Finally! A Personal Development System that Guarantees Lasting Change Using Powerful Subconscious Mind "G I F T"s...

Better Yet, This System Will Automatically Make You Smarter, Richer & Happier – All You Have to Do Is Listen!

The Lifelong Success System is the ultimate solution to just about any problem you face...

  • Zap stubborn obstacles with ease!
  • Get things done on time, every time!
  • Finally! Break free from the past!
  • Make your perfect future a reality!
  • Control your destiny – right down to every detail!
  • Achieve financial wealth – on your own terms!
  • Feel peace, joy, and contentedness all the time!
  • Banish negative emotions like anger, fear, and grief – forever!
  • Win at life – and everything you ever put your mind to!
  • Enjoy health and happiness for the rest of your life!


If You Read Nothing Else, Read This!

Igor Ledochowski’s Lifelong Success is more than just a “self-help program.” It is a complete personal development system that will instantly help you:

All you have to do is put on some stereo headphones, sit back, and relax. It’s that easy to begin enjoying a new level of success and happiness that has been unattainable… until now.

After the first few days, I’m sure you’ll agree that the 60 minutes (or less) that you spend with Lifetime Success will become your most treasured, most enjoyable, most highly anticipated minutes of the day!

Because you’ll be instantly transported, instantly changed, into the person you’ve always wanted to be. And success – the success that you want – will become inevitable, practically guaranteed!

Try it and see for yourself if it’s not the most complete, most powerful, most effective self-hypnotic success system you’ve ever tried.

Easily Improve Your Life Today!

Igor ledochowski

From: The Desk of Igor Ledochowski

December 8, 2021

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever struggled to make dramatic progress in your life... doubted whether you are worthy of your goals and dreams... or suspected that your efforts to change haven’t been working as well as you’ve wanted them to... then you’ll want to read every word of this letter.

Here’s why:

I believe I have created the world’s most powerful, most effective, and most fast-working personal development system ever conceived. In fact, it works so quickly that some people are wondering if it can actually be this easy.

And the answer is... yes.

All you have to do is put on your headphones, sit back, and listen. It’s that simple.

This ground-breaking training is called Lifelong Success. It is a comprehensive personal development system designed to help you achieve whatever it is you want in life.

I will tell you more about Lifelong Success in just a moment. But first I want to tell you how I was inspired to create this new system...

The Birth of a Groundbreaking Idea

A while back, I released a self-hypnosis program so that people could make profound changes in their lives. It was a powerful program, and in fact still is.

But after I released the program, something interesting happened.

We began to get a literal flood of emails and phone calls from people who had all sorts of specific questions. Questions like, How do I overcome this problem, and how do I overcome that problem?

And in addition to these sorts of problem-specific questions, I also got questions like these:

Well, as you can imagine, with the floods of questions there was no practical way I was able to personally reply to everyone. And so that is when I began to think about how I could create a comprehensive personal development system that would help people achieve success in every area of life.

I decided to call this the Lifelong Success System. And it’s been designed to help you become...

Smarter, Richer, and Happier
than You’ve Ever Been Before!

Who Is Igor Ledochowski?

Igor ledochowskiIgor Ledochowski is a British lawyer (graduate of Exeter University) who stopped practicing law in favor of pursuing a more personally meaningful career. Now, he is one of the world’s leading master hypnotist trainers and personal development experts.

Igor is the author of multiple best-selling books, plus more than 70 different training products and seminars.

What’s more, Igor is a Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer. He has coached thousands of people worldwide and even been hired to coach Fortune 500 company executives.

All of which means, there’s nobody quite as uniquely qualified as Igor is to help you become more successful in every area of life. (Not to mention, you’re going to love his style and delivery technique – he’s one of a kind.)

As you may know, it is my personal goal to help as many people as I possibly can in our lifetime. And so when I began to create the Lifelong Success system...

I intentionally designed it to be as simple and effortless as possible!

This is not because change is easy. Sometimes it requires a lot of work!

But what I realized is that most people lack the inner drive to make all the changes they need to make on their own. They take two steps forward... and two steps back... and often find themselves in the same place that they started from.

The Lifelong Success System changes this because all you have to do is listen to each program and let the Guided Inner Focus Technique (GIFT) work its magic. It will change how you think, which will make everything you do feel easy and effortless.

You will then begin to make outward changes... and become a better, more successful person... virtually on autopilot!

Click Here to Get Instant Access To The Lifelong Success System Today!

Put Your Mind on the Fast-Track to Success

In my many years of teaching, coaching, and working with people one on one (and even coaching Fortune 500 companies), I've actually discovered that the “Lone Ranger” brand of self-improvement can actually backfire.


"The Truth Is Nothing Else
Compares to It"

"The Lifelong Success System is like being Igor's private client. Igor has changed my life through this program and helped me to build my self-image and success in my life."

"Just like every other program that Igor puts out, the Lifelong Success System goes so far beyond all of the other so called similar systems. The truth is, nothing else compares to it."

David Sanders
Marketing Consultant
Independence, MO, USA

The Reason Why David's Life Is Better


By relying on bad advice and then reinforcing the wrong thinking patterns. You see, just because you’ve read a bunch of self-help books does not mean you’re feeding your brain the right kinds of thoughts.

And so I took very special care to make sure that the guided inner focus sessions in Lifelong Success were powerful, positive, and totally effective.

Which means that if you’ve been accidentally self-sabotaging by following bad advice or reinforcing negative thinking patterns – well, that’ll all be fixed now.

Because the guided inner focus sessions will unwind any harmful thinking patterns you’re currently stuck on, and will replace them with positive thinking patterns that will empower you and move you forward.

In as little as a week from starting the Lifelong Success System, you may even notice that your thought process has improved, that your mind has become stronger, smarter, and more focused.

You will know this because you’ll immediately realize that your behavioral responses are now conducive to getting your way in situations where before your results were "hit or miss"– and that you’re in control of your circumstances and steering your life in the way you want it to go.

The Lazy Man’s Way to a Triumphant Life

Let’s face it. We’re all just a little bit lazy, aren’t we? The things we intend to do sometimes just never get done.

Or we may start something and then not stick with it for the long-haul.

Fortunately, the Lifelong Success System is the easiest way I know of to create a triumphant life. Simply listen to the specially designed program and you’ll become smarter, richer, and happier than you’ve ever been.

Click Here for the Lazy Man's "Secret Hack" To Success!

Introducing the Lifelong Success System:
Your Proven Path to Health, Wealth & Happiness!

12 Week Lifelong Success System

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover when you begin to
“work” your way through the system...

Module #1: The Key to Lifelong Success

Click Here to Discover the Key to Lifelong Success!

Module #2: Yes! You Can Be Rich!

Click Here to Become Financially Successful!

Module #3: Your Perfect Future

Click Here to Start Living Your Perfect Future!

Module #4: The Mind of a Winner

Click Here to Develop a Winning Mindset!

Module #5: Break Any Bad Habit

Click Here to Break Any Bad Habit!

Module #6: How to Feel Like a
Million Bucks

Click Here to Feel Like a Million Bucks!

Module #7: Get Motivated! Get
Stuff Done!

Click Here to Supercharge Your Productivity!

Module #8: Finally Break Free of
the Past

Click Here to Break Free of the Past!

Module #9: Perfect Health

Click Here to Enjoy Perfect Health!

Module #10: Always in Control

Click Here to Take Charge and Take Control!

Module #11: Fantastic Relationships
for Life

Click Here for Fantastic Relationships!

Module #12: Unleash Your Full Potential

Click Here to Unleash Your Full Potential!

And all this is just a taste! There’s much, much more.

As you can see, I've held nothing back. I'm revealing every last shred of information that you’ll need to be successful... for the rest of your life.

Now, you might wonder, How did I come up with these particular topics?

First, I listened to you. And I made sure to address all the major problems people like you emailed me about.

And secondly, I asked myself a question: “If I was going to go to a school to be successful in life, what kind of courses would I like?”

That’s how I came up with the 12 different modules.

Each module contains 2 one-hour sessions. So with each module, you actually get a whole hour of teaching on that particular subject, and then you get an extremely powerful guided inner focus session that enhances your subconscious thought, further expanding and improving your mind.

The One-Two Punch that
Will Force Your Mind
to Become
Stronger, Tougher, And Smarter

"Already Paid Off The System 3 Times Over And I’m Just Getting Started"

" I have been using the LifeLong Success System for over a month now and it is awesome. Igor’s use of the one–two punch is brilliant. This set is by far one of Igor’s most valuable works to date.

If you have been stuck using the wrong part of your brain to get the changes that you deserve, then GET this set. 12 different topics cover all aspects and areas of your life. Wealth, motivation, health, relationships, reaching your potential, and mind of a winner are 6 of the 12 different modules. Don’t wait or put it off. You need this material to overcome ALL your limiting beliefs.

The results that I am getting have already paid off the system 3 times over and I’m just getting started. Thanks Igor!!!"

Jim Truitt
Manufacturing Plant Owner
Kernersville, NC, USA

Here's How Jim Got His Great Results

Each module in Lifelong Success is like a one-two punch. The first track gives you the knowledge. The second track embeds that knowledge deep in your subconscious mind – and even improves your brain function.

Think of driving a stake into the earth. The first time you pound the stake, it breaks the ground and goes a little way into the earth. The second and further times you pound the stake, it goes deeper and deeper as it penetrates the soil.

The first track in each module is like hitting the stake the first time. It puts the information into your conscious mind.

The second track is like hitting the stake the second and further times. It drives the information into your subconscious mind where it begins to subtly yet profoundly improve how you think and how your brain operates.

I can think of no faster or more effective way for creating the kind of rapid changes that are necessary for quick success.

Get Instant Access To Lifelong Success Now!

Special Mind Technology
Speeds Up Your Mental Growth

Now, as you listen to these guided inner focus sessions, you may notice I’ve done something else to make them even more effective. I’ve actually included a special mind technology that will cause your brain to grow and develop and form new neural pathways.

So you will be getting a guided inner focus session with a soothing background noise. And below the surface, unheard by the naked ear, this special mind technology will be causing your brain to stretch, expand, and grow.

To get the most out of this special mind technology, you’ll want to make sure you’re listening with stereo headphones. Without getting too scientific, here’s how it works:

There are two different inaudible tones being played in the background. One of these tones is being fed through the right earpiece and the second tone is being fed through the left earpiece.

By feeding you two different frequency tones, your brain must process and reconcile them. This forces your brain to actually grow and form new neural pathways. What’s more, it will put you into a super-learning state faster than you can even imagine.

Please keep in mind that because these guided inner focus sessions are so powerfully effective, you absolutely cannot listen to them while driving a car or operating machinery of any kind. You can of course listen to the first teaching session of any module while driving.

Get Instant Access To Lifelong Success Now!

Over 23 Hours of Life-Changing Knowledge & Subconscious
Learning For You To Choose From!

The Lifelong Success System is one of the most powerful and life-changing programs I’ve ever created. And it’s an amazing value.

Firstly there is one quick-start session to help you get the most out of the system.

And then each module contains:

Even better, the program has been designed so that you can focus on any area that you want. There’s no “fixed order” you must follow, though I do recommend you follow the system in the order it was created the first time you go through it.

Of course, repetition will be key to getting the maximum results out of the Lifetime Success System - particularly using the powerful G.I.F.T.s!

Now, I want to reward you for taking action to improve your life, so I’m also giving away...

Fast Action Bonus Gifts

Fast-Action Bonus Gift #1:

Life Long Success Group CallIf you get the Lifelong Success system today, you’ll get access to two recorded Q & A calls that dealt with Lifelong Success.

On these group calls, I was asked questions about achieving success, breaking bad habits, and creating lasting change, and I addressed them all in detail..

This alone should be reason enough to want to get this system.

This is conservatively a $179 value.


Fast-Action Bonus Gift #2:

Life Long Success Group CallSecondally, if you get the Lifelong Success System today, you will get a special guided inner focus session called “The Wealth Supercharger”.

This bonus session is all about rewiring your brain to automatically attract, acquire, and keep wealth -- no matter what your financial situation looks like today.

It takes the Module 2 G.I.F.T to a whole new level!

This is an extra $129 value.

But please remember: These fast-action bonus gifts are limited and may be removed at anytime to only reward those who take positive fast action!

These bonus gifts are valued at a total of $308 -- yours FREE just for grabbing the opportunity to make yourself smarter, wealthier and healthier!

Get The Lifelong Success System Today And
Claim Your Fast-Action Bonus Gifts!

Of course, don't just take my word for's what other people are saying about the Lifelong Success System...

"Most Outstanding Self-Improvement
I Ever Bought"

“The most outstanding self-help and self-improvement I ever bought. That's how I would describe The Lifelong Success System to a friend who wants to improve. To get back to himself from the insanities the world tries to drive us into. Yes, you can get a lot out of The Lifelong Success System. Maybe that your deepest dreams come true.

"Yes, it works. If you give it a chance. Yes, you have to invest time and money in it. Then it gives you the opportunity you to get back to your inner strength. If you use it. That is very important. Using The Lifelong Success System takes time. Time several times a week. Best every day. But it is no real effort. When you open yourself to let it aid you where you can get. Back to your dreams. To make them come true for the best of you and the best of the world.”

Siegfried Stoll
Mannheim, Germany

"I've Gotten a Set of Super Powers"

“The Lifelong Success System has helped me in so many areas of my life, it is hard to count. I feel like I've gotten a set of super powers each month I have used them.

"I'm more motivated to get things done, find the focus to do things easy, and have all of the amazing health, wealth, and energy I want in my life. Thank you Igor.”

Joe Homs, Hypnotist
Lake Forest, CA USA

"Helped Me Overcome Subconscious Problems"

“The Lifelong Success system has helped me to overcome subconscious problems that have held me back all my life. I now feel motivated to carry on learning at least until I reach 100 years of age.

"I have shared this program with all my children and grandchildren and all have benefited greatly. What a wonderful legacy to be able to pass on to them. On a daily basis I can see their lives changing, always for the better. Thanks to you Igor I feel more excited about my life every day. More power to you.”

Hugh Forrester
Part time farm manager & freelance salesman
East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Are these people any different than you?


They simply put their doubts aside and gave The Lifelong Success System a try.

Now, it's your turn...

Get The Lifelong Success System Today And
Claim Your Fast-Action Bonus Gifts!

You’ll Be Shocked by
How Little We’re Asking...

Naturally, you’ll want to know, How much does Lifelong Success cost? I will tell you in just a moment. But first, let me ask you a question.

It’s Not Just for You – Help a Friend, Co-Worker, Child, or Family Member!

If you’re not totally confident in your ability to help another person through a difficult situation, then the Lifelong Success System will serve double-duty for you.

Imagine how easy it would be to loan one of your modules to a friend or family member.

There’d be no pressure at all. And most people will listen to an MP3 if you ask them to – especially if it’s relevant to something they’re struggling with.

This could be especially helpful for the rebellious teenager in your life... the hard-headed parent... or even a long-time friend who just needs some help.

Or you could simply share the knowledge and take all the credit.

Either way YOU have taken action when others needed help!

Bottom line: Lifelong Success is not just for you – it’s for your friends and family members, too!

Easily Improve Your Life & Others Today!


Ultimately, that’s what you really care about. If you are not smarter or richer or happier or more in control of your life or finally free of bad habits that have been nagging you for years... then what good is it?

But I can tell you, with total confidence, that the Lifelong Success System will deliver the kind of life changes you’re looking for.

The success lessons I share are based on many years of experience as a highly-regarded trainer who is often referred to as a "world-class coach".

And the guided inner focus sessions combined with the special mind technology will literally force you to become a smarter, more influential and more successful person.

Fortunately, the Lifelong Success System is not going to cost you $2,000 although it would be well worth that investment in yourself.

And although others may think I'm crazy, I'm not even going to ask $1000 for this breakthrough system...

For the next few days only you can get this system for just $97 x 4.

Which is a small investment for a system that can dramatically change your life for the better - fast!.

There's Zero Risk For You Because Of Our 60-Day FULL Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Money Back GuaranteeI want to earn your trust and that’s why I'm happy to offer a no-nonsense refund policy with an unconditional 60-day risk-free guarantee.

Go ahead and take advantage of this limited time offer today. Start the Lifetime Success System today and see for yourself how powerful it is for helping you become smarter, richer, and happier than you’ve ever been.

Then if for any reason you’re not thrilled with the results, just ask for your money back within 60 days and you'll be given a prompt and courteous refund – no questions asked!

The bottom line: You risk nothing to test-drive this amazing, life-changing system in the comfort of your own home.

Isn’t it time you started living life on your own terms?

Click the "I Want Lifelong Success" button below...

Get The Lifelong Success System Today
& Claim Your Bonus Fast Action Gifts!


YES! I’m ready to breakthrough to higher levels of success and finally become smarter, richer, and happier than I’ve ever been!

I understand that:

There will never be a faster, easier, or more effective way for me to realize the full potential of my life and that's why I'm taking advantage of this opportunity to click the button below...

$2000 $1000 Today Only $97 x 4

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I’m looking forward to hearing about your newfound success.

Igor ledochowskiigor-sig.jpg

Igor Ledochowski - Creator Of The Lifelong Success System

Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer
Author Of Over Different 70 Training Products & Seminars
Author Of The Best Selling, "The Deep Trance Training Manual"
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
Internationally Acclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer
Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer

P.S. There’s not a single person I can think of who wouldn’t benefit from Lifelong Success. No matter how successful you already are, you’ll notice major improvements in every area of your life. Click the link below now to try the Lifelong Success System risk-free...

Get The Lifelong Success System Today And
Claim Your Fast-Action Bonus Gifts!

Oh, and one last thing. Even though Lifelong Success has only had limited releases we've gotten all kinds of positive feedback. Here's just a sample...

"I Was Skeptical..."

“I was very skeptical about purchasing the Lifelong Success System. Skeptical that it wouldn't deliver new fresh information.....boy was I wrong!

"Each session in the program delivers new and thought-provoking ideas and Igor's guided inner focus sessions deliver them deep to my subconscious. Your products go beyond what you promise. Cheers!”

Chris George
Commercial Real Estate Broker
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

"More Lasting Growth Than Ever Before"

“Personally I have spent many years researching self help material but none have impacted so profoundly than this program. It covers every aspect and general topic in life.

"I have had more permanent change and lasting growth from this material than any other program I have invested in. Thank you Igor.”

Vinnie Le Huray
Sales Professional
North Canterbury, New Zealand

"My Health Has Greatly Improved!"

“I bought this system to improve myself according to my health issue. I was amazed at how this information has really made me a better person, everyone I meet, and come back in contact with are all commenting on the positive change.

"I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) over 21 years ago and listening to these recordings have really improved my persona, attitude and overall my health has greatly improved! I want to thank you Igor from the bottom of my heart.”

Monalyne Bachalo
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

Get The Lifelong Success System Today And
Claim Your Fast-Action Bonus Gifts!

"Completely Changed My Life...
Lost More than 100 lbs!"

“I've used the lifelong success program to completely change my fact since I've been using the program I've managed to lose over 100 lbs and I've managed to keep it off, and the best part I can honestly say that using the GIFTs all of this has so far been pretty effortless.

"No cravings, no mood swings in fact I don't think I've ever eaten as much in my life, my body doesn't even want the garbage anymore. Heck I'm even finally eating my veggies, and best of all I'm even liking them. Grandma would be proud.”

Nick Xifaras
General Manager
Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA

"I Took Igor's Advice... And It's Paid Off"

“In one of the sessions Igor suggested thru sharing one of his own experiences to 'just do it!' I had been putting off for years purchasing a laptop so I can do stock investing online. I bought a really good one for $2 grand. I earned more than that within 2 weeks thru online investing (cashed in). I've earned thousands more since then and it's only been 3 months!!”

P. R. Taft,
Tucson, AZ, USA

"I Feel Blessed!"

“It's the clarity that I love most! There aren’t enough thanks or good words to say about Igor's sincerity and ability to help other people live a better life.

Just after one week of listening to the first set in the series, I began to smile more ... for no reason at all ... and I began to feel better physically, too. Igor was teaching me how to relax and have a wonderful day ... no matter what was happening around me.

I purchased the Lifelong Success System, around the time my husband and I lost our home to fire. I faithfully listened the 1st set, before eagerly moving to the 2nd set. I was amazed at the clarity that was transpiring inside my mind. For someone who had just lost everything ... I literally saw a bright new future 'round the bend'. I was calm, collected and knew what to do.

It's been nine months since the fire and everything I loved then has now been replaced. I feel blessed! And I owe that feeling to Igor, because he has a gift of helping one love life, no matter what's on their horizon.”

Shirley Bass, Business Owner
Deming, New Mexico, US

"I Love This Program"

“I love this program. Igor takes all the work out of it for you and has created a program where you can simply sit back and enjoy...and all the time you are rewriting your internal blueprint and observe his technique so that you can improve your own.”

Shaju Jacob, Attorney
Northville, MI USA

Get The Lifelong Success System Today And
Claim Your Fast-Action Bonus Gifts!

"Built on a Great Philosophy"

“This product is of great quality. The clarity and soothingly hypnotic voice of Igor is a great enjoyment just to listen to. On top of that, the system is built on great philosophy about life and abundance. A toast to Igor and everyone who owns and uses this system.”

Shirley Lim

"I Found Myself Accepting Things"

“The background sound of tropical rain and drum speaks in such a way I find myself totally lost in that place. Always find myself smiling after the soundtrack and be able to sleep deeply.

"One day I found myself accepting things as they are and have a space to listen other people's drama with such ease. Thanks Igor for creating such a system.”

Soonja Kim
Office work
Toronto, Ontario, CA

"Exceptionally Helpful"

“I'm using this program for a few months now. I must say the content has been exceptionally helpful so far. I'm working on setting up a startup company. This is both a very challenging and stressful activity as I have never done anything like that before. I have found a wealth of information in the Lifelong Success program that has proven very useful in dealing with the difficulties and setbacks of the project.

"The clear explanations about goals and goal settings as well as how to install a positive mental attitude or how to tackle procrastination in front of tedious or overwhelming tasks are going a long way in making that project more and more a reality.”

Stephane Mutz
Cuverville, Calvados, France

"Many People Could Benefit from This"

Rob Wagner“I started buying Igor's products to learn how to be more influential. Funny thing about that is that in the process I learned why I wasn't already. But the more I learned about how the mind works, the more possibilities started occurring to me as options for who I want to be.

"This is Igor's self-improvement course and covers topics such as wealth, maintaining a positive outlook in the face of adversity, dealing with bad memories, and cultivating personal relationships. After listening to it, I kept thinking of all the people I know who could benefit from it like I did.”

Rob Wagner
Micro-business entrepreneur
Seattle, WA USA

"It's Like Igor Coaching You in Person"

“Well, yesterday I got the Lifelong Success System, and while I have a collection (who doesn’t) of different ‘success’ courses from various well known names, this is the one that just feels right for me.

“Recently I became addicted to video games (hint they are designed to be addicting), and wouldn’t you know the course that I was drawn to had Igor talking about his experience with the SAME thing. It’s almost like Igor being right there coaching me in person (actually might be better since we don’t have to juggle schedules, etc, also it costs a heck of lot less!).

“Of course I’m not saying the course is as good as Igor coming and mentoring you in person until you are super successful (I only have had it for a day!), but for me it brings the whole path to being more successful in a clear step that gets both the unconscious and conscious parts of your mind working together.

This is the best product that I have gotten from the Hypnosis Training Academy, because as much fun as it is to do x or y, this one system seems to have the tools that will help with anything that might be blocking me from being as successful as I can possibly be.

“But then again, I’ve only listened to three sessions so far, so I can’t say how wonderful the long term benefits are going to be, but so far these really hit a home run for me.”

Shane D Vincent

$2000 $1000 Today Only $97 x 4

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