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The American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, Medicare... and... hundreds of studies from Yale University, Stanford University and other top academic and health institutions agree self-hypnosis works...


Self-Hypnosis For Guaranteed Results

From the desk of
Master Hypnotist
Igor Ledochowski!


Uniquely Qualified To Help You Change Your Life For The Better With Self-Hypnosis...

Igor Ledochowski is a world-renowned hypnotist, author, lecturer, teacher, coach and Fortune 500 consultant crusading to bring legitimate self-hypnosis information to the public.


nn Author Of The Best Selling, "The Deep Trance Training Manual"

nn Author Of Over 100 Different Hypnosis Training Products & Training Seminars

nn Internationally Acclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer

nn Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer

nn Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer

nn Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer

nn The world's leading authority on conversational or covert hypnosis

nn Graduate of Exeter University in England with a law degree

nn British lawyer and black belt martial artist

nn Preferred trainer for hypnosis organizations such as the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and the Hypnotherapy Association

nn Creator of training programs for corporate executives

nn Successful entrepreneur who has started million-dollar and multi-million dollar privately-held companies

nn Igor has developed what many believe is the most effective self-hypnosis program available today.

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From: Igor Ledochowski

apping into your unconscious mind is the key to a great life. Without access to this treasure trove, life is often an unbearable struggle for survival.

Each moment an uphill battle. Hopes, dreams and goals difficult to attain. Joy, happiness and success fleeting. And you're left "stuck-in-a-rut" and frozen in place.

That's the kind of mental and emotional drain sapping the life out of millions of people. Leaving them to plod along frustrated.

Not knowing how to make things better.

When you feel like that it's impossible to change your life.

Unless... you discover how to tap the unconscious mind... remove all the obstacles buried inside... and... replace them with the success mindset that can transform you into a total winner. (It's a lot easier than you think!)

Learn this simple skill and personal, relationship, health, money and other problems vanish... goals and dreams become reality fast... and... life turns from a stormy sea into a calm safe harbor of easy achievement and peace of mind.

You see, scientists tell us our senses take in 11-million bits of information every second. The conscious mind processes only about nine bits. Give or take.

Which means...

The Unconscious Mind Is Responsible For 99.9% Of What Happens In Your Life

Breathing... circulation... sensory perception... cell "memory"... all the physical programs needed to keep you functioning and alive happen at the unconscious level. Automatically. Without conscious thought.

But that's not all...

Because the unconscious mind also controls all the deep-seated mental and emotional programs determining your level of success or failure in... anything!

The thoughts and beliefs running rampant in the unconscious mind (which you are often completely unaware of) produce the results in your life.

Whatever is going on right now is the outer reflection of your unconscious mind at this time.

When your unconscious is filled with positive thoughts and beliefs things go your way. When it's not... well, you know how brutally tough life gets.

Do You Know How To Access The Unconscious Mind?

If you said, "by thinking positive, saying affirmations and visualizing ideal situations," you're only part right!

Positive thinking and imagery are the seeds of success. But they can't effect change until... and unless... you plant them in the unconscious.

The problem is the conscious mind often (more often than not) blocks them. Like a guard, the conscious mind often stops positive thoughts from getting through.

You need to "distract" the conscious mind. Then... and only then... positive thoughts sink into the fertile soil of the unconscious and take root.

Consider this: What would happen if you decided to plant a rose garden... but... never put the seeds in the soil? How many roses would flower?

NONE -- right? Unless the seeds fall upon rich soil -- no flowers grow.

The same is true with your mind. You can think the "right" thoughts, repeat endless affirmations until you're blue in the face, visualize ideal situations -- but unless those thoughts drop into the unconscious mind to grow, there's NO WAY they can produce the positive results and life-transforming changes you want!

Hi. My name is Igor Ledochowski.

As a leading authority on the mind, my mission in life is to help others tap the storehouse of their unconscious. And I know for a fact that making massive transformational changes is possible... sometimes overnight!

So why do so many people who read self-help books, write out goals and stay "positive" -- still fail to improve themselves and their circumstances?  

Simple: They primed their mind with the seeds of success... but they don't do the ONE thing crucial to penetrate the conscious barrier... and... place their goals and dreams deep in the unconscious mind where they can flower into positive results.   

The "ONE thing" I'm talking about is using...

~ Self-Hypnosis ~
 The Secret To Fast Effortless Change
That Lasts A Lifetime

"The American Medical Association approved
hypnosis as a therapy in 1958, and the American
Psychiatric Association followed in 1961."
-- Harvard Mental Health Letter

Self-hypnosis has unlimited and universal

Improve Any Area Of Your Life Rapidly With Self-Hypnosis

nn Supercharge goal achievement

nn Attract wealth and prosperity

nn Modify behaviors you don't like

nn Gain unbeatable self-confidence

nn Break long-standing addictions

nn Lose weight and keep it off

nn Beat emotional overeating

nn Gain control over circumstances

nn Eliminate annoying habits

nn Overcome fears and phobias

nn Stop smoking

nn Beat insomnia

nn Relieve stress and relax

nn Reduce pain and headaches

nn Solve problems effortlessly

nn Find the perfect relationship

nn Uncover hidden abilities

nn Improve memory and retention

nn Unleash your true potential in every area of your life and become a success

nn Create the life you've always dreamed about


Best part: Self-hypnosis has no known negative side effects. So you can feel safe using a proven life-changing process starting today.

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You can achieve anything with self-hypnosis. It puts you in control and gives you an edge few people possess. Plus, it has no potential negative side effects.

In essence, self-hypnosis is a hyper-effective goal achievement tool.

After all, whether you want to make more money... lose weight... or fly in a plane without getting a panic attack -- you are essentially setting a goal.

Self-hypnosis aligns the unconscious mind with your goals. Supercharging your ability to accomplish anything.

Its universal application transcends any limitation.

As the Smithsonian reported...

"[Hypnosis] has slipped quietly and discreetly into the clinical mainstream, to the point where the American Medical Association, many HMOs and even Medicare now recognize it.

In addition to it's therapeutic value with pain, hypnosis is employed today in treatment of a variety of physical and mental afflictions, in combating phobias, in the control of bad habits like smoking and overeating, and in the all-embracing area of "performance-enhancement" for strivers ranging from sprinters to stockbrokers."

With proper application and practice, the unconscious mind is reprogrammed to achieve any goal you give it to work on.

Natural Health reported...

"During self-hypnosis, however, the subconscious mind can be contacted directly and reprogrammed with positive, non-limiting messages... With regular practice you can literally tell all the parts of your mind and body what to change or improve."

By giving you direct access to the unconscious mind, self-hypnosis effects rapid and profound changes!

So why do so many people spend a fortune on self-hypnosis books, courses, programs and seminars -- and still struggle to get results?

Let me share with you...

The Self-Hypnosis Controversy:
Why Many Other Self-Hypnosis
Programs Don't Work

Thanks to the mainstream acceptance of self-hypnosis... the hundreds of studies that prove it works beyond a doubt... and millions of people using it to help change their lives for the better... self-hypnosis is now one of the hottest self-improvement topics.

As a result, so-called hypnosis "experts" are coming out of the woodwork. 

Books, courses, seminars and other products are being peddled online and offline by a shadowy brigade of less-than-credentialed practitioners. 

Untrained, unlicensed and unregulated "lay hypnotists" put out products on self-hypnosis in the hopes of riding the tsunami of interest. And making a quick buck at the same time. 

The problem is the vast majority of people who try self-hypnosis products from these sources are disappointed. I wondered why myself and researched to find out.

One of the places I looked at was the online bookseller Amazon.com. Here are some of the negative reviews from people who bought top titles on self-hypnosis...

"followed instructions with no results"

"can't say it worked particularly well for me"

"offers nothing new on self-hypnosis"

"nothing new just like all the other books on the topic"

"poor content and quality of product"

"poor organization of material"

"felt not the least bit hypnotized"

"raises more questions than it answers"

etc. etc. etc.

The above reviews reflect three main reasons you are guaranteed disappointment with "off-the-shelf" self-hypnosis products:

Before You Try Another -- Or Your First -- Self-Hypnosis Product Read This...

First, a good number of self-hypnosis books and courses are written by inexperienced hypnotists. Anyone can publish a book. Not everyone is a true authority.

So many of these products are incomplete. They specifically don't address the issue of how to overcome inner conflict that causes self-sabotage.

This issue can surface if you do self-hypnosis properly. If you don't tackle it -- it's a matter of knowing a few simple tricks of the trade -- self-hypnosis may not work for you.

Second, they don't show you how to troubleshoot potential problems (beyond inner conflict) that may come up. Without a mechanism to correct the easy-to-fix issues to properly applying self-hypnosis you end up frustrated with poor or no results.

Third, many of these products are impractical. They take way too much time to implement. Making them useless for most of us.

Any hypnosis product you buy must -- MUST -- address these issues. Otherwise, you're wasting money on incomplete, outdated and impractical information.

And that brings us to...

How To Avoid Getting Let Down
By Amateurs Masquerading
As Hypnosis "Experts"

Let me be blunt about this...

After seeking out and learning hypnosis from the very best and most expensive teachers in the world (I personally spent over $150,000 on my education)...

nn Consulting with top Fortune 500 corporations since 1997...

nn Coaching CEOs and executives at the highest echelons of the business world...

nn Running a successful private hypnosis practice helping well over a thousand normal folks...

nn Teaching hypnosis to tens of thousands of people around the globe...

nn And publishing over 70 hypnosis training programs including the number one best-selling hypnosis program in the world, as well as multiple other best-selling programs

I've seen it all when it comes to self-hypnosis products!

My conclusion is simple: The best programs on self-hypnosis are developed by experts with years of "in-the-trenches" experience. Experts who honed their skills in the real world. Helping people overcome problems and improve circumstances.

Teaching people hands-on how to use self-hypnosis to transform their lives. And then making the hard-won secrets they discovered -- which can only be discovered through years of real-world experience -- available to the mass market.

Don't buy any self-hypnosis product from anyone who can't prove their experience... and... even more important... their results.

Otherwise, you're rolling the dice.

The right self-hypnosis information can literally change your life.

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And that brings me to...

The One BIG Secret To Having
Everything You Want Out Of Life

Some people attain success, happiness, prosperity, confidence, health and love without even trying. Others suffer a life of quiet desperation. Mediocrity, failure and misery follows close behind them.

The reason for either life situation is this...

"Inside each of us we have a blueprint for life. Depending on what this blueprint says, we'll succeed or fail, be happy or sad, prosper or remain poverty stricken...

... change that blueprint [through self-hypnosis] so you can have success, happiness, wealth, confidence, health and all the friends you could possibly want..."

(from Power Of Self Hypnosis Module #1)

Once you change your unconscious "Inner Blueprint" whatever you want... and I mean whatever you want... becomes attainable.

The right self-hypnosis process is the fastest way to change your blueprint.

How To Make Immediate And Profound
Changes Even If You Lack Willpower

Now you understand the "Inner Blueprint" of your unconscious mind dictates your life results. Changing what's inside the unconscious changes what manifests outside.

You don't need to struggle, strain or force the issue.

Willpower -- or lack of it -- is not the problem.

You just need to by-pass the conscious mind... and... ingrain the positive goals you want to experience inside the unconscious mind.

"... your task as a self-hypnotist is to get that gatekeeper out of action, out of commission so that you can go straight to the unconscious mind, to where the blueprint is, and start changing that blueprint to make it a richer, healthier and happier blueprint.

The problem with willpower is -- believe it or not -- willpower does not exist! ... What exists is attention at the conscious or unconscious level..."

(from Power Of Self Hypnosis Module #1)

Self-hypnosis is the most effective way to seep positive intentions into the unconscious... and... succeed effortlessly.

How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself
And Make Sure Self-Hypnosis Works!

Five "saboteurs" exist and they play havoc with a person's ability to achieve their goals. The one 99% of the hypnosis "gurus" don't talk about -- because they don't know it -- is the concept of "dirty goals."

Keep in mind, at its core self-hypnosis is a hyper-effective goal achieving technology. But if you create inner conflict by having a dirty goal you sabotage yourself.

"... we have internal blocks, which are conflicts between what you want consciously and what your unconscious mind wants. Remember the blueprint is a big blueprint and there are a lot of things that your unconscious mind wants and needs to protect and look after you.

So what we need to do is to overcome that conflict so that the unconscious mind harmonizes with what you want..."  

(from Power Of Self Hypnosis Module #3)

Self-hypnosis aligns the conscious and unconscious into harmony. Internal conflicts -- such as dirty goals -- and self-sabotage dissolve.

Achieving your goal then becomes a cinch!

The Perfect Time To Practice Self-Hypnosis For Maximum Results

Self-hypnosis is a practical tool.

You don't need to spend all day on it.

You also don't need to spend a lot of time during any one session.

In addition, for best results, the mind is primed for self-hypnosis at two specific times during the day...

"The general rule is five to ten minutes per session... If you end up doing it for an hour a day, five times a day and you then spend most of your day in hypnosis then this is not a practical tool anymore.

... the two times where self-hypnosis has the most power in your day... the first time is immediately upon waking up... The next time, which is absolutely ideal for self-hypnosis is just before you go to sleep..." 

(from Power Of Self Hypnosis Module #4)

Practice self-hypnosis correctly for just a few minutes twice a day. That's all you need. And the unconscious blueprint will change so success follows in whatever you want.

How To Overcome The Obstacles
To Using Self-Hypnosis

Sometimes the unconscious mind won't give in.

Most self-hypnosis programs contain no solutions to this problem. But solutions exist to solve this issue within minutes. So you continue reaping the benefits of self-hypnosis. Unhindered by the obstacles others battle.

"... we'll start troubleshooting. We'll look at what you can do if your unconscious mind refuses to play ball or give you what you want.

First we'll master the power pendulum, a potent tool for connecting with the unconscious. Then we'll go through the unconscious review process that will allow you to get to the heart of the real problem and solve that..."  

(from Power Of Self Hypnosis Module #5)

When you learn the simple self-hypnosis secrets of how to...

nn Plant goals directly into the unconscious mind...

nn Change the unconscious blueprint from failure to success...

nn Align the conscious and unconscious to work in harmony...

nn Practice hypnotizing yourself the right way at the right times...

nn And troubleshoot the problems that sometimes come up...

nn... then you can achieve anything your heart desires!

And it's so easy.

Because the secrets above were taken from a wonderful course that has helped thousands of people create the life of their dreams.

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Allow me to introduce you to...

The Power Of Self-Hypnosis For
Guaranteed Results Home Study Program
The Total Personal Transformation System


10 Reasons Why The Power Of Self-Hypnosis Program Unleashes Your Potential... 

This program reveals simple techniques developed by a hypnosis expert and proven by hundreds of people in all walks of life to work on improving any issue, situation or problem you may face.

This program reveals how to change the unconscious "Inner Blueprint" ultimately responsible for the results you achieve in life so success flows to you easily.

This program reveals the surest way to plant your goals deep in the unconscious where they can take root and manifest quickly.

This program reveals how to get into a hypnotic trance on your own every single time.

This program reveals how to eliminate "dirty goals", inner conflict and other forms of self-sabotage so self-hypnosis works for you.

This program reveals how to set goals the unconscious will accept during self-hypnosis sessions.

This program reveals how to take advantage of the two best times to perform self-hypnosis so you get maximum benefits in minimum time.

This program reveals how to fix any problems that may come up so you get the most from self-hypnosis.

This program is arranged so you master self-hypnosis in as fast as seven days for a lifetime of success.

This program is the ultimate goal achieving system. Apply it to anything you want to change, have or manifest in your life.

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In under one day you can start mastering self-hypnosis with this program!

Why? Because I've taught over well over 5000 people -- most with zero hypnosis experience -- how to apply the exact same techniques in this program with fantastic success.

You can read about some of their experiences in a moment.

This program consists of the latest advances in self-hypnosis.

I combined over a decade of my own research, in-the-field application with clients and cutting-edge industry breakthroughs into a formal self-hypnosis system that is unmatched.

Specific exercises and hypnotic inductions are included to make learning self-hypnosis a walk in the park.

The best part is you can learn everything in one day, or you can spread it out over a few days if you prefer.

Then, you only need to spend about 10 minutes a day to transform your life in any area you choose.

Because I give you a simple, step-by-step repeatable process to gain the benefits of self-hypnosis as quickly as possible.

Let me briefly reveal what you'll discover in this program on a day-by-day basis...

Module One:
The Amazing Power Of Self-Hypnosis

My system of self-hypnosis is unique.

In the first module, your mind is prepared for success with this system. I don't just throw you to the lions like other programs.

Instead I take you by the hand and show you how to get the best results possible.

No matter what goal you desire to achieve.

Misconceptions and concerns about self-hypnosis are answered.

You'll feel confident and safe as you embark on this transformational journey.

All six critical steps to using the system properly are covered.

Follow my suggestions and your personal success is practically guaranteed. Right from the word go!

Finally, I give you a fun exercise to activate the unconscious -- to get it on board. So it helps you apply the self-hypnosis strategies, techniques and secrets in the system.

This is a huge key to avoiding the self-sabotage stopping many people in their tracks.

Module Two:
A Foolproof Step By Step Method For
Easily Hypnotizing Yourself

In module two, you'll discover a surefire way to put yourself in a hypnotic trance.

The method outlined here ensures you go into hypnosis every single time.

With other programs, people often complain they don't feel hypnotized.

That won't be a problem for you.

Because this session includes my proprietary "TACK" and "CAVE" formulas guaranteed to activate the power of self-hypnosis for anyone.

You'll start conditioning the mind to create a window of opportunity. Allowing you to use self-hypnosis to fling open the door to the unconscious. Where all the magic happens.

Simple guided exercises help you ingrain the process of reaching a state of self-hypnosis.

In addition, a special audio hypnotic induction with me unlocks your ability to use self-hypnosis.

So you can duplicate the process any time and anywhere.

Module Three:
How To Program Your Mind To Get
What You Want Automatically

As I mentioned before, self-hypnosis is a powerful goal achieving tool.

Perhaps the most effective technology ever developed.

In module three, you're going to discover what goals are and how they work -- from the perspective of your unconscious mind.

You'll see why people fail (despite their best effort) to accomplish the goals they set.

And why New Year's Resolutions are abandoned without a second thought.

You will finally know the proven psychological principles behind turning goals into reality. This module arms you with the right knowledge to prevent failure.

Setting and achieving even so-called "impossible" goals will now be easy for you. Because you'll possess the ultimate formula to make any goal come true.

Module Four:
Potent Suggestion Tactics To
Quickly Unlock The Power Of Your Mind

Module four starts the process of changing your Inner Blueprint.

The focus of this session is rewriting the unconscious blueprint using the power of suggestion. In hypnosis, four classic suggestion styles are used.

They include:

Affirmation Suggestions...

Inner Pep Talk...

Rehearsal Visualizations...

Goal Visualizations

You'll learn how to apply each of them to unlock your mind's unlimited potential.

Learn how to use these classic suggestion styles and you'll get what you want.

Every time.

At the end of this module, I give you a fun self-hypnosis exercise so you put into practice what you learned. Keep in mind, this program is actionable.

Do the quick and easy exercises and you will reap rich rewards.

Module Five:
Beyond Self-Hypnosis: How To Connect With Your Unconscious To Get
What You Truly Desire

Troubleshooting problems that come up is crucial to your success.

This module shows you how to overcome a stubborn unconscious mindset. No other self-hypnosis program details this process.

For this reason, The Power Of Self-Hypnosis For Guaranteed Results is second to none.

Now, whenever your unconscious mind refuses to cooperate, you'll have at your disposal proven techniques to get it on track.

You'll discover how to get the mind to identify potential obstacles before they come up. And how to break through success barriers that stop other people in their tracks.

Making you unstoppable in your quest to achieve your goals.

Module Six:
Your Advanced Suggestion Strategy
Toolkit For The Mind

In module six, you're going to learn how to stop the conscious mind from negatively interfering with instructions given to the unconscious mind.

The conscious mind often stone-walls the ability to access the unconscious. All the techniques presented so far will help.

But sometimes you need a bit more firepower.

In this module, you will discover how to make sure the conscious mind stays out of the way.

You get four advanced suggestion strategies that clamp the conscious mind down and sedate it long enough to pass its barriers.

Whatever issues surface, you'll now be able to get out of your own way with these advanced strategies.

Module Seven:
How To Completely Master
The Power Of Self-Hypnosis Method
And Get Incredible Results

In the final module, you'll discover how to get practical results from self-hypnosis.

Nothing will stand in your way any more.

First, you'll learn to use self-hypnosis to sleep like a log... even if... you've suffered from insomnia. Now you'll fall asleep anywhere at any time. You'll also learn how to set your inner clock to awaken without needing an alarm clock.

The next practical application of the secrets you learned in this program is on changing bad habits and solving vexing problems. Nothing will stand in your way any more.

Then you get a step-by-step practice guide to create the perfect life.

You'll discover how to put everything in the program together to fashion the life of your dreams.

Here Are A Few More Secrets You'll Discover  Throughout This Program...

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The core program consists of...

nn 7 Modules jam-packed with over 7 hours of specialized self-hypnosis instruction you won't find anywhere else... plus... 

nn The 412-page PDF transcripts manual so you can follow along with the training material... and... have a quick reference guide as you go through the program.

You know what?

I'm not stopping there... because... you also get these...

I want you to get the most out of this program. No stone is left unturned to make sure your results with The Power Of Self-Hypnosis For Guaranteed Results are spectacular to say the least.

For this reason, I decided to include the following...

FREE Bonus #1
Expert Inductions You Can Use For
Wonderful Deep Trances

In this bonus I reveals how to take yourself into deep trances.

I mentioned earlier some people using self-hypnosis can't tell if they are going into trance. One of the reasons that happens is because most experts only provide a single way to reach a hypnotic state.

When you delve into this bonus training, you'll discover how to set up additional methods for accessing hypnosis.

And you'll always be able to find a more suitable approach from now on!

You'll learn what makes any induction work to begin with. And how to create your own unique strategy for always... and I mean always... inducing hypnosis in yourself.

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FREE Bonus #2
The Sure Fire Fix To Get Even The
Most Stubborn Mind Into A Hypnotic State

This bonus shows you how to fix common problems when trying to go into hypnosis. Whatever issues surface you'll have the solution at your fingertips.

The first problem I go over is how to fix your attention. In other words, how to improve your attention span while practicing self-hypnosis.

So that distractions will no longer prevent you from getting full benefits from each hypnosis session.

Then you'll learn advanced strategies for dealing with the conscious gatekeeper.

I'll show you how to reach a special state where the conscious mind can't interfere.

Finally, you also receive...

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FREE Bonus #3
How To Use The Cryptic Alphabet System
To Troubleshoot Conflicts With
Your Unconscious Mind

Look, the number one reason people don't get results from self-hypnosis is because they have no clue how to deal with the problems that come up.

This bonus audio helps you demolish any problems to using self-hypnosis.

You're taught how to laser in on a problem keeping you stuck... how to find the source of a particular problem, imprint, belief and negative emotion... how to go back in time and uncover issues you've buried in the mind... how to dissolve resistance to positive change and much more.

Not only do you get these bonuses... but... you also get the transcripts to them as well!

With the combination of the core program... and these special bonuses... nothing will derail your efforts to make your life into a work of art!

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Now It's Your Turn To Take
Full Control Of Your Life Too

Here's where the rubber meets the road as they say.

You've seen the proof self-hypnosis is a proven technology for personal change. The American Medical Association... the American Psychiatric Association... scientific studies from top institutions and universities... all indicate conclusively self-hypnosis is a tool that can help anyone.

Whether you want to achieve personal, professional, career, relationship, health, athletic or financial goals... or any goals for that matter -- self-hypnosis is the key.

Because it is the only technology that lets you tap the unlimited potential of your unconscious mind. And that's where all lasting change takes place.

The Power Of Self-Hypnosis For Guaranteed Results is (by far) the most concise, thorough and practical program for learning and using self-hypnosis.

I developed it after years of in-the-field application with clients. Unlike other programs compiled by inexperienced hypnotists I tested everything in this program in the real world.

You can now have the secrets I shared with very high fee private mentoring clients -- for a drop in the bucket.

I want as many people to try this program as possible. It will do wonders for you as it has for over 5000+ people around the world.

That's why I'm practically giving it away for $197 just 3 simple installments of only $39.

There's a good reason I'm doing this. I know people who are serious about changing their lives will apply the self-hypnosis process I teach.

They will get fantastic results.

And they will likely help my mission to spread the news of the wonderful, healing and fulfilling power of hypnosis.

100% Risk-Free Unconditional
Money-Back Guarantee

Check it out...

All I ask is that you give the program a fair try.

You'll feel positive changes taking place soon after you start the program. In just one day you can master the basic principles of self-hypnosis and start seeing results!

But you get 60 full days to test the program out at my risk.

If you honestly go through the program and try it out... and... you aren't thrilled by the results... then just let me know by email or telephone and you'll get every penny of your investment back.

Like I said, you risk nothing and have a chance to discover all these self-hypnosis secrets for free if you choose.

However, I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar you're going to love this program. You'll keep it... refer to it daily... and reap the rich rewards.

The Way I See It You
Have Three Choices...

nn Worst Choice: Do nothing and hope things will improve. Of course, that's ridiculous. Nothing changes until you take responsibility and make things change. Self-hypnosis -- when applied properly -- is the easiest and fastest technology to achieve whatever you want.

nn Bad Choice: You could keep doing what you've always done. If you've read this far, I have to believe you're not too thrilled with your results. You are obviously looking for a better way. And that's why I believe the third choice is probably your best bet...

nn BEST CHOICE: Suspend your skepticism for a little while. Get the The Power Of Self-Hypnosis For Guaranteed Results program. Test it out and prove it to yourself. It's the only way to know for sure it'll work for you. In just a few hours from now you can begin to literally transform your life. Then you be the judge.

If it's not everything I promised you have nothing to risk. Nothing at all. Because you're covered by my guarantee. I have built and maintained a very high reputation in the hypnosis field for almost 20 years.

So you have my word...

If you apply the secrets, strategies, techniques and tips in my program you will begin to see profound changes starting the first day.

Make today the first day of the rest of your new and better life.

Get my program on a no-risk basis right now...

You Don’t Risk a Thing Because You’re
Fully Protected
By Our 60-Day Full
Money Back Guarantee

I want to earn your trust and that’s why I'm happy to offer a no-nonsense refund
policy with an unconditional 60-day risk-free guarantee.

Go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity today. See for yourself how powerful it is for helping you become smarter, richer and happier quickly and MUCH, MUCH more successful down the road!

Now is your time. Just click on the add to cart button below and get started right now...

& Make Any Change You Want”

The Power Of Self-Hypnosis For
Guaranteed Results Home Study Program
The Total Personal Transformation System


This is just what I've been looking for! Because your program reveals how I can achieve goals easily... unleash my true potential... become a success... attract wealth and prosperity... break annoying habits... overcome fears and phobias... and finally be in control of and improve any area of my life!

Here’s a quick recap of everything I’m getting INSTANT ACCESS to:

7 Core Training Modules jam-packed with over 7 hours of specialized self-hypnosis instruction I won't find anywhere else

3 Advanced Bonus Modules so I am guaranteed to get maximum benefit from your program

412 Page PDF Full Transcripts Manual so I can follow along with the training material... and... have a handy reference guide to refer to whenever I want

Surprise Extra Bonus: 90 minute video titled, “Instant Self Hypnosis”

My investment is $197 just 3 simple monthly installments of only $39

I also understand I am protected by your 60 Day "100% Risk-Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.” In the unlikely event that I put the program to the test and don't see the results I want... then... I can get every penny of my investment back.

I’m excited and eager to get started and so I’m clicking the “Add-To-Cart” button below now...

$197 Today Just $39 x 3

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Igor Ledochowski - Creator Of The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis

Author Of The Best Selling, "The Deep Trance Training Manual"
Author Of Over 100 Different Hypnosis Training Products & Training Seminars
Internationally Aclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer
Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer

P.S. Surprise Extra Bonus -- Listen to this, a while back I held a sold-out 7 day certification in Palm Springs, California. During that training, I put on a special presentation all about... "Instant Self-Hypnosis".

The 90-minute presentation was video recorded and received rave reviews. It was a crowd pleaser. I'm going to give you this video -- which will add to your understanding of self-hypnosis -- and I'm going to give it to you... Absolutely FREE!

Just for trying out my program.

P.P.S. See for yourself…

What People Are Saying About This Amazing Self-Hypnosis Program

"This Is Exactly What I Was Hoping
It Would Be."

My response is two words: Utterly inspiring.

david bennionWow. Thank you for making this program. This is exactly what I was hoping it would be. There are so many things that you point out that as I look back over my life I realize I was doing the wrong way. The ASP concept for instance: I can see that I have tried to solve problems from an unresourceful state.

And your ideas at the end for creating the perfect life... it is really inspiring to think of having to use those kinds of techniques and have something else to work on.

I think this set of tools is fantastic.

By the way, I should tell you. I have sleep apnea. This most commonly affects people who are severely overweight and older. But I seem to come by it through genetics.

Mine is a milder case, but I went in and got a test and I sleep with a CPAP (continuous positive air pressure. Keeps the throat passage open so you never stop breathing)

I'm only 31, but I went to get tested because I wanted to prevent some of the complications that come from this later on -- it can cause some heart conditions and some mental conditions and whatever else is connected to having low oxygen count for periods of time during sleep.

And it tends to worsen with age.

In the past, I have had some difficulty sleeping with the CPAP and I had never been able to make it through a full night with it on. I'd usually wake up, take it off and go back to sleep. I started using your "Sleep Like A Log" technique and I have made it the full night every night since.

So not an insignificant side effect, I'd say. :)


David Bennion
Software Engineer
West Jordan, UT, USA

Update From David... "I'm So Happy"

I believe this ASP strategy is bearing fruit. I started on the 1st December. My thinking is continuing to change and my awareness of state (in myself and others) is much more acute. Plus my ability to shift state in myself just by intending it is increasing -- I just noticed that tonight.

We'll see how things are by Christmas! It's my Christmas present to myself.

I'm so happy! :)

Thanks again for this program.

 "I Cannot Remember The Last Time
I Received This Much Value…I’m Thrilled
With My Results"

Benjamin A. Walden"Although I first used self-hypnosis more than 12 years ago, I was never satisfied with the results. In fact, I tried all types of self-hypnosis ranging from pre-recorded tracks to a system based on pre-made scripts that were supposed to be read in a 'hypnotic manner'.

"I decided to purchase the "Power Of Self Hypnosis" after attending one of Igor’s conversational hypnosis seminars. Making this decision has made an immense difference in my life. This system is organized in a way that makes the materials easy to use.

"Most self-hypnosis programs are sparse and leave gaps in the theory on which they are based. Nobody can say this about the 'Power Of Self Hypnosis' as the system is in depth and includes three bonus sessions for users that want even more information.

"I have been able to integrate the various techniques into my life easily and effortlessly. I have been thrilled with my results, motivating me to practice at least twice a day. So far, I have learned how to wake up without an alarm clock, recover from a cold faster than normal, and master my hypnotic skills.

"With the results I have had, I cannot wait to see all of the potential uses for the "Power Of Self Hypnosis". I know it will be a tool for me to unlock my potential in all areas of my life. I am excited and energized about each new self-hypnosis session. I am glad I took the risk to invest in this course.

"Finally there’s a self-hypnosis program that, if used consistently over time, can be as effective as working with a hypnotherapist. I cannot remember the last time that I received this much value.

"Thank you, Igor, for such a wonderful product at such a fantastic price.

Benjamin A. Walden
Estate Planning & Entertainment Attorney
Atlanta, Georgia

"The "Power of Self Hypnosis" Course Went Way Beyond My Expectations… Irreversibly Changed My Life For The Better"

David Alber"I was interested in self-hypnosis and hypnosis in general for a method of creating positive change in my life. The "Power of Self Hypnosis" course went way beyond my expectations.

First, it teaches you quick and easy methods of going into trance in five minutes or less. The second session actually has drills that teach this process of quickly going in and accessing the hypnotic state. With a minimum of practice or effort, I learned it easily."

"What's great about Igor's method of learning is that he teaches you how to let your unconscious mind do all the work. This style of learning has phenomenal benefits. First, it's as simple as relaxing."

"Second, it teaches some really profound skills.

I would go so far as to say that the method of learning irreversibly changed my life for the better.

It taught me one of the most important lessons of my life, which is to trust the unconscious mind. If you think about it, this is what Jungian psychology and a whole number of self-improvement systems try to teach.

With the "Power of Self Hypnosis" method this profound experience of self-acceptance and world-acceptance is made effortless."

"The "Power of Self-Hypnosis" taught me to stop resisting my own innate wisdom and the world's natural abundance. I am forever grateful!"

Dave Alber, M.A.
Fine Artist and Author
Redwood Shores, CA

"The 'Power Of Self Hypnosis' Stands Above Anything I Have Seen Concerning Self-Hypnosis"

Rustom Ghandi"I have been interested in hypnosis off and on for well over 40 odd years. It was first taught to me by my brother who in turn learned it from a friends' father who was a stage hypnotist.

I was only 10 or 12 years of age and had great fun making myself snore at will. I would suggest it to myself before bed time and could turn it on or off.

In the past few years I have used it with sporadic success in allergy control and pain control. Part of the problem, I believe, is that I was not totally sure if I was or was not in trance.

With the convincer, I KNOW! I know my suggestions of my muscles feeling good and comfortable are going to where it counts, my unconscious mind. I think that confidence makes them work.

I use self hypnosis not just for areas in my life that are not up to what I want but for everyday life as well. I work a lot of hours so sleeping like a log is what I need. I work at night so it is more vital. I have arthritis in my neck and pain control is a must.

Last night really highlights hypnosis in action. I was driving and getting groggy. I stopped and looked at my watch a thought that I had only 10 minutes time for a nap.

I then set the alarm on my cell phone and went right to sleep. I remember dreaming, then I awoke and looked at my watch. Exactly 10 minutes time had elapsed.

I wondered why my cell phone alarm had not gone off. It was set for pm and not for am! That would have been a real problem.

I have done the Big Drift a few times and love the process. I have learned that many things that happen are a mixed bag. There are powerful resources that are employed and able to be used for other things. It is like a grain harvest. One must separate the wheat from the chafe.

I am realizing that the main benefit of self hypnosis practice is not only the wide variety of practical uses it offers, but learning to trust my unconscious is the bedrock of it all.

I have a dozen or so books on self hypnosis on my shelf and not one talks about the pendulum or mentions dirty goals. Not one. Some give only bits and pieces of what we need to know to master our selves.

Igor, I have the "Power Of Conversational Hypnosis" as well a long with most of the master classes.

The "Power Of Self Hypnosis" stands above anything I have seen concerning self-hypnosis.

Rustom Ghandhi
Edgewood, Maryland USA
Tractor-trailer driver

Update From Rustom...
"Amazing Recovery From A Serious Foot Injury…"

Two days ago a cart ran into the back of my heal. The cart weighed about a 1000 pounds. I could barely walk. The pain was intense. I went to the doctor and they put ice on it and X-rayed the ankle and there were no broken bones.

I did what you did for your oral surgery on day 7 session. I then went into trance and did affirmations and visualized myself walking normally.

I was walking perfectly within 24 hours of the injury, feeling a slight tightness in the ankle. I went the physical therapy and was asked if I was a fast healer! I told them that I am - Now. I ended up giving them the weblink for the "Power Of Self Hypnosis" program.

"…If You Thought Either That Self-Hypnosis Didn’t Work, Or That There Was Something Wrong With You That You Couldn’t Make It Work, Get This Course. You’ll Discover How Much Fun It Can Be To Be Wrong About THAT."

Scott Luedtke"I have a confession to make: I have been a self-improvement washout."

"Maybe you know what I mean: I have a couple of shelves full of self-improvement books and recordings, at least half of which talk about some form of “self-hypnosis.”

They all say more or less said the same thing: “Go through progressive muscle relaxation and then give yourself suggestions.”

"This one says that the only way to do it is through visualization, that one has embedded commands, a third one tells you to record your suggestions and play them back. I have worked through each ULTIMATE system and devotedly done the exercises.

And ultimately, I had no real results to show for my devotion. I figured that there had to be something wrong with me…couldn’t be the books and recordings—after all, they were all saying the same thing."

"So why did I purchase “The Power of Self-Hypnosis” by Igor Ledochowski—another self-hypnosis course? Because hope springs eternal? …Well, partly.

I have, however, purchased some of Igor’s other courses, and attended a week-long conversational hypnosis practitioner training with Igor.

So I know from experience that Igor has an honest genius for taking complex material, finding the fundamental components that make it work, and presenting them in a way that makes it easy not only to understand, but also to perform. So maybe it wasn’t my fault. Maybe all of the other resources on my bookshelf over-simplified AND over-mystified self-hypnosis."

"As it turns out, that hunch was right. Everything else that I previously knew about self-hypnosis either dumbed-down the technique or wrapped it in New Age mumbo-jumbo.

The genius of "Power Of Self-Hypnosis" is that it is like Igor’s other trainings; it teaches you what actually works, why it works, and most important of all, how to use it to get results.

The "Power Of Self Hypnosis" taught me for the first time how to confidently go into a trance and know that I had definitely achieved it. Despite all of my other hypnosis reading, I had never been confident before about being able to do that fundamental bit.

The "Power Of Self Hypnosis" also teaches a number of ways of entering trance, as well as a number of effective strategies for formulating suggestions. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here. Igor teaches a variety of different methods and gives you the tools for building your own."

"Maybe the most impressive part of the "Power Of Self Hypnosis" course—something that distinguishes it as seriously effective material for serious self-hypnotists--is the amount of depth Igor devotes to trouble-shooting what’s going wrong when suggestions fail to take, and how to get them back on track.

Nothing else that I have previously encountered goes into such detail and such practical utility about putting the hypnotic process back on the path to success when it has taken a detour."

"In a nutshell, if you thought either that self-hypnosis didn’t work, or that there was something wrong with you that you couldn’t make it work, get this course. You’ll discover how much fun it can be to be wrong about THAT."

Scott T. Luedtke
Fresno, CA USA

Here's how to get started...

& Make Any Change You Want”

The Power Of Self-Hypnosis For
Guaranteed Results Home Study Program
The Total Personal Transformation System


This is just what I've been looking for! Because your program reveals how I can achieve goals easily... unleash my true potential... become a success... attract wealth and prosperity... break annoying habits... overcome fears and phobias... and finally be in control of and improve any area of my life!

Here’s a quick recap of everything I’m getting INSTANT ACCESS to:

7 Core Training Modules jam-packed with over 7 hours of specialized self-hypnosis instruction I won't find anywhere else

3 Advanced Bonus Modules so I am guaranteed to get maximum benefit from your program

412 Page PDF Full Transcripts Manual so I can follow along with the training material... and... have a handy reference guide to refer to whenever I want

Surprise Extra Bonus: 90 minute video titled, “Instant Self Hypnosis”

My investment is $197 just 3 simple monthly installments of only $39

I also understand I am protected by your 60 Day "100% Risk-Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.” In the unlikely event that I put the program to the test and don't see the results I want... then... I can get every penny of my investment back.

I’m excited and eager to get started and so I’m clicking the “Add-To-Cart” button below now...

$197 Today Just $39 x 3

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