding WHY) from your hypnotic inductions and follow-on hypnotic suggestions.

In The 11 Modules -- you will see me DEMONSTRATE 17 different types of hypnotic inductions (each time with me explaining in "easy-to-understand chunks" all the techniques involved in performing the hypnotic inductions).

And also -- you will (through each hypnotic induction demonstration) get repeated INSIGHTS and "ah-ha" moments into the often "hidden" PRINCIPLES that allow for a hypnotic induction to be successful.

All in all, by watching the training and seeing all the different hypnotic inductions DEMONSTRATED and EXPLAINED from both the technique and PRINCIPLE based perspective...

You Will Never Be Phased Or Stumped When Doing Hypnotic Inductions With Anyone You Encounter

You'll learn how to be highly proficient and consistent at doing:

My Own Powerful "Referential Index
Switch Induction"!

Which - as you will see in the video training - happens to be the EASIEST induction in the world!

How easy is it?

Put it this way: The "Referential Index Switch Induction" will make you look like you've been doing hypnosis for 20+ years... even if it's your very first week as a hypnotist.

Hypnotic Inductions are not the only thing covered on the "Hypnotic Inductions

Revealed" Home Study Program - you'll also be trained in (and see multiple DEMONSTRATIONS of):

All in all, the purpose of the "Hypnotic Inductions Revealed" Program is to give you demonstrations of the WHOLE hypnotic process from the hypnotic induction... to the deepener... to the suggestion phase... to the convincer phase... and so on.

And get this:

In the videos you'll see me working with what to most hypnotists would be a nightmare subject.

The "nightmare subject" happened to be a lady (who is herself a hypnotherapist) who had NEVER personally been able to experience a hypnotic arm levitation from the subject's perspective.

Every hypnotist who had attempted to do a hypnotic arm levitation on this lady had failed.

And, as you might expect, this lady (as far as being a candidate for a successful hypnotic arm levitation) thought she was...

An "Impossible Case"!

So I agreed to work with her to see if I could do a hypnotic arm levitation on her.

In the videos, you'll see how I prepare her BEFORE even performing the hypnotic induction itself.

You will also see me using a hypnotic induction you may NEVER have seen performed before. It's called: "The Ledochowski Irresistible Arm Levitation".

I designed "The Ledochowski Irresistible Arm Levitation" to be used in cases where for a hypnotist your WORST NIGHTMARE comes true. I'm talking about those situations and people that just don't seem to respond well to ANY type of hypnotic induction --no matter what you use.

Anyway, when you watch me working with this lady -- what you will see...

Is NOT What You Would Expect To See!

Because what you will see is the "master hypnotist" Igor Ledochowski FAIL.


Or, to be more accurate, you will see what looks like two failures at the hypnotic arm levitation.

But it proved to be a great teaching lesson and demonstration for the other attendees (and it will be for you when you it too).

The reason being is you will see how I use what looks like a failed hypnotic arm levitation and then -- (using subtle responses that even most experienced hypnotists would completely miss, thus forcing them to abort their attempts) - see how I use the apparent failures as the "stepping stones" to giving the lady the experience of her very first hypnotic arm levitation.

Before our session together, the lady had NEVER experienced a hypnotic arm levitation on herself -- and was convinced she never could.

In just a few minutes of me using "The Ledochowski Irresistible Arm Levitation" (and using it to elegantly navigate my way through TWO apparent failures) the same lady who was convinced she could never experience a hypnotic arm levitation was sat in the chair next to me...

In A Deep Hypnotic Trance With Her Left
Hand Raised Right Up To Her Face

Needless to say (within a few minutes) that lady went from being convinced she could NEVER experience a hypnotic arm levitation on herself to KNOWING (in a very profound way for her) that it had just happened!

Which brings up another important (and exciting) point:

When you can perform a hypnotic induction on someone who, just a few minutes before, was CONVINCED they cannot be hypnotized (and you can when you have the processes and "hidden" PRINCIPLES that I teach and demonstrate in my "Hypnotic Inductions Revealed" Program) -- that person who had all the "hallmarks" of being your WORST NIGHTMARE as a subject suddenly becomes the most compliant and easily suggestible person you have ever worked with.

From the subject's point of view -- their confidence in the POWER of hypnosis has gone from zero to off the charts in just a few minutes.

And when that happens to them (through the use of the hypnotic inductions and PRINCIPLES taught in my program) that subject will suddenly believe you are the most experienced and brilliant hypnotist they've ever seen. 

Here's something else you'll probably find rather exciting to think about:

To become really great at hypnotic inductions -- and indeed the follow-on hypnotic suggestions -- you need TWO things:

Volume and then experience with different types of minds.

That presents a BIG problem for most hypnotists.

Because without having a big "tool box" (volume) of different and dependable hypnotic inductions to rely on -- most hypnotists subconsciously hold themselves back from working or practicing with a lot of different types of minds.

And that's why most hypnotists progress to a certain stage but then seem to hit a plateau in their skill and proficiency development.

But that need NOT be a problem with you.

Because with my "Hypnotic Inductions Revealed" training you will have the very best "tool box" of different and dependable hypnotic inductions to use on all the different types of mind's you could possibly come across.

You will also understand (on a very deep and practical level) the "hidden" PRINCIPLES that make every hypnotic induction work. So you'll even be able to adapt hypnotic inductions on the fly to adjust for those "impossible cases".

What all that also means is you'll never be "gun shy" about working and practicing on lots of different minds. Why would you be if you know in advance you cannot fail and you can use every apparent failure to springboard you to performing a successful hypnotic induction?

So let's recap:

You'll have the "tools" (the hypnotic inductions and the "hidden" PRINCIPLES underlying them) and the CONFIDENCE to practice and do as many different hypnotic inductions with as many different people as possible.

Well, now think about this:

If you did just 3 to 4 hypnotic inductions a day you'd rack up over 100 hypnotic inductions in just ONE MONTH!

What will that do for you as a hypnotist?

And with a little practice and using the shortcut induction secrets I'm going to share with you...

Soon You'll Be Out-Classing
Hypnotists With 20+
Years Private Practice Experience

I'm not joking.

Because those "experienced" hypnotists probably only have one or two "cookie cutter" type hypnotic inductions that they rely on year after year, with so-so "hit and miss" results to show for it.

That's why - if you're serious about being the BEST hypnotist you can be then you need to equip yourself with my "Hypnotic Inductions Revealed" Home Study Program.

With the "Hypnotic Inductions Revealed" training you'll put yourself into the unique position where...

You'll be able to do hypnotic inductions FASTER and more elegantly than you could before...

You'll be able to ADAPT any hypnotic induction "on the fly" and tailor it to the individual person in front of you...

You'll become much more successful at getting your hypnotic suggestions accepted by everyone you encounter in your hypnosis work...

And your confidence in your abilities as a hypnotist will SOAR!

Here's ALL You Need To Do Now:

Instead of you having to invest the full $997 that attendees had to just to get into the "Hypnotic Inductions Revealed" live event...

All you have to do now to get INSTANT ACCESS to the full "Hypnotic Inductions Revealed" program is invest just $97 today. (And then 2 more monthly installments of only $97 each).

That way you can spread the investment over 3 simple installments.

$997.00 Just $97 x 3 (Instant Access)

Warmest Regards,

Igor Ledochowski
Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer

Author Of The Best Selling, "The Deep Trance Training Manual"
Author Of Over 70 Different Hypnosis Training Products & Training Seminars
Internationally Acclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer
Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner &Trainer
Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer

P.S. Another thing:

In addition to the hypnotic inductions taught (DEMONSTRATED and broken-down for explanation) at the "Hypnotic Inductions Revealed" event (and shown in the video training) there were also two in-depth Q&A sessions where the attendees could fire any type hypnosis related question at me.

So when you get the program you get to see me answering a variety of hypnosis related questions in a way that will probably give you many new insights, ideas and "ah-ha" moments that you can take into your own hypnosis work.

Plus the entire training was also professionally transcribed. And you'll also get the FULL Transcripts with a detailed table of contents in a PDF too!

$997.00 Just $97 x 3 (Instant Access)

There is NO Financial Risk
To You Either...

Of course, you are covered by our 60-day guarantee - so if at any time in the 60-days of going through the program you do not feel it is for you, simply let us know by email or phone and you will receive a full refund.

"You can take many classical techniques
and develop one that's your own"

Chester Durnas
Illinois, USA

"Instrumental in deepening my
understanding of hypnosis"

Henry Guzman

"I could put people into trance so quickly
and without any hesitation"

Larissa Aristoff
Sydney, Australia

I Want To "Out-Class" Experienced Hypnotists Using The Secrets Shared In

Hypnotic Inductions Revealed


Igor, I want to know the secrets of Hypnotic Inductions Revealed!  


Here's a quick recap of everything I'm getting:

Hypnotic Inductions Revealed 11 Exciting Modules of in-depth training and hypnotic induction demonstrations

PDF (397 pages) with FULL Transcripts of the entire Hypnotic Inductions Revealed Program

Bonus Q&A sessions included in the video training modules

My investment is just $97 today and a further 2 simple monthly instalments of $97.

I will get INSTANT ACCESS to the Hypnotic Inductions Revealed Program and can stream or download the program on my computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Plus, I have 60 full days with a 100% guarantee to try out this program. If I'm not completely happy during these 60 days, I can simply get a 100% refund. And no questions will be asked of me. 60 Day Guarantee

On that basis, I'm clicking the "Add-To-Cart" button below now so I can get INSTANT ACCESS to this exciting program...

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