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Can You Really Put Someone "Out" Just
Seconds After First Meeting Them?

Friday, August 12 , 2022

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,


s it really possible?

Is it really possible for YOU to put anyone "out" (into a hypnotic trance) within just seconds of first meeting them?

That's the gist of the main question I get from hundreds (probably thousands) of people around the globe.

And guess what?

About 15-years back…

I Desperately Wanted To
Know The Answer Too

In fact, I literally spent years and tens of thousands of dollars devouring books, glued to hypnosis training videos and "ping-ponging" around the globe studying at the feet of the hypnosis "masters" trying to figure out how to do on-the-spot instant inductions.

And you know what?

Most of the hypnosis instruction I got was either a) only effective in a "manufactured" seminar setting where the hypnosis subject was already expecting to go into trance or, b) was so "out of date" or complicated to remember…

It Would Be Impossible For 90% Of Ordinary People To Use It Naturally In Real Life Situations

And if you were one of the fabled 10% who could actually use those “induction formulas” with real people in real lifeyou still needed about 5 to 10 minutes to put someone “out”!

Meaning you could only ever really use the inductions (to put someone “out”) if they had already agreed to give up 5 to 10 minutes of their life to be hypnotized.

And how many people are going to agree to that?

Not many.

Especially not strangers you meet in the street, in a coffee shop, or in a bar.

However, over a period of about 5 years… thousands of miles in air travel and something like $80,000 in out-of-pocket expense… I was finally able to piece together the elusive puzzle of doing instant inductions – to put anyone “out”…

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

And I can now PROVE that you can do the same thing too.

Even if you've never read a hypnosis book… never done any hypnosis training… and… even if you've FAILED at hypnotizing people dozens of times before (hey, it's NOT your fault, it's the fault of the training you've received).

Again, I will PROVE it to you. Today. In a few moments from now.

VIDEO training program showing (through live demonstrations and supporting commentary material) how anyone – and I mean ANYONE - can do instant "on-the spot" inductions.

This VIDEO training program is called the:

How To Do Hypnotic Instant Inductions

And it shows you everything you need to do (from A-Z) to put a complete stranger into deep trance (as in completely "out") seconds after first meeting them.

Best part:

There are no goofy scripts you have to memorize.

There are no fancy props you have to make use of.

And there are no special skills or talents you have to have prior to watching the videos.

Even better:

The person you put "out" will never put up any resistance (they won't have a clue what happened until they "come to" and say, "Wow, how did you do that?… that… was… AMAZING!" )

Actually, I suspect a lot of hypnotists on the "teaching circuit" will be rather annoyed I'm releasing "The How To Hypnotic Instant Inductions" videos for FREE on a convenient USB Flash Drive (you just cover the shipping and handling).


Because the secrets (and live demonstrations) I'm making available to you in this USB Flash Drive are superior to the material sold for $200 (and more!) by other hypnotists in their courses.

Bad news for the other hypnosis trainers; excellent news for you.

Because you don't have to pay them up to $200 to get the potent instant induction secrets contained in The How To Do Hypnotic Instant Inductions Video Trainings. Secrets including:

  • My proven hypnotizing formula and "hypnotic context" that has to be followed if you want to do instant inductions with the smoothness and precision of a Swiss watch.
  • A simple thing to do with your eyes that "freeze frames" your subject's critical thinking – allowing you to plant hypnotic suggestions directly into the limbic (non-thinking) brain.
  • How to do a completely "invisible" (to your subject) compliance test – so you know whether or not your subject's subconscious is receptive to going into an instant trance.
  • A predictable and non-evasive way to get past your subject's hyper-sensitive "brain guard".
  • What to do to the back of your subject's neck (or their forehead) to "litmus test" whether they trust in you enough to follow your instant induction commands.
  • How to leave your subject with a "hypnotic gift" – so they come out of the hypnotic trance a more positive and resourceful person.
  • What to look for in your hypnosis subject to verify that they are having the internal experiences you are directing their unconscious mind toward.
  • The KEY difference between "hit-and-miss" hypnotists and the TRUE MASTER hypnotists – once you know this "rolling" secret you never have to worry about getting humiliated due to an unsuccessful induction.

And once you know all those secrets, and can do instant inductions (like you will be able to do)…

Every Other Area Of Hypnosis
Becomes 100-Times Easier

I don't want to mislead you though.

Just know you won't become a world class hypnotist just by watching The How To Do Hypnotic Instant Inductions Videos.

However, you will most definitely be able to put someone "out" (into full DEEP trance) within just seconds of meeting them. I guarantee that.

Just by watching the videos and following along with my demonstrations.

And that holds true even if the "subject" is hostile toward you… has a mind like a jackhammer… or… tells you upfront nobody has ever been able to hypnotize them before.

Maybe that all sounds like an exaggeration.

And maybe (probably!) you're skeptical.

Hey, I don't blame you.

That's why I'm making these Videos (on a USB Flash Drive) available for FREE (just cover shipping and handling).

I'm not charging up to $200 for the material (like other hypnosis trainers are for lesser quality training courses).

And, so you're not put at any financial risk…

I'll Even Refund The Shipping Fee For The "How To Do Hypnotic Instant Inductions" Video Training For You If You Are Unsatisfied For Any Reason!

Here's what I mean:

If at ANY time in the next 60 days you are not 100% thrilled with the training and associated material… if you aren't putting people into trance left, right and center… if your friends are not going "Wow, what in the world, did you just do there?!"… just let me know with a quick email and I'll refund you the shipping and handling fee.

Which means:

There's no way you can possibly lose.

Click the orange "Add to Cart" button below to reserve one of my limited FREE "How To Do Hypnotic Instant Inductions" on a USB Flash Drive for yourself before all the available stock runs out...

FREE USB Flash Drive (Just Cover Shipping & Handling)

Remember it took me a period of about 5 years… thousands of miles in air travel and tens of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses…  to finally figure out the most effective (non-detectable) way of doing instant inductions – to put anyone "out"… anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Now you can kick back, watch my Videos (and get INSTANT ACCESS to the online version which will be with you in moments from now) and, if you want, be putting people "out" (into DEEP trance)… Before The End Of Today!

FREE USB Flash Drive (Just Cover Shipping & Handling)

Why am I giving this away for FREE? (Especially when other hypnosis trainers are charging up to $200, for lesser quality training material).

It's a legitimate question and it deserves a legitimate answer:

Instant Inductions USBThere Are 3 Reasons
I'm Giving Away This
USB Flash Drive Training for FREE:
(just cover shipping
& handling)


  1. By giving you the USB Flash Drive for FREE and only asking you to cover the shipping and handling, I'm putting this training within easy reach of just about anyone who has an interest in learning how to do hypnotic instant inductions.

  2. There's so much misinformation and myths about hypnosis (and especially instant inductions) that it's virtually impossible to know who you can TRUST to "really have the goods". I see too many people get misled and burned by false information out there. That's why I wanted to DEMONSTRATE and PROVE to you that hypnosis (and especially instant inductions) do not have to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive to learn.

  3. I understand that you're probably skeptical about your ability to do instant inductions with complete strangers. I would be too if I didn't know what I know now. So, I wanted to bring the price down to a level that skeptical (yet intelligently curious) people who have just come across me would be prepared to invest at.

However, I am only testing this FREE USB Flash Drive offer for a limited time (just cover shipping and handling).

Soon, perhaps any hour now, The How To Do Hypnotic Instant Inductions Videos may be added to one of my higher-end programs. Meaning the only way to access it would be to invest anywhere from $200 to $1500 (depending on the programs it is added to).

So to get The How To Do Hypnotic Instant Inductions USB Flash Drive today for FREE - just cover the shipping and handling (which is covered by my guarantee anyway) – just click on the orange "Add To Cart" button below:

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Igor Ledochowski

Igor Ledochowski


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