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"Yes, I Want To Have A Highly Successful & Fulfilling Hypnosis Practice… Even If It’s
Only Part Time!"

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Michael Davis
“I have a masters in education, I taught for many years, I was a school administrator... and this was a much better educational experience than I've ever seen before. It's brilliant! They are both visionary and pragmatic at the same time and they are inspiring. I would have spent ten times as much for this training!
Kathy Lester
“This has been a wonderful course and has shown me so many ways that I can expand my capabilites and multiply myself in so many ways that I feel confident that I will be making a 6 figure salary very soon!
Warren Rogness
Igor and Joe are just a wealth of knowledge. Its amazing all the different concepts and the content of everything here is just so full and rich, its hard to put my finger on one thing there have been many things. The value will come back to me in abundance! You're going to learn so many things that you would never thought of or spend ten years struggling to figure out.

How To Have A Successful & Fulfilling Hypnosis Practice: Instant Access to the entire video training, Plus: Complete transcripts of the entire training (Priceless!) 

Super Bonus #1: How To Organize Your Hypnosis Practice With A Simple Productivity System and Transcripts (Valued: $197)

Super Bonus #2: How To Have A Successful & Fulfilling Hypnosis Practice Resource Guide (Value: $95)

Super Bonus #3: Q&A Coaching Sessions 6 Teleconference Recordings plus full transcripts, delivered bi-weekly (Value: $397)

Super Bonus #4: 30 Professional Classified Ads (Value: $2,250)

Super Bonus #5: A Professional Sales Letter (Value: $7,300)

Super Bonus #6: 10 Professionally Written Emails (Value: $1,000)

Super Bonus #7: Website Templates (Value: $750)

And I can get this entire package for $1997 just 5 simple monthly installments of only $95. What incredible value!

Naturally I’m fully protected by your generous 60 Day Guarantee. If I don’t think this material will help me have a successful and fulfilling hypnosis practice I can get a FULL REFUND. No questions asked


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How To Have A Successful & Fulfilling Hypnosis Practice

$1997  5 simple monthly installments of only $95

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I understand I get INSTANT ACCESS to this unique and exciting program. I also realize in the unlikely event that this training does not meet my expectations I can request a 100% refund. Plus I can contact at any time with any queries or questions I have about this order or I can phone +1-206-629-6266 Or +1-800-270-2210.
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