How Bruce Lee's Fighting
Secret Helps Produce
"Black Belt" Hypnotists

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,

If you would like to know how to confidently and predictably hypnotize anyone, in any situation... and do so even if you're currently "gun shy" or inexperienced... this message will show you how it's possible.

Here's the story:

My name is Igor Ledochowski.

I am a hypnotist, and in the past before I became an internationally recognized hypnosis trainer, I had my very own (highly successful) private hypnotherapy practice.

I am now one of the world.s most elite hypnosis trainers having instructed intensive live training certifications in 16 different countries and published over 70 home-study programs.

In fact over two hundred thousand students from all around the world have got one or more of my hypnosis training programs.

But you want to know something funny?

The first 4 years I studied hypnosis...

I Could Hardly Hypnotize Someone If My Life
Depended On It

It's true.

I am NOT a born hypnotist, and hypnotizing other people did not come naturally to me.

For 4 long years I would stutter through hypnotic inductions... forget what to say or do next... and hope to God the person I was "hypnotizing" wouldn't catch on that I was completely out of my depth.

It wasn't for lack of study or practice, either.

I bought (and devoured) just about every book written on hypnosis -- including many rare out-of-print books by the hypnosis masters of a bygone age.

I took live (and expensive) training classes with some of the world's best hypnotists.

And studied all the different types and "schools" of hypnosis -- including indirect hypnosis, covert hypnosis, stage hypnosis, therapeutic hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, and so on. 

I also practiced hypnosis drills on just about anyone I could find to be a "guinea pig".

But you know what?

NEVER felt 100% confident I could predictably (and repeatedly) hypnotize new people.

How could I? My hypnosis results were entirely "hit and miss".

Sure, there were occasions where I'd do an induction on someone and it would go so well I'd feel like I was on Cloud-9 for the rest of the day.

It was the best feeling in the world.

But it never lasted.

Because the next handful of people I attempted to hypnotize...

Just Looked At Me With A Bored Expression

Almost like they pitied me.

And that's when my confidence in my hypnosis "powers" would drop through the floor.

In truth, there were more than a few days when I pretty much wanted to give up on mastering hypnosis altogether.

Then one day, under the strangest circumstances, I got an idea that completely revolutionized the way I (and now thousands of others) perform hypnosis. This revolutionary idea hit me (literally!) when I got...

Punched In The Face!

No joke.

What happened is this:

I was doing martial arts (my other great interest) and, my sparring partner let go of a right hook that landed squarely... smack!... on my left jaw.

And funnily enough, that's when the idea about hypnosis hit me too.

See in that instant I remembered as to how the legendary martial artist -- Bruce Lee -- once said this about combative moves (like punching, kicking, grappling etc)...

"Everything Works But Not
All The Time"


A punch works -- but only if you're within punching range.

A kick works -- but it's useless if you're up close grappling with your opponent.

Grappling works -- but it counts for nothing if your opponent is coming at you with a flying kick to your solar plexus.

So Bruce Lee took the "best of the best" fighting moves from 26 different styles of martial arts and condensed them down into a "fighting system" that turned him (a 5'6", 145lb man) into arguably the world's most deadly "human fighting machine."

But so what?

What does that have to do with you and hypnosis?


Like Bruce Lee (with fighting) I realized with hypnosis that...

"Everything Works But Not
All The Time"


The "secret" to mastering hypnosis -- to confidently and predictably getting the results you want with your subjects -- is in knowing WHAT "technique" to use WHEN and WHY

Otherwise -- metaphorically speaking -- you could be trying to use a kick when what would have the most "impact" (in the situation) would be an uppercut punch.

That concept applied to hypnosis means you could be trying to use direct hypnosis in a situation (or with a particular person) where you'd get the most impact by using covert Ericksonian hypnosis.

And then, a few moments later, you may need the flexibility to switch to using some nested-loop NLP language patterns on that very same person.

Again, it all comes down to knowing WHAT "technique" to use WHEN and WHY

Otherwise -- metaphorically speaking -- you could be trying to use a kick when what would have the most "impact" (in the situation) would be an uppercut punch.

That concept applied to hypnosis means you could be trying to use direct hypnosis in a situation (or with a particular person) where you'd get the most impact by using covert Ericksonian hypnosis.

And then, a few moments later, you may need the flexibility to switch to using some nested-loop NLP language patterns on that very same person.

Again, it all comes down to knowing WHAT "technique" to use WHEN and WHY

So the question then becomes:

HOW Do You Know WHAT "Technique" To Use

Well, there are really only TWO options:

OPTION 1: You could continue on as you are -- getting frustrating "hit and miss" results from your hypnosis -- trying to figure it all out on your own.


OPTION 2: You could save yourself a LOT of frustration, time and money by embracing something I've put together that many other expert hypnotists are now calling...

The Hypnotic "Master Code"

What's the Hypnotic "Master Code"?

Bottom line:

It's a set of core principles and techniques distilled down into a UNIFYING and FLUID STRUCTURE between all the different types, techniques and "schools" of hypnosis.

Remember how I said Bruce Lee took the "best of the best" fighting moves from 26 different styles of martial arts and condensed them down into a "fighting system" that turned him (a 5'6", 145lb man) into arguably the world's most deadly "human fighting machine"?

Well, I have - in a fashion - done the same thing with all the disparate "schools" and techniques of hypnosis. 

This way, anyone -- even the proverbial "weakling" -- can walk into any situation with any person and...

CONTROL The Entire
Hypnotic Process With
Ease & Confidence 

Know why?

Because the Hypnotic "Master Code" underpins and interlinks all the various hypnosis techniques into a coherent and dependable system -- thus taking all the confusion and frustration out of hypnosis.

It also reduces complex techniques into easily learned "streamlined" processes. 

And because of its based around a unifying and fluid structure -- you can perform hypnosis in such a way that is ethical, repeatable, effective, efficient, simple and... most importantly...

Produces Consistent & Predictable Results With Your Hypnotic Subjects 

Making hypnosis FUN and EXHILARATING again.

The Hypnotic "Master Code" is easy to adopt into your hypnosis work, too.

In fact, you'll naturally find yourself absorbing the Hypnotic "Master Code" into your thought patterns -- simply by listening to my home-study program, called: 

"The Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed".


Just relax and listen to my voice on the audio sessions of the program and allow the information to target (and unlock) the full hypnotic potential of your conscious and unconscious mind.

 That's all you have to do.

Then what?

Then you'll naturally find yourself performing hypnosis in such a way that is both FLUID and PRECISE.

And that's when you become a "Bruce Lee of Hypnosis" -- knowing exactly WHAT hypnotic "technique" to use WHEN and WHY

In fact, whatever your level of education and experience is with hypnosis (from rank beginner to seasoned pro) when you acquire the framework of the Hypnotic "Master Code" you become a "born again" hypnotist with a much more dynamic and fluid way of hypnotizing other people.

Meaning: The Hypnotic "Master Code" will NOT dampen your creativity or constrict your personality.

Instead it will put you back in touch with your authentic self -- your "inner hypnotist" -- so you can move from one hypnosis technique to the next with unfaltering grace, confidence and the utmost authority.

That's why those who have already gone through "The Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed" program speak out about it being THE program that finally "made sense" of all the other programs and techniques and made them all exponentially more effective in the real world with real people (just take a look at the testimonials down the right hand side of this page to see what I mean).

Anyway, here's what's important right now:

If you request a copy of the home-study program -- "The Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed" - today, right now, I will send it to you and, you can even go through the entire program...

For FREE, If You Choose

I'll explain more about that in a moment.

But first, here's a quick look at what's included in the program:

Session 1: Introducing The "Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed"

In this first session, you'll be initiated into the seemingly mysterious world of hypnosis.

I'll "draw back the curtains" for you so you understand what hypnosis really is.

What it is, what it is not and how you can practice hypnosis effectively and without difficulty.

Here's just some of what you'll discover

Understanding the conscious and the unconscious mind. This simple model is one of the keys to using hypnosis quickly, easily and without too much fuss.

The limitations of the conscious mind and how this helps you as a hypnotist

The reason why "sleeping on a problem" will most times lead you to solutions to even seemingly intractable problems. Here's how to use this knowledge to your advantage

The keys to understanding the workings of the unconscious mind. These "Operating Principles" explain many otherwise baffling events and actions. You can use these same principles to create dramatic hypnotic results

The truth about abilities such as creativity and how to use hypnosis to access and unlock abilities that people may not even have known they possess

The incredible power of hypnosis to improve your health. A stronger immune system, more rapid healing and recovery from operations are all benefits that are possible with the power of hypnosis

How the unconscious mind acts to protect you. This is the explanation for seemingly irrational fears and phobias and also the key to your power as a hypnotist to overcome these problems

Repressed memories. What they really are and their significance for you as a hypnotist

The reason why "Bad things" seem to come up just when everything in your life seems to be going well. Understand this and you can use these seemingly unwelcome interruptions to make your life even better

The 5 functions of the unconscious mind. Understanding these functions gives you incredible power to increase your influence and amplify the effect of hypnosis. This is one of the "Master Keys" to ensuring that someone will follow your directions without question

How to use hypnosis to perform incredible feats of memory. With this knowledge you never need fear tests or exams ever again

The remarkable practice of "Forensic Hypnosis" in police work. This has been the key to solving otherwise baffling cases

The truth about hypnosis and "Mind Control". You can achieve remarkable results when you apply your knowledge correctly

Discover the truth about hypnosis, what's possible and what isn't. Knowing this will mean you don't waste time on impossible goals

Unravelling the mystery that surrounds hypnosis. What hypnosis is and what it isn't. You'll discover that you don't need special powers to be an expert hypnotist

2 surprising facts about the nature of hypnosis and how this knowledge will allow your influence and hypnotic powers to soar

An everyday example of people going into an hypnotic trance without realising it. This example will help you create your own hypnotic trances

How trances can liberate you and others to enjoy life more and focus attention on the things that are most important

How to use "Mini Trances" to unleash your creative powers

How famous hypnotist and therapist Milton Erickson used hypnosis on himself to write newspaper articles automatically. Often he'd have absolutely no recollection of what he had written until he saw his work in print

This is the reason why hypnosis can stop fears and phobias and improve any emotional condition that is causing problems

Negative experiences with hypnosis. You'll rarely, if ever, come across these-provided you follow some simple guidelines to practicing hypnosis safely. Here are tips on what to do and what not to do. Plus 2 types of people to avoid

The simple, but extraordinarily powerful, 3-step "A-B-S" formula for understanding ANY hypnotic process. Understand these steps and you'll be on the way to becoming a master hypnotist

How to know when someone is actually in a hypnotic trance. You need to know this so you can effectively create the results you want. Here is the "Signal Recognition System" that will keep you on track.

At the end of this first session you'll be armed with all the fundamental knowledge and information to begin using the power of suggestion and hypnosis.

Next, here's

Session 2: "How To Use Suggestion To Get What
You Want"

Suggestion is one of the most important tools for effective hypnosis and influence.

Just understanding this one key principle will make a huge difference to your ability to influence others and get them to act on your suggestions.

However, few people really understand what suggestion is and how to use it effectively.

When you complete this session, you'll be one of the few who do.

I'll share with you some unique insights that make it easy to get inside someone's mind.

This is the key to then influence their unconscious to do things automatically at your suggestion.

There are also a number of exercises so you can really experience the power of suggestion for yourself.

This is actually very important to your success as a hypnotist and something that few other hypnosis programs really explain.

Here's more about this session

Suggestion and how to use language to create a specific and automatic response from somebody. Done correctly, this is how you can compel someone to follow your directions

The power of words and how to use them to create a specific effect in the mind

4 thought experiments so you can quickly experience for yourself the power and impact of words

How words create mental pictures and images (this is actually why you don't understand "nonsense" words or words in a foreign language

2 reasons why being "suggestible" can actually be a good thing. Used correctly, this skill can enhance your life in many different ways

Warning! There are 2 things that will stand in your way to success with hypnosis. Here's how to deal with them effectively (and how to avoid the Law of Reversed Effect)

An astonishing demonstration of how you can create a physical reaction simply with the power of words

How you can create a "Kinesthetic Hallucination" (make someone feel something when there's no rational reason to do so) with just the power of your words

3 principles to create highly effective suggestions

A remarkably simple way to use words to create powerful emotional experiences on demand. This can be the key to a more delightful and enjoyable life both for you and others

The real power of hypnotic suggestion and why subtle suggestion has far greater impact than crude, sledgehammer commands

It will seem as if you're performing a simple levitation. In fact, this is an incredible demonstration of the power of mental images to affect the muscles in your body

How you can actually take control of someone's body and create a physical effect. This will amaze your friends at parties!

A secret principle that used properly will help you enrich your life and take you to levels of achievement you never thought possible. Beware! Used incorrectly, this same principle will be the source of pain and anxiety

How to shortcut the learning process to acquire virtually any skill or talent you desire

A secret used by hypnosis experts to guarantee a positive experience for someone, even if they've never met that person before. It will seem as if you can read someone's mind when you use this simple technique

2 insider tips to increase the power and effectiveness of your hypnotic suggestions

What to do if a hypnotic suggestion doesn't work exactly as planned. With this simple strategy you won't miss a beat, you'll remain completely in control and you'll actually increase the power of your next step

Warning! What never to do when someone emerges from a hypnotic experience. This mistake will totally destroy your power and influence

7 different examples of 7 different styles of suggestion causing 7 different effects.

You now understand and can use the different types of suggestion and you can now express yourself hypnotically with some fluency.

Now, if you've ever had any doubts about your ability to use hypnosis successfully, they're about to vanish forever.

Because here is

Session 3: "Exactly How You
Can Become A Hypnotist Almost Instantly"

This might seem a bold claim. But this is where you really start to get the benefit of my knowledge and experience.

Because I've spent years exploring every aspect of hypnosis, I know exactly what works and what doesn't.

That means you don't have to make the mistakes and go down the blind alleys I did. It's all laid out for you.

All you have to do is follow the simple directions and experience the results for yourself.

In this session you'll discover how to think, sound and act like a true hypnotist.

And you'll get the benefit of a powerful hypnotic training that delivers in a few days the hypnotic experience and expertise that takes others months or years to acquire.

You'll also discover

The key to all learning, all behavior, and all change. This understanding will accelerate your own progress plus enhance your ability to help others

How to use what you've already learned about hypnosis to accelerate your progress to becoming a skilled hypnotist

Introducing the great-grandfather of hypnosis, Franz Anton Mesmer, and the secrets he used to produce stunning results with hypnosis

The structure of any hypnotic induction. There are only 4 steps involved. It might seem simple but master this idea and you can master hypnosis

Can you really get results in just a minute? Don't take my word for it. Try the "60 Second Hypnotist" exercise and prove it yourself

Use this simple key to making the "60 Second Hypnotist" fun, relaxed, and very effective in honing your hypnotic skills

Why you must make your hypnotic inductions flow smoothly if you want the least amount of resistance to your suggestions

How the unconscious mind reasons and how to use this "secret language" to be more persuasive and make a bigger impact

Four "Words Of Power" that will make your inductions flow smoothly. That means you'll be more effective

How combining the 4 words of power with one or two simple themes, you can already create rich and beneficial hypnotic experiences for friends and family. Even at this early stage people will see you as being more powerful and influential

Listen to this powerful example of an entire hypnotic induction that uses ONLY the 4 words of power - as you drop into a deep trance listening you'll know that the 4 words of power are really powerful!

How to quickly and easily expand the number of power words and hypnotic themes. PLUS some useful resources to make you a more powerful and persuasive hypnotist

The critical element you must master to be a successful hypnotist. There's a simple principle that will help you do this

The one thing that MUST be present for you to have success as a hypnotist. Amateurs often sabotage themselves without knowing it. Make sure you avoid these blunders

How to use your voice to be a more effective and seductive hypnotist. This principle alone can take you from being a complete beginner to the level of near mastery very quickly

With the skills you'll have at the end of this session, you'll have everything you need to become a skilled hypnotist.

You'll also be able to use some basic hypnosis with friends and family to help them make improvements in their life.

Don't be surprised when people start to look at you with a new sense of respect and look to you for advice.

This is just the start, however. Here's

Session 4: "How To Put
People Under Your Spell"

Here's where everything you've discovered so far comes together and you experience the real power of hypnosis.

It's truly exciting and you may never have experienced anything like this before.

I'll introduce you to the classic form of induction, or hypnotic trance, and guide you through the whole process.

The classic induction is one of the easiest to get right.

That means you'll be hypnotizing people within minutes of listening to this session.

Here's what I'll reveal:

Introducing the classic induction. This is the most effective and sure-fire learning tool for mastering the hypnotic process. Even if you're completely new to hypnosis you'll be able to get very positive results for yourself and others

Why formal structures and rituals are used in hypnosis so often and how this can help you

A recap of the 3 step "A-B-S" formula for success with hypnosis. You'll apply this simple formula again and again and get consistent results

The secret to success with the classic induction. You can use this secret in a range of situations to get the results you want

I'll guide you through a demonstration of the classic induction. Not only will this help you master this induction, it will also help you become an expert hypnotist faster

Some tips on how to make the hypnotic experience richer, more vivid and more effective

The "Piggy Back" Principle. When experts want ideas accepted with no questions and without a fight, they use this stunningly effective principle. I share 3 examples of how to use this almost foolproof tactic yourself

Warning! The "Law of Reverse Effect" can sabotage your hypnosis. Here's how to avoid problems

How to use the principle of association and a particular type of language to get people to readily accept your suggestions

The subtle way to make your suggestions so strong that people will be virtually powerless to resist you

Everyday and universal experiences you can use to apply the piggyback principle to create psychologically compelling suggestions

How to deal with distractions that arise during a hypnosis session and actually use them to make the session more effective

3 types of mental imagery you can use to add power and impact to your hypnosis. I'll reveal the right way to use mental imagery and how to avoid the problems that can occur.

With your new skills and knowledge you now have the ability to master any hypnotic process you want to.

Let's build on those new skills and discover

Session 5: "Advanced Techniques For Putting People Under Your Spell"

In this session you'll expand your power by mastering different kinds of inductions.

This will expand your hypnotic repertoire and the range of your influence.

You'll discover

The secret to using hypnosis effectively with the widest range of people in the widest range of circumstances. When you understand this, you can be confident using hypnosis in virtually any situation

How a little old lady defeated the best efforts of the great hypnotist Milton Erickson until he made a simple change. This story holds valuable lessons for all hypnotists

The Liebeault (or "Sleepy Eyes") induction. This was the first proper hypnotic induction and provides some useful tips, particularly for the first stage of your inductions

I'll guide you through the Liebeault induction and at the same time gives you some expert help mastering hypnosis

How to take a simple suggestion and put someone into a trance almost instantly. This is very powerful and you can use the process in many different ways

How to use guided visualization (or guided mental imagery). There are 2 types. I explain the difference as well as the wrong way and the right way to perform this type of hypnosis

Join me for another hypnotic adventure using guided mental imagery and expand your range of skills further still

With your expanded skills you're developing a full and rounded style as a hypnotist.

You now know and recognize all of the classic hypnotic induction methods.

No matter what style of hypnosis you come across, you'll understand what they're doing and what to do to get the results you want.

Now you're ready for some

Session 6: "Power Tactics To Deepen
Your Hypnotic Effects"

This next session is all about refining your skills to make them even more powerful and effective.

You'll discover the power principles and strategies that very few hypnotists ever properly master.

These advanced strategies virtually guarantee success before you even begin.

People will literally be unable to resist your suggestions.

Here are just some of these secrets

The power of people's expectations and how you can influence these to ensure a successful outcome to your hypnosis session

The hypnotic "Pretalk". What this is and the 4 important functions it fulfills

2 potential problems that you can completely eliminate with a skilful pretalk

A tip for practicing hypnotherapists to save time and prepare people for a successful session

How to prime the unconscious mind to be helpful and responsive in your hypnosis sessions. Both stories and real life examples will help you to have a big impact

One of the key things you must do as a hypnotist to ensure a successful outcome

3 guidelines to ensure people are open and receptive to your suggestions

7 common myths about hypnosis and how to make sure they don't prevent you from achieving positive results

The truth about the "control" issue in hypnosis. You may be surprised to discover where the control really lies in a hypnosis session

Why you don't need to be concerned about revealing embarrassing or confidential information while under hypnosis

What to do if someone doesn't come out of hypnosis when you want them to. Actually, there's no need for this to be a concern. I'll explain why

An example of a hypnotic pretalk you can use to model your own version. I'll cover all the points so you can confidently approach a hypnosis session

6 powerful techniques you can use to create deeper trance states and provide more effective and enjoyable hypnosis sessions

Simple ways to finish your hypnosis sessions smoothly and easily so that everyone involved is delighted with the results. The things you do and say immediately at the end of a session will determine the success or failure of everything else that you've done

2 moments where you can amplify the power of your suggestions. Few hypnotists know about this "Double Dip" phenomenon. Use this wisely and people will be amazed at your skill and effectiveness as a hypnotist

What NEVER to do just after you've brought someone out of hypnosis. This little blunder will ruin the effect of even your best hypnotic inductions

A simple way to create an amnesia effect. This can be very useful in helping people in certain situations

With this session, no stone has been left unturned to give you the understanding and command of hypnosis that you deserve.

Finally, to complete your range of skills and power, here's

Session 7: "How To Safely Strengthen And
Use Your New Hypnotic Powers"

In this final session, I cover two topics to complete your range of hypnotic skills.

Firstly, there is some straight talking about the problems that can arise when using hypnosis.

Now when you follow some common sense guidelines, you can relax because it's unlikely you'll encounter any problems.

Even if you do, you'll know exactly what to say and do to handle the situation confidently and successfully.

But it's important you're prepared. And too many other hypnosis courses simply gloss over or ignore this important topic.

Finally, I'll share some advanced tips on how to get concrete results with hypnosis to combat mental and physical stress, improve your memory, prepare for important meetings or tests, boost creativity and unleash your inner problem solving genius.

Among the tips you'll find:

The biggest potential difficulty you may come across. These are called abreactions an intense negative emotion triggered during hypnosis

3 rules to minimise the chances of an abreaction happening. Follow these simple guidelines and it's very unlikely you'll ever come across this problem

How to know when an abreaction is happening and what you must do in this situation. There are 3 steps to ensure that you safely and easily resolve any problem

A less intense problem that may come up during hypnosis. This is easy to deal with and you can actually make this a positive and beneficial experience

The golden rule to keep in mind that will ensure you deal with any situation that comes up confidently and easily

The controversial issue of "False Memory Syndrome". What you need to know and how to steer clear of any potential problems

If someone doesn't come out of hypnosis when you want them to, there's no need to panic. I'll explain what's going on (it's most likely a good sign) and how to handle the situation easily and without fuss

Guidelines and tips to protect hypnosis professionals from unfounded allegations and other potential problems. Even if you're not a professional hypnotist, this information will be invaluable to you

How to use your new hypnosis skills to improve your own life and help the people around you. It's not therapy but you can deal with many of life's little problems and add good things to the lives of friends and family

How to provide a mental relaxation break, de-stress and rejuvenate. This is a classic from the world of hypnosis called the "Sanctuary"

The "Hypnotic Journey". How you can create a virtual world where people can do literally anything they choose. Use this to resolve fears and phobias, provide positive guidance for life, tackle business and professional problems, improve health or simply as a way to have fun and provide a psychologically useful outlet for fantasies

A simple hypnotic technique you can use to propel you towards your goals. You can also use this to prepare for important events and meetings

How to add a simple twist to this same technique and have an almost foolproof way to solve virtually any problem. The great hypnotist Milton Erickson used this idea with great success when everything else had failed

How to continue to influence people even when they are no longer in hypnosis and not even in the same place as you. I reveal the power of the "Post-Hypnotic Suggestion" and how to use it ethically and effectively

More tips, ideas, and strategies on how to use hypnosis to solve common everyday problems such as stress and anxiety, enhance your creativity, improve performance at work and more (such as successfully preparing for tests and exams)

You'll know what to do to guarantee a pleasant experience for people when you hypnotize them.

And you'll have total confidence that you can successfully handle anything that might come up.

This Session Completes
The "Secrets Of Hypnosis
Revealed" Program.

And when you've listened to all 7 sessions, you'll now have the "Master Code" in your possession.

The more you listen to these training sessions, the more your hypnotic powers will increase.

That means:

You'll understand exactly what makes hypnosis work and how you can use hypnosis

You'll know exactly the right approach to use in every situation where you need to apply your hypnosis skills. No more guessing or hoping for the best

You can apply your new hypnotic powers to help friends, family and yourself to solve common, everyday problems and enjoy a better quality of life

You'll understand how top salespeople, masters of seduction, stage hypnotists and magicians, charismatic leaders, and other powerful persuaders get amazing results. Even better, you'll understand how you can get similar results yourself

Your powers of influence will be vastly expanded. At home, socially, and in your career, you'll enjoy a new confidence and charisma as people respond to you more positively and with greater respect

With your new skills in hypnosis, a new world of power and confidence will open up to you.

With the "Master Code" you can unleash your inner power to have greater control over your own life and greater influence over others.

I could go on and on with what you'll discover in this program

Let's recap.

In Your Copy Of The "Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed" Program You Get

The complete 7 training sessions of the main program; PLUS

The comprehensive 370 page manual as a PDF that includes transcripts of every training session together with additional hypnosis resources; PLUS

The 3 bonus "Master Class" Advanced "Expert Level" audio sessions...

I'm Also Throwing In These 3 FREE Advanced "Expert Level" Bonus training sessions
(Worth A Total Value Of $141.00)

Bonus #1:

Insider Secrets Of Suggestion Power (value $47)

In this training session you go "Behind the scenes" to discover the psychological principles that make suggestion work.

Plus you'll discover some fun suggestion experiments to amaze friends and improve your command of hypnotic suggestion.


Bonus #2:

How To Zone People Through The Floor With The Classic Induction (value $47)

Experience for yourself a complete version of the classic hypnotic induction together with power words, enriched language, hypnotic themes, abstractions and visual metaphors

With these keys you'll be able to provide others with wonderful, relaxing, and


Bonus #3:

Discover The Hypnotic Inductions Of The Masters (value $47)

I share with you two additional types of hypnotic inductions that will add to your skills and understanding.

The two are the famous "Elman Induction" and the little known "Dynamic Induction".

With these inductions in your repertoire, you can create rich and rewarding experiences and take people (and yourself) on positive and powerful hypnotic adventures.

Each of these bonus sessions could very easily be offered as a separate program.

Conservatively, they are worth $47 each (and really a lot more).

But you get all 3 of them (a value of at least $141) included for FREE with your copy of "Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed".

Plus As An Extra Bonus...

Bonus #4:

"Audio Transcripts Manual And Bonus Study Guide"

I've had the entire course professionally transcribed and converted to a PDF.

There's also a detailed table of contents so you can zero in on any part of the course if you need an instant refresher of any of the techniques.

Anyway, here's the bottom line:

It doesn't matter if you're currently inexperienced or "gun shy" with hypnosis -- with "The Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed" program everything will come together for you.

Confusion will turn into crystal clear clarity.


You Will Never Again Have To Suffer "Stage Fright" Or The Humiliation Of Looking Foolish
In Front Of A Hypnotic Subject

Instead your hypnotic subjects will be a joy to work with.

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The 3 Extra Bonus Advanced "Expert Level" training sessions... which takes the program to over 11 hours of cutting-edge training.  

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Igor Ledochowski
Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer

Author Of The Best Selling, "The Deep Trance Training Manual"
Author Of Over Different 70 Hypnosis Training Products & Training Seminars
Internationally Acclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer
Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer

P.S. Remember you're totally protected by my 60 day 100% no hassle guarantee.

P.P.S. Imagine how much richer, enjoyable and full of potential your life will be with your new powers of hypnosis. With complete control over yourself and greater influence over others the possibilities for greater wealth, happiness, career advancement, and fulfilment are virtually unlimited.

P.P.P.S. In the "Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed" program you get the complete 7 training sessions of the main program PLUS the comprehensive 370 page Study Guide PLUS the 3 special Advanced "Expert Level" bonus training sessions all for just $97.

"I Took My First Training In Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy Almost 15 Years Ago...This Program Filled In Many Gaps In Knowledge & Education That I Did Not Even Know I Had!"


"Thanks for The Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed. It's an incredibly valuable program.

"I took my first training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy almost 15 years ago, and I can't even begin to count the number of trainings I've been through.

"I've got to say that I wish I had this program when I started. Igor presents the material in an incredibly clear, easy to learn, engaging manner.

"I believe that a novice could become quite skilled by listening and practicing the skills Igor teaches, and from the insights he delivers.

"I also found that this program filled in many gaps in knowledge & education that I didn't even know I had."

Archie Levine
Kent, WA, USA

"This Is Probably The BEST Audio Course That I Have Ever Listened To"

While I am not new to hypnosis (I have had an interest for 20 years), I am not yet a certified hypnotist (I'm at a mid-life career change and certification and a new career as a hypnotist is in my near future).

"I have viewed, listened to, and read a LOT of material covering hypnosis. With that background in mind, I was very interested in Igor's latest hypnosis product.

"So, I took a whole day and listened to it, straight through.

"And, I listened to it again.

"And again.

"And a fourth time.

"I then felt it absolutely necessary to write this review, a task that I had never felt the need, nor taken the time, to do before.

"This is probably the BEST audio course that I have ever listened to and it beats many video courses that are available to the aspiring hypnotist.

"The material is presented in a manner that almost completely bypasses any material that is traditionally taught, but unnecessary to learn hypnosis. Very little history is presented (only in passing sentences). It's not really needed to learn hypnosis.

"Igor follows a precise, well thought out and complete lesson plan.

"The student is given the material that is NECESSARY to learn hypnosis.

"The student is given both traditional and modern induction methods.

"The student is given instruction in indirect (Ericksonian) and direct suggestion methods.

"And the list goes on.

"In short, the budding hypnotist is given ALL the material that is necessary to start down the path of becoming an effective, well-rounded hypnotist.

"And it's done in a fraction of the time required by other hypnosis certification classes or courses.

"The Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed is definitely a product that deserves a place in the professional library of either the hypnotist or the hypnotist-to-be.

"It is a JOB WELL DONE!"

Louis Berry
Sales Trainer
Smithtown, NY, US

"This Is Exactly The Kind Of Information
I've Been Hoping To Find"

"Igor, the "Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed" has given me a sense of your incredible teaching ability! In addition, there's a very real sense that you want me to succeed in learning and using the information. This theme comes across in each and every session!

"Too many people are selling products on the internet these days who could care less if you learn it or not. Thanks for not being one of them!

"You have structured the content in such a way that I'm able to achieve a very personalized hypnotic training experience.

"It's as if you're right here with me, guiding me every step of the way! It's a testament to your formidable intellect!

"In my opinion, it gives you a wizard-like quality.

"This is exactly the kind of information I've been hoping to find. The content really offers a firm foundation for me to stand and build upon.

"Of particular use to me was the explanation of "WHY" many of the techniques work, the science behind them and most importantly "HOW" and "WHEN" they should be employed.

"Of particular personal interest to me, were the many references to Dr. Erickson's work, which served as excellent "life examples" for the presented course material.

"I feel extremely confident that, as I continue to do the numerous hypnotic exercises provided in the course material, my hypnotic abilities will exponentially increase!

"Last night, I looped just one of the included inductions on my mp3 player and played it while I slept. I woke up feeling very powerful, as though I owned every piece of ground I stepped upon.

"It's amazing!

"This course has helped to give me a much deeper understanding of hypnosis and increased my desire to not only become a better hypnotist, but has shown me which path to take to get there.

"I'd be honored to have my review on your secrets of hypnosis website. I wish you all the best on the launch of this new course."


Clint Childers
Business Owner & Student
Asheville, North Carolina

Reviewed: Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed...

"Igor Ledochowski's Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed Home Study Course is like cream rising to the top. Anyone who has bought hypnosis programs or inductions from night club magicians, mind-control desperados, or jargon-spewing academics knows the challenge.

"Where can we find a hypnosis teacher with substantive scientific training in direct and indirect hypnosis?

"What hypnosis expert has searched the globe for multicultural insights?

"Who has honed hypnosis skills in business towers and on the street, looking for breakthrough methods and applications?

"Who is trustworthy and ethical?

"Who is a clear communicator?

"Who has the most brilliant mind and rigorous standards?

"Igor Ledochowski meets these standards and more without a whiff of arrogance.

"The course is aimed at beginners and experts, at hypnotists and would-be self-hypnotists. At anyone overwhelmed by dubious information and definite stress.

"The course contains a perfect introduction to hypnosis with a simple 60-second trance induction on CD3 and progresses to more advanced techniques.

"A variation on Lieboldt's classical sleepy eye induction and the piggyback method (CD4) are so powerful they seem equally well suited for resistant skeptics and people who try so hard to cooperate that they often fail to reach a deep trance.

"Indirect or 'street hypnosis' built on the power of suggestion is his Ledochowski's specialty. This means this course offers useful methods to everyone, not just professional hypnotists.

"He develops methods that work most efficiently, naturally, and ethically along with descriptions of the physical signs to spot someone in a deep trance state.

"It's unusual to group blind followers, skeptics, and rationalists together, but Ledochowski explains how their mindsets distract them from tapping their deeper mental powers.

"Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed is filled with valuable insights about why we struggle to meet our potential and how hypnosis can immediately create breakthroughs.

"So often, hypnosis is cheapened or misrepresented. Ledochowski clearly and persuasively debunks these hypnosis myths, offering suggestions to help any type of individual achieve a deep trance and plant suggestions for the lasting positive changes they seek.

"He also unlocks the paradox of getting control by appearing to lose control, showing us exactly how to use rational intellect, emotion, and our unconscious mind to the best advantage. This program is a blueprint for helping ourselves or others through hypnosis.

"By the time I reached CD6, I realized why this deep material was so easy to comprehend and retain.

"Ledochowski teaches and uses a technique called fractionalism to move the listener from trance to explanation multiple times, using the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind to full advantage.

"The first two CDs are introductory, but everything else involves progressive learning and practice.

"The last three CDs contain instructions for maintaining safety and security during hypnosis. Ledochowski never goes for the cheap thrills because the applications he describes are far more inspiring.

"Yet everything is based in the kind of common sense that makes his lessons easy to remember and imitate. On CD7, the hypnotic journey technique is ideal for problem-solving, and the future projection method is the best way to set and achieve goals I can imagine.

"Ledochowski gives us hypnotic safe zones or havens to visit to deflate stress, and positive post-hypnotic suggestions to make our progress last. These advanced techniques are invaluable to me.

"Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed is the rare program that won't be attracting "digital dust". I use it regularly for motivation, building practical hypnosis and self-hypnosis skills in the process.

"The program is like a deep breath of fresh air compared to other hypnosis instruction. Already, the techniques are decreasing stress, increasing a positive attitude, and helping me focus more easily.

Mary Greene
Columbia, Maryland USA
Professor and Personal Development Author

I Wish That I Had Come Upon This Much
Earlier In My Life"

"What makes Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed different from all of the other home study courses with equally seductive titles?

"In a word, useability.

"I have dabbled in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming for years and have a couple dozen books, several audio courses, and a DVD, all wanting to teach me how to use this wonderful tool.

"Before Igor's course, however, none of them had given me the confidence that I could induce a hypnotic trance and actually make use of that trance.

"I had always known that I could induce a trance, and had done so on more than one occasion, but using the trance to accomplish something interesting or useful had always been beyond me, and having the confidence that I could induce the trance whenever I needed to was never there.

"The genius of The Secrets Of Hypnosis revealed is that it is taught in the spirit of playfulness.

"One of my major barriers to learning hypnosis has been that I have always been afraid that I was going to do something wrong.

"Igor's course showed me that there is no such thing as wrong. Igor's technique of the 60-second hypnotist was invaluable for this.

"Also, the core techniques of hypnosis are broken down into easily learnable skill sets. Doing an effective hypnotic pre-talk, inducing a trance, deepening the trance, the mechanics of suggestions, the awakening and post trance work.

"Each piece is thoroughly explained and demonstrated, and exercises are given that can be practiced alone or with a partner.

"And each additional skillset can be practiced without risk in the context of the 60 second hypnotist.

"In short, I highly recommend this course, and wish that I had come upon it much earlier in my life."

Scott Ledeke
IT Consultant

"My Flexibility In Hypnotizing
People Has Increased..."

"Even if I am a certified hypnotist, this was a stunning experience for me.

"First of all I am German and listening to a a hypnosis course in the English language was a cool thing, and I learned lots of new things apart from the hypnosis techniques.

"Besides that, I found it very pleasant to listen to the CDs and I managed to do that within a week. The most important benefit was probably that it gave me a lot of confidence in doing what I do.

"I think i have a pretty good fundamental knowledge in the field of hypnosis, yet many things were still missing and a lot of gaps are now closed because of Igor's course.

"The CD, that I probably learned the most from was the last one, where I learned what more can be done when the hypnosis is usually finished...

"Overall, this is a brilliant overview on all the techniques, a good hypnotist will need for his work but Igor also talks a lot about attitude and ethics, which is in my world, no less important.

"I got some very good ideas on what I can do better or different in the future.

"So, after listening to the Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed Course I can say one thing for sure: My flexibility in hypnotizing people has increased, so I recommend you to not only listen to the CDs but also do the will be worth it."

R. Reacher
Certified Hypnotist
Berlin, Germany

"Extremely Insightful"

"As I am new to the field of hypnosis, this series was very informative.

My intent is listening to this program was to supplement Igor's Power Of Conversational Hypnosis program, which I also own.

While I am partial to the Conversational Hypnosis program since I am interested in hypnosis during everyday interactions and conversations, I found that Igor broke down the hypnotic process in a very well structured and comprehensive manner from pre-talk to induction to emergence in this new one.

The example inductions that were provided were extremely thorough and I felt that the "double-dip" suggestion opportunity during emergence was extremely insightful.

"I have enjoyed both programs and look forward to the other products that Igor is creating."

Rick B
IT Project Manager
New Jersey, USA

I'm Very Glad I Found Your Courses, For Now I Use Hypnosis
Every Day!"

"I hope you don't mind my english, for I'm a Dutchman and live near Amsterdam.

"I'm a retired Hypnotherapist, Avatar Trainer and NLP specialist.

"I deliver some trainings in a year and for the rest enjoy my family and grandchildren.

"I'm very glad I found your courses, for now I use Hypnosis every day!

"In the last days I listened to "The Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed" and I think it is the best hypnosis course in the universe. Igor has a fabulous style to learn from, everyone who wants to learn Hypnosis in a step by step way that's FUN and he makes it as automatic as possible, by slipping it in the subconcious of the learner.

"Great stuff!"

Jasper Reijman Hinze
Retired Hypnotherapist
Oostzaan, Holland

"Allows Me To Learn And Absorb Effortlessly"

"I enjoyed my first listen to all of the recordings today. I have a broad smile on my face now, and feel excited about all of the new options these CDs have offered me that will improve my communications in life.

"What I enjoy most about your courses Igor, is that they allow me to learn and absorb effortlessly.

"I am relatively new to hypnosis. I have read a few books, and have learned a lot by reading, but this approach (reclining in my armchair and simply listening) makes so much more sense!

"I believe also that I am retaining in a more easily accessible manner much more of the material that I open myself to in this way. That process only works for me because what you make available has excellent content and is creatively delivered.

"The clear learning structures that you create, and your lucid, lively and captivating delivery, make absorbing that content easy and pleasurable.

"I found the Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed so jam-packed and full of great suggestions.

"I have only just finished listening and I am sure many of those suggestions are still sinking in.

"I fully expect though that given a little time they will resurface, appropriately and effortlessly when I least expect and most need them.

"That is the process I have found occurring with the other recordings that I have listened too, (The Conversational Hypnosis course, and the Private Hypnosis Club masterclasses) that endears me so much to this style of learning, and to your courses in particular.

"I feel fortunate that through your hard work and skill that I am able to benefit from absorbing all of this wonderful knowledge with so much ease!

"I absolutely loved the way you described the difference between intelligent and gullible people, and the explanation you gave for why the former make potentially great hypnotic subjects and the latter potentially difficult ones!

"I found your explanation of how best to engage with people who experience abreaction particularly helpful and illuminating too.

"There is a lot of other material throughout these recordings that also resonated beautifully within my mind as I listened.

"I look forward to listening again and again, and reconnecting more consciously to all of those other learnings soon.

"That is another aspect of this approach to learning that I love. Unlike a seminar for example, I can re-experience this and the other courses in their entirety time and time again at my leisure, and with ease. Or, just dip into one particular aspect that I wish to focus on in more depth to develop in my practice.

"I am remembering now your induction for 'an ideal place of relaxation' in one of the later recordings.

"To begin with I opted to listen but not to actually 'take part'. However a few minutes in I felt so attracted by the comfort and delights of the place you were describing that it simply seemed foolish not to change my mind and float on in. So I did.

"Finally I would like to thank you for making these recordings available.

"Quite simply Igor I think you make an ocean of sense."

Stephen Johnson
Oriental Medicine Professional
Edinburgh, Scotland

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